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Wednesday, 06/12/2013, 10:01 am

“Bones” Leaning Toward Fall Return, Fight Against “The Mauler”


| Apparently Jon Jones’ toe is healing up rather nicely and the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is looking to return before the end of  the year and wants to defend his strap for a record setting sixth time (UFC light heavyweight).

According to Ariel Helwani on last night’s episode of FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight”, Jon’s toe is right on pace with recovery and The Champ is looking to make his return in the fall to place his title on the line against Alexander Gustafsson.

The Swedish fighter has been chasing a fight with Jones for some time now, but just recently the tension has started to tighten. The two have engaged in Twitter back-and-forths and they recently had a face-to-face stare-down in Russia. Gustafsson later posted a picture of the stare-down on his twitter account and stated that he could see fear in The Champion’s eyes.

Although this fight is still just a rumor and nothing has been officially inked this fight seems to make sense for these two men. Gustafsson is a top-contender, he’s on a six-fight winning streak, and with his long frame he would be a good striking match-up for Jones. The time table seems to suit Jones well as he’ll have plenty of time to let the toe recover properly, he wants the fight with Gustafsson, and at this point in time I think “The Mauler” is the biggest threat to Jones that he has not already beaten.

So what do you guys think? Is this the right match-up for the current LHW Champ or should Gustafsson have to win one more fight before he claims the number-one contender spot?

Let’s not forget, we have Rashad vs. Henderson this weekend at UFC 161, we have Lyoto Machida taking on Phil Davis (Davis is the only man to beat Gustafsson in the UFC) at UFC 163 on August 3rd, and then Chael Sonnen is battling Shogun at UFC on FS1 1 on August 17th. All of these men are top contenders, although Jones has beaten many of them already. But Machida was already supposed to have his rematch with Jones, Shogun has stated that he wants to fight Jones again, and Henderson still has unfinished business with “Bones” as he had to withdraw from their fight just about a week out of the fight due to a knee injury.

So with all these fights happening this summer, who do you all think deserves the next shot at Jone Jones and the UFC light heavyweight title?

Jake Chastain



8 Responses to ““Bones” Leaning Toward Fall Return, Fight Against “The Mauler””

  1. Jones should move up says:

    i hate bones. i think he’s fake but i’ll give credit where credit is due. whoever thinks gustaffson, or anybody else at 205 for that matter, has a chance against jones is surely mistaken. bones will go down undefeated at 205.

  2. Dee says:

    I hate the UFC. How the hell the Lyoto come from being number 1 contender to fighting to become number 1 contender to fighting Phil Davis. Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

    Why is Jones avoiding Lyoto and Glover. Wasn’t Gustasffason submitted Phil? This is sickening .

    • scotty says:

      Cause Dana obviously doesnt like Machida, they pretty much had to give Machida a title shot when he first won it because he was undefeated and they still almost didnt want to give it to him..Then when Henderson pulled out of the fight against Jones they asked Machida and he said he wanted Anderson Silva money for that short of notice or push the fight to a later date as remember.. Also Glover needs to beat a top 5 guy before getting a shot and i think he will get one his next fight after all these fights go down.. And he said he wont fight Machida which isnt a good look case Dana hates when guys say they wont fight each other in their own division..

    • Dee: relax says:

      Fighters that are supposed to fight each other will fight each other. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be. No one is avoiding anyone! So Jones fights A G now or later. Why does it matter?

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