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Monday, 06/03/2013, 06:25 am

Bonnar “Never Expected” ‘Hall-Of-Fame’ Bid

“I never even dreamed [of being in the Hall of Fame]. I did this as a hobby, I got picked for the show and just that was enough for me — I could have died happy there… If they want to put me in the Hall of Fame then like, my god what an honor. I never really expected it. Just what an honor.”

While on a recent edition of AXS TV’s Inside MMA, Stephan Bonnar discussed the recent announcement that he would be inducted in to the UFC Hall-of-fame alongside Forrest Griffin.

With a less than stellar record and a two-time bust for PED’s Bonnar didn’t know where he stood amongst the UFC’s greats.

His one true accolade is The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale main event against Forrest Griffin that is said to have changed the UFC forever.

Does he deserve it Penn Nation?


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  1. D-Rail says:

    He would be part of the reason everyone is a fan of UFC now. Without the first fight between him and Griffin, there would be no one posting their knowledge on sites like this. Regardless of him getting the HOF nod, it kind of makes you wonder about other fighters that deserve UFC recognition more than he does. (Frank Shamrock comes to mind.) Even with the use of MMA gloves (Tank Abbott), or even being a early champion (Maurice Smith, Bas Rutten, Dave Menne.) But everyone thinks the UFC is the end all, be all……so congrats to Stephen Bonnar, without you, there would not be a monopoly like the UFC.

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