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Monday, 06/11/2012, 03:45 am

Boxing Beat | Bradley Insists He Beat Pacquiao: "I Won The Fight"

“I won the fight, without a doubt. You could say I won the first round, give or take the second. Lost the third, lost the fourth, lost the fifth, maybe even lost the sixth, you know, give or take. But from seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12, I clearly dominated those rounds, man. I dominated those rounds. I know that I won those rounds.

I mean, this guy was supposed to stop me. He was supposed to knock me out. But I took his best punches, and I fought back hard. You know what I mean?

My corner and I honestly feel that I won the fight. Fair and square. It was not controversial decision or nothing like that. It is what it is, man. The judges got it right, that’s what I feel. There were some close rounds in there that they probably gave to me, because, like I said, I fought every minute of every damn round.

They were probably like, “this dude is only fighting in the first half of the round or the last 30 seconds of a rounds.” They probably caught on to that.”

– quote via RingTV.

(Image Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE)


66 Responses to “Boxing Beat | Bradley Insists He Beat Pacquiao: "I Won The Fight"”

  1. DAMN! says:

    Bradley must be high as fuck. In what universe does 19% of the strikes landed is greater than 34% of the strikes landed? What a fucking screwjob. Fucking NSAC and all their judges and shit.

  2. Gould says:

    Its all a scam by boxing to make more money off a rematch between the two cause the first fight wasnt a sell out fight

  3. ... says:

    Bradley pumped his way to victory….

  4. Xaninho says:

    Ah well….Marquez was robbed last time, now Pac knows how it feels.

    • bj penn is GOAT says:

      stfu, he wasnt robbed by marques you dumb living fucks, if you looked at the punch stats pacman did much better than marques and bradley, it was just the stupid announcer in the marques-paqiuo fight that made it look like marques won but he didnt. hands down pac dominated this bitch so i dont know where your getting your shyt from, its your opinion tho

    • Axeholes says:

      Xaninho, that’s what happens when you’re a counter-fighter (Marquez) VS. an fighter who comes forward and pushes the action. If you’re the challenger fighting for THE TITLE you don’t have yet, but you spend time waiting for your shots, the judges are gonna think you didn’t want it bad enough, or fought with fear.
      Pacquiao (the guy who already has the title) was not only the more aggressive fighter, but landed more shots, and power shots, granted the punch-stat margin between the two was very close.
      It all came down to who fought with MORE HEART and at least LOOKED like they wanted the title more. In wake of a loss and a tie to Pacquiao (the title holder), if Marquez wanted to convince the judges he should be the title holder, then he should’ve simply come at Pacquiao more often rather than counter-punch all night.
      Plus I’m sure the judges caught the dirty ass “foot-stomping” crap Marquez to Pacquiao in that last fight, and he still lost on the puch-stats. Do anything dirty to win the title, right? Even if it’s an old school trick.

      ( )

      • jones says:

        ” moron…marquez is a counter puncher with conntrol aggresssion..he cae forward alot also when he threw combos…i dont care who landed more he caught manny with the cleaner shots…marquez was robbed…so he deserves what happned wth baardley….people are blaiming floyd like retard…if anyone behind this its bob arum with his plan to a have a rematch and b pass the torch to bradley ..arum cash cow manny is getting older and talking retirment soon…bradley is signed to arum also an will be his new cash cow after manny is long gone….bradley in much younger..i think it was closer fighht then what people are saying…the marquez robbery was worse of a decision then the pacman vs bradley robbery….MY OPINION fuk all u bitches

        • Natural says:

          Well that sucks for everybody boxings almost dead as it is putting one or two decent shows a year but soon as the big names left like packman and maywether boxings fully dead there will b no passing of any torch

        • Axeholes says:

          Insult me all you want, but I can’t help you if the truth hurts your feelings.
          There can be a Marquez VS Pacquiao IV, and Marquez will lose again, because after a loss and a tie to Pacquiao, he still fought off of “controlled aggression” in the third fight, and that’s what got him the loss.
          Stop being a pussy and let that aggression fly. Stop waiting and come forward.
          That’s why Pacquiao won, and will always win over Marquez. Marquez waits too much. Even did that cheap foot-stomping shit, and still lost.

        • Axeholes says:

          @ Jones:
          Oh, and of course you knew Marquez drinks his own urine in preparation for his fights.
          That’s just something no self-respecting man should do unless he’s stuck somewhere in the wild without food or water.
          Sorry Jones. You’re favorite fighter Marquez drinks his own pee.

        • Mike cannon jr. says:

          Ahahaha… Semen is in your urine…..all the time…ahahahahahahahaha … Just saying…. If u think about what semen is…/are..why would anyone that didn’t Hafta drink his piss…. Do it..?…. Wtf….and he lost…lol

        • Rayvyn says:

          Dude, you do know that Machida also drinks his own piss, right?

    • You Are A says:

      Moron. It doesn’t matter what happened in a previous fight. You don’t justify somebody being robbed by saying he robbed somebody else.

      It hearkens back to the old saying – two wrongs don’t make a right. Fights should be judged correctly, end of story.

      • Chris says:

        I wonder y no one put a article up about the foot stomping? Conspiracy from the mob? mmmm any one? maybe? Bradley and Manny fite to?

        Honestly, i think the mob is involves somehow.

  5. Bobby Larson says:

    He’s clearly in-denial if he thinks he won the fight. Either the fight was fixed or someone paid the judges. I do agree the first round was close. Based on aggression I can see how Tim maybe won the 1st but the punching stats don’t lie and the whole world watched what happened in the first and every other round. It was a complete shut out. I don’t take anything away from Bradley. He’s a good aggressive boxer with good power, but it wasn’t enough for the speed of Pacquiao. The haters can say what they want, but the reality of it all is in the tape regardless of the final decision. Manny was robbed, it’s as simple as that.

  6. Semtex says:

    “I mean, this guy was supposed to stop me. He was supposed to knock me out. But I took his best punches, and I fought back hard. You know what I mean?”

    So when you take a beating and not get knocked out you deserve to win?..No, we don’t know what you mean Bradley!

  7. Chris says:

    Pacquiao won the fight but he got what he deserved. Marquez did beat him last time and you can go read me a box score but if i remember correct it was like 115-100 power shots landed for Pacquiao, but Marquez shot were much more clean and precise, so he got returned the bs decision this time. I guarantee if Mayweather fought either Bradley or Pacman he dominates them and possibly finish. Pacman is real talented but when his opponents fight back he clearly tries to run more and doesnt have the same intensity or confidence. He slowed down lately in end of fights, Floyd picks it up at the end of fights. Money may all day

    • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt says:

      Yeah. Pacquiao deserved to lose because the judges messed up in his last fight.

      That makes sense.

    • Hmmm says:

      I don’t understand why everyone is saying this. I am a huge boxing fan and I have no favorites so I watch the fights I think will be good. Marquez lost that fight man, sorry. If you watch the fight without showing any favoritism to either fight you will clearly see who won.

  8. Ryan nohokai kelly says:

    This guy is a moron how do u land 100 more punches than someone and lose a fight its straight retarded im sO sick to death of the judges in nevada im blown away they should all b fired thos shit had to be fixed so many people lost dough on this fight wow

  9. Ohyeahforeal says:

    Yeah you won the fight… Then you woke up. Hah dream on dinuguan

  10. Punisher says:

    Absolute highway robbery! I’m done with boxing it’s ridiculous and too far gone to recover. I only hope that MMA doesn’t go down the same path although it seems to be going that direction.

  11. B-rad says:

    he told scumbag bob arum as soon as the fight was over “I tried but i just couldnt beat the guy” thats a big leap to now where “I dominated the last few rounds” quit tryin to sound like you beat him apparently theres only 3 people in the world who think bradley won, timmy and his yesmen corner

  12. B-rad says:

    first thing i thought of when i saw the scorecards “well theres at least another 12 months before people even talk about pac man and mayweather” -__-

  13. mannski says:

    I’m never ordering another boxing pay per view ever. This was utter bs. I could understand if the fight was close and competitive but pac hit bradley with 250 more total punches. That is a little over 20 more punches a round. Not to mention he hit him with double the power shots. My sister could have took those weak shots bradley threw. I don’t care about a rematch or a fight with floyd. I’m done with boxing.

  14. josh krosscheck says:

    This decision is a blessing in disguise for MMA. I think people are fed up with boxing’s boring ass antics and they’re only doing it for the money since no one boxes anymore so they have to set up trilogies and rematches all the time. There’s no knock outs ever in boxing and the fights are so boring I’d rather watch golf. MMA will surpass boxing very soon if it hasn’t already.

  15. Forget all the Stats says:

    Pacquiao was the aggressor in the beginning and the tougher boxer towards the end. Before even hearing all the stats, I had Pacquiao ahead 116-112. And I am not even a Pacquiao fan!!! Boxing is corrupt or lame, either or both! That decision was terrible, and it has nothing to do with the Marquez fight or Mayweather at all. It has to do with corrupt wagerers who want another big fight in boxing and this is the way they get it. MMA all the time.

  16. Nick says:

    Bradley is a fucking idiot. Does he seriously think he won? No one in the world besides your family and corner will back you up. But it’s the world against you. I know Manny Pacquiao won. He beat the fuck out of that kid. Bradley is delusional. NEWS JUST IN: TIM BRADLEY ON CRACK

  17. Dub says:

    Im so sick of champions losing their belt to shitty decisions. If your champ, especially a reining champ, you should have to be decisively beatin to lose your belt. A good example was when Penn lost his belt to Edgar. What a huge spit in the face to Pac.

  18. Bd says:

    America can’t stand diff ethnic champs

  19. James kim says:

    Honestly its pathetic when u have 80 yr old judging the fight and don’t forget one was a woman. I mean Wtf are they finding these people? boxing is already the most corrupted sport in the world. But you guys know what’s more hilarious than this? After pacquiaos lost roger mayweather. came out and asked if pacqiao could send some nude photos of his wife cause Floyd was getting mad lonely lol. Now that’s funny.

  20. warrior808 says:

    Fu*k all you guys that say this makes up for the Marquez fight. First of all no way in hell was this fight with Bradley as close as the Marquez fight. Second, in what way does pacman losing to Bradley do anything for Marquez? You trolls need to gtfo and stop using the Marquez fights as an excuse for corrupt judging.

  21. Mark L says:

    Your whole team thought u won?? Your coach was yelling cussn you out!! U serious??

  22. B-rad says:

    boxing as a sport isnt dying..there is still a huge ametur scene probably because it isnt corrupt. they had teddy atlas on ESPN yesterday about this and he seemed to think it was corrruption because pac did grossly outland bradley in normal and power punches.but one of the judges who scored it for bradley sayed he “gave pacquaio a boxing lesson” those judges need a fucking boxing lesson..its not as black and white wehre you land more punches you win but damn! when you land that many more blows yeah you do win

  23. Judge Dreadz says:

    Try watching without sound & bias commentary…. Pacquiao was waiting til the end of each round….Floyd will kill him!

    • Mich Johnson says:

      Really, how will you know that it’s the same strategy Manny will use it to Floyd? What if I tell you that Manny will pulverize Floyd’s left shoulder. Millions of viewers, ringside fans reacted because they saw the fight except those incompetent judges. 11 rounds to Manny & 1 round TB, you viewed the otherway!!!..u dum dum…LOL!

  24. Punisher says:

    SERIOUSLY HAHA, the punch stats don’t lie especially the power punch stats. Floyd gonna have to grow some nuts to fight him before he can kill him.

  25. B-rad says:

    its very disappointing. iv never bought a boxing card and i never will. I have extreme difficulty droppin 50 for some ufc cards, but on ufc ppvs theres at least 3 or 4 exciting fights.. on a boxing card there might be one if your lucky

  26. tim Dunn says:

    Bradley, the moon is made out of blue cheese also, keep telling yourself that. You should be embarassed, you got your ass handed to you.

  27. Trey says:

    Timothy bradley is a bitch

  28. Aj209 says:

    What the fuck this dumbass got his ass whooped even his corner was talkin shit to Bradley every round reminding him he was in a fight because how shitty he was fighting, this dumbass is snorting crack if he believes he won, Bradley is 29-1 he is not the champ he lost 11 rounds and only had one round for him, this piece of shit accepted that belt knowing he lost and now he thinks he won the whole world knows he is a FUCKEN loser and a fake champ fuck Bradley he’s gunna get knocked the fuck out in the rematch just so this time there will not be any “mistakes” in the judges corner Pacquiao is the true champ!

  29. GRT 3000 says:

    Bradley’s full of shit and he knows it; it takes balls to say the judges got it wrong when they rule in your favor. Clearly he doesn’t have any in that regard. Fuck him and fuck boxing!

  30. Drake says:

    KAPAL MUKS!!! to the MAXX.

  31. Drake says:

    I really did not expect BRADLEY to react in this tune. It is really hard to be humble and accept the truth. Forgive him, he is only human after all.

    • Chris says:

      Fuck NO! i better if ya check someone check his bank accounts, theres probably a large of money in there das overextends the amount he earn from the fight.
      THE FUCKING MOB, Pay him off and the judges while at it.

      If he made a better statement then dis bs da he’s really giving the media and fans then imo he doesnt deserve to be a champ period.
      I gave him 4 rounds at best. der may have been some close ounds but he didnt win.

      • Chris says:

        And FYI, bradley also stated da he would knockout Manny. Manny never once stated da he would knockout him from the interviews i watched.
        And 7-10 rounds he was “controlling” the rounds WTF! Dude threw about 30 punches from round 7 thru 10 and still lost does rounds when only punch at the last minute.
        Confident’s can get u from in alot of aspects in life, but it can lead to overconfident’s which then leads to deniability.

  32. Mike cannon jr. says:

    It shows a real character flaw….in him… And his whole corner…… If honesty is a virtue….?? !!!…was a robbery….. Not being knocked out.. And fighting back hard… Is commendable…. But …… U lost … Somebody’s gonna go to jail over this … Robbery

  33. Dick Diaz says:

    cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  34. DJS says:

    “I mean, this guy was supposed to stop me. He was supposed to knock me out.”
    Wait… So Pacman was fighting for your belt? No? Yeah that’s what I thought…

  35. wcpday says:

    keep it g u real lose u know damn while that pac man won that fight…if u think u the better fighter do a rematch

  36. Dick Diaz says:

    mane pac man won dat fight…if bul think he is the better fighter wassup with the rematch

    • Chris says:

      Fcuk da rematch! i dont Bradley to earn a great chunk of money again!!! he truly doesnt deserve rite now. Give him Amir Khan, and fyi Khan is totally way better fighter then Bradley will ever b.

  37. gerardo cervantes says:

    Man bradly u got fuked up u didnt even do shit u fuken suk how can u say u beat pac man!! if u had some balls u wouldnt even take that belt!! u even new u lost foo!! look at ur face when they told u u won u new it was pac mans fight u fuken pussy!!

  38. james ferrer says:

    he obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about. his head must have been shook that hard that up until now he’s still hallucinating. come on man, wake up! be humble enough to admit that you lost the fight. off course your team will support you. listen to the world man. not even 10% of the entire population who saw the fight would believe you won.

    “I mean, this guy was supposed to stop me. He was supposed to knock me out.”

    he was the champ yet he was the one pushing the action. you were just there waiting and throwing shitty punches and power hugs.

  39. wtf? says:

    So the whole world things you lost except for your corner and the two blind judges. Your an idiot can tell you black

    • Chris says:

      i heard all three judge are fire from NJ and Nevada LMAO!!! I wonder how much money the got from the mob cause in the next few month dis whole thing is forgotten, and der sitting in Hawaii relaxing.

  40. Scotty says:

    Just another fixed fight so top rank can have a rematch and make ton of money.. They had to pay Pac a shit load of money but didn’t make anything for themselves.. So they fix the fight to create a big deal so they can make a rematch and hype up the fight.. They are dodging the Mayweather vs. Manny at all cost cause they want to get as much money they can make out of manny in Top Rank! I’m never going to order a top rank fight again..

  41. Leo says:

    No it’s true, Bradley won the fight fair and square.

    …and in other non-related news, I crap out pure gold nuggets!

  42. mecidiy says:

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