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Sunday, 06/10/2012, 09:21 am

Boxing Beat: Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Video Highlights, Scorecards & Dana White Reaction

Last night the boxing world took center stage in our wonderful world of combat sports.

The pound-for-pound boxing king, Manny Pacquiao was dethroned and dropped a decision to the undefeated Timothy Bradley, notching his first defeat in over seven-years.

We are an MMA website so I will keep the chatter brief, but the entire world believes the judges got it wrong, many fans and onlookers are calling it a conspiracy and voicing their opinion of foul play.

What I have for you on the following pages are brief glimpses of the controversial bouts aftermath.



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19 Responses to “Boxing Beat: Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Video Highlights, Scorecards & Dana White Reaction”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    pacman got fucked harder then jenna jameson.I don’t know if it was a make up call for the margarito fight, but last night was such a lopsided beat down by pacman, it makes you think when they say how much the odds were in pacmans favor in the vegas betting line somebody got some free lunch

  2. Zack says:

    Mayweather has to pay off nba officials, and boxing officials. He paid off the judges to give the decision to Bradley so his punk ass son wouldnt have to fight paquaio. And he paid of the refs Bcuz he has 3 mil riding on the heat beating the celtics. Sports are disgusting nowadays

    • jones says:

      @zack..your a total fuking idiot..mayweather would not want pacman to lose…had pacman won that is the biggest payday for both ever when they figt,,u dont know shit about boxing,,if anyone was behind it then it would be the guy who does not want pacman an mayweather to fight most…bob arum idiot…it is win win,,nnow have remaTCH AN both fighter he are the biggest idiot about boxing…u always on here talk stuppid shot about conspericy

      • ry tay says:

        well , mayweather does now get to demand his Olympic style drug test he’s been wanting manny to take. but i don’t think mayweather had anything to do with this bullshit. nor do i really think he gives a shit about the 30-40 $million a mayweather v pacquiao fight would give him. i think all he cares about is his ego and his undefeated streak.

    • SHOGUN RUA says:

      @zack, you sir are a moron. It wouldnt make any sense for him to pay off judges to score a fight for Bradley. The Mayweathers were salivating right before the decision was announced, because they know how much $$$$$$$ a fight with an unblemished PAC wouldve generated. As for him paying off refs in the NBA, thats just STUPID. The heat outplayed an old ass boston team, and the offciating had little to do with the outcome of that game. Please keep your outlandish, and obsurd conspiracy theories to yourself.

  3. 808 says:

    He should have lost his fight against Marquez, so I guess this evens it up.

    • JSP says:

      Thats what I was saying it came back at him. Because Marquez clearly beat his ass and lost by BS majority decision.

      • dogfart says:

        cos paq is a judge. the guy was fighting.
        its like the fucking ufc fans that boo a fighter for the bad decision but he didnt make the fucking decision

        thick cunts

    • warrior808 says:

      how does pacman losing to bradley even things out for marquez? on top of that, at least the marquez-pacquiao was close. this fight with bradley was clearly one sided in pacquiaos favor which makes the decision even worse than that of the marquez fight.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, but the pacman vs. juanma fight was much closer than this one, although i agree that juanma won that fight.

  4. BobO says:

    “Boxing is dead” ~Nietzsche

  5. Drock says:

    They should talk about how many people and celebs started endorsing UFC after last night

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  7. ToneLoc says:

    I bet they did that sh$@ to set up the rematch witch is a guranteedf payday for the corupt boxing comish, pacman won, it was close but he won. worst since diaz vs. condit, bullshit

  8. San Da FC says:

    Didn’t Dana white fire King Mo for making bad comments about NSAC? But of course, he’s allowed to do it.

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