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Monday, 10/24/2011, 02:14 pm

Boxing Needs Manny Pacquiao to Revive Declining Public Interest in the Sport

By Leo Reyes

There may come a time when promoters like Bob Arum and Oscar de la Hoya will one day refuse to promote a boxing fight if the public will not buy pay-per-view subscriptions or tickets for a boxing show.

This grim scenario will become a reality sooner than everyone can think about. And when that happens, boxing will die with it, resulting in massive unemployment to people who are dependent on the sport for their livelihood.

Paying fans, especially those who buy pay-per-view tickets for private viewing, are now pushing the alarm button, telling boxers and promoters they may no longer buy tickets if they are given inferior, botched and boring fights.

An indication the fans are feed up is the feedback media is getting from the audience during the Nonito Donaire vs Omar Narvaez fight at the Madison Square Garden. A lot of bull sh…ts and more harsher words for fighters and promoters have been heard from the live audience and we all know Bob Arum and the fighters heard them loud and clear.




17 Responses to “Boxing Needs Manny Pacquiao to Revive Declining Public Interest in the Sport”

  1. JGrenke says:

    This was extremely well written. In fact, I bet outside of this article and my comment, the level of grammar and spelling will slowly decrease.

    Still, this was a great article . . .and post.

  2. Wha...? says:

    Who writes these articles? I have never seen so many typographical errors and misspelled words on a so called “illegitimate” site in my life. Learn to spell or die in a fire!!

  3. Troll Face says:

    Who wrote this sloppy article? Was it written with your feet?

  4. wayuk says:

    Every time Manny Pacquiao fights, it never declines public interest in the sport for most boxing fans. In fact, most Filipinos stay tuned on his fight, crime rate decreases, and you can’t almost see cars on the streets & highways few hours & during his fight. Hope he wins this, all of his fights are very exciting & his punches are lightning speed.

  5. KingGareth says:

    Boxing should put fights for free on TV to catch public interest.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      They do a bunch of free boxing matches on television. Hopkins vs Dawson should have been a free to watch match on HBO. I sure am glad I didn’t pay for it. Chad Dawson and Mayweather hurt the legacy of boxing for the old aging fans and the for the sparse new ones. You can’t play with people’s money like that. When Pac beats Mayweather next year its a wrap for boxing.

  6. Creature says:

    Pac Man and Money will be one of the biggest fights in Boxing history for sure, but after that.. boxing is looking to be getting left behind by other sports, MMA is the new boxing and theres not much anyone can do about it honestly.

    But yeah i cant wait for Manny to show Mayweather who the the best at this time really is :)

  7. stonedtodeath says:

    pacquiao is boxing,boxing is pacquiao!

  8. chris says:

    boxing needs to put more fights on one card , its sad when boxing fans only buy pay-per-views for the main event.. Boxing needs to take a page out of the UFC book and put 2 title fights on one card , better undercards…. i’m not gonna pay for a 12 round hug fest like mayweather and de la hoya….

  9. proottzew says:


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