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Monday, 06/24/2013, 11:09 am

Boetsch Not Buying Weidman Hype, Picking Silva To Win

“I think Dana’s quote was all the fighters he’s talked to were picking Weidman. He didn’t call me to get my opinion because I’m with Anderson Silva on this one. I’m happy for Chris that he got what he asked for, but I think he’s going to find out he should have taken a little more time to get there, a little more experience. It would be a surprise for me if he won.”

Top UFC middleweight fighter, Tim ‘The Barbarian’ Boetsch, tells Bleacher Report in a recent interview that he favors UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in the upcoming UFC 162 main event.


0 Responses to “Boetsch Not Buying Weidman Hype, Picking Silva To Win”

  1. Steven Thurman says:

    Everyone else should follow in Tims footprints. This Weidman hype is ridiculous

    • GRT 3000 says:

      absolutely. this kid is not ready.

      • magoo says:

        He’s as ready as any other top 5 MW, as a matter of fact other then maybe Vitor, he’s the only legit challenger!! Nothing against you Tim, but ur last fight licked donkey balls!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          he’s as ready as any top 5 without having to fight ANY of the top 5 to prove it yeah. it’s debatable that he beat Maia, and don’t gimme that Mark Munoz shit…that dude was way overrated to begin with; coming off an injury and lookin’ fat. Boetsch got it right man…Weidman is jumping the cue & is going to pay the price for it.

        • Steven Thurman says:

          I would have at least pit him up against Bisping, or Belfort, Bisping coming off a loss was more deserving. I agree GRT 3000

    • EP says:

      Its absolutely fkn ridiculous is what it is … yeah thats great he is confident attitude and is talking himself up … when im all reality toughest opponent to date was mark munoz… and now he is about to face the best striking in MMA and GOAT to walk the planet with an untested chin and lack of experience and high level fights. I think Weidman is a great fighter and Im from Long Island, so im happy to see him succeed in this sport and UFC … however, you have to be out of your fkn mind to pick him over Silva… These fighters and people are smoking some good shit or something… only way weidman wins is by a miracle! And that cocky attitude and confidence will go right out door when octagon cage door closes and Anderson is standing across from him. Anderson finishes this fight round 2 by Brutal (T)KO!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        I agree man – I’d say those picking Weidman right now are doing so based on hatred (envy) for the GOAT, rather than Weidman’s actual ability to beat him. I agree that Weidman is no joke and may even one day be a champion, I got nothing against the guy, but it’s a long island loonng shot that he’ll be able to do it right now. I got the same – devastating KO in rnd 2.

      • Steven Thurman says:

        Weidman is going in there cocky, and Silva is gonna exploit him, pick him apart, and get him to make a mistake, then take him out. The usual.

      • GET RID OF Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (FOREVER) says:

        Weidman had 35-40 lbs at fight time on Maia

        Weidman is probably 3rd best weight cutter in all MMA behind Fitch and Rockhold (with help of EPO’s, hcg)

        I don’t think Weidman would even be top 10 at LHW against guys closer to his own size. Weidman would easily be a huge LHW

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANK GOD says:

      Other than Boetch lucky hail mary comeback in Okami fight he is every bit as Boring as Sheilds, Volkmann, Fitch.

      How 2 out 3 judges scored the LOmbard fight for Boetch I will never understand. Boetch did nothing the entire fight except get nailed by haymakers and slammed. Backpeddling for 15 minutes is not winning a fight

    • B says:

      The phrase is ” Follow in his footsteps” you dumbass!!!

  2. pk9grrr says:

    bye bye weidman

  3. KIDD433 says:

    @Mangoo… You sir are a moron!Weidman fought like a can against Undersized Maia,Even tho he outweighed the shit out of him.He fought like a boring ass can against Sakara,All he did was dry hump him the whole fight.He has one victory over fat ass ring rusted Munoz,who wasn’t even top 10 contender.He Refused to fight Vitor after the UFC offered the fight.And you stand here and choke on Weidmans chode,I try too respect people’s opinions,but your opinion is irrelevant and not the least credible.Vitor is coming off 2 brutal KO’s of top contenders,one of those was champion,but u stand here and say Weidman’s more ready than Vitor?It’s official,your this websites new TROLL !

    • Magoo says:

      Reread what I said Kid.! U and that annoying fukc grt 3000 can both suck a dick! One more thing You all speak of Maia like he’s a can (smh) Weidman stepped in as a replacement and cut 30lbs in a week!!!, I remember Silvas fight with Maia,when Maia was in the centre if the octagon in the final round wanting that disrespectful clown to engage with him but he chose to play it safe and win a decision, rather then stand toe toe and slug it out (what a flake)! Fukc Anderson the clown Silva and his bag licking fans! I can’t wait to see Chris bust him open , GNP him into the mat and make him tap, and silence his goo gobbling faithful !!!!

      • JiuJitsuJesus says:

        Magoo, If reference to the Spider Vs. Maia fight when you say he was standing in the center waiting for Anderson to “Engage”. I kind of have to laugh. You must be as blind as Mr. Magoo because that was clearly Anderson giving Maia a pass. He couldnt take him down to save his life and he was getting b!tch Slapped around the octagon like he owed Anderson money. It was pretty evident that Anderson just didnt want to hurt Maia any more than he had too. Most likely because he is a Fellow Brazilian. At any rate, Its not about who deserves what any more, Its all right place right time whos ready right now. A lot of those guys say they want to fight Silva but they dont mean it, same thing with Bones Jones or even the Canadian Blanket. I am sure these guys that already know they have no chance are hoping against hope that Weidman can do the “Impossible” and dethrone the Spider. Its called wishful thinking. #Thereignofspidercontinues

        • Ddddddd says:

          Your the nastiest little troll on any site there is. Why is it you don’t put your opinion out there when a post is fresh? That’s because you don’t have an opinion without being inspired by what other people write first. Your take on the Maia fight is so wrong I have not a clue where you get your level of confidence. Anderson is terrified of submission specialists for a reason stupid. Have you ever seen the Talus Latus fight you idiot? I’d love to here your delusional take on that! You just keep waiting for people to post shit so you can attack them for it punk. You probably believe you really are Jesus with your rediculously over confident yet uninteligent posts.
          Go back and watch Anderson’s fights before you insult people that really have you ugly fuc$in troll.

        • Yosamitee $u$ says:

          Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, Roflmfao!!!!CANADIAN BLANKET!!! Funniest shit I’ve heard all day.

      • KIDD433 says:

        @Mangoo…Goo gobbling faithful?Serious?This is coming from a guy named “MANGOO”

      • GRT 3000 says:

        @Fagoo…look who’s getting mad n’ going all postal. ahahaha I can’t wait for you to disappear after the Spider lights Weidman up. It’s only a matter of time now numb nuts so do your worst…the shame closet awaits.

  4. confucius says:

    its the only way to sell this fight is for dana to claim all these fighters are picking weidman. Can you tell me the last time weve seen any fight predictions on a fucking pre fight video airing on television? They are only doing that because they probably have nothing else to go on. A no named weidman fighting the GOAT and how else will they sell it? Make the no name guy a bigger threat then he actually is to get people curious and ask, whos this weidman guy all the “supposed” fighters are picking. Cmon dana, quit feeding us the bullshit and let weidman take his first lost and lets get cracking on a super fight!

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    This whole picking Weidman for the win is such nonsense. He never fought any real topcontenders. His fanboys should stop bringing up Maia and Munoz because every sane mma fan knows that don’t mean shit. He could have proven himself by fighting Belfort but he rejected the opportunity to test himself against a quality opponent. Now he will be receiving punches and kicks like a deer looking into a pair of headlights of an uncoming truck…… A truck named Anderson Silva who will send Weidman back in line where he belongs.

  6. Dan Jenkins says:

    I’ve had a few months to let the idea of Weidman v Silva sink in and this is my opinion (not that it means much its just my opinion so don’t get upset). Do I think Weidman is the most deserving contender at mw? No in my opinion Vitor is and in my opinion the only mw so far that can beat AS, but for the sake of new faces and to keep the cycle fresh we have Weidman. Ok no big deal, but can Weidman win, I would say no and here are my reasons. There are quite a few people (including roger Gracie) that believe Weidman can sub Silva it’s possible Weidman is a highly regarded student of Matt Serra and has competed against serious grapplers like Galvao. But it’s not like Silva is new to the ground he has a black belt under Nogueira (I know who I’d pick in a grapple match between Serra v Nogueira). I think the stand up is really a mismatch, anyone who thinks Weidman has the advantage here and/or needs it to be explained should stop talking and start watching more. The wrestling is really the biggest advantage Weidman has, having said that Silva has faced some solid grapplers himself Henderson, Okami and that bloody Sonnen. I don’t think Weidmans g’n’p is enough to finish Silva because Silvas control from bottom and his chin are both solid. I think Silva wins by ko/tko within the first 3 rounds.

    • Dddddddd says:

      Good job Dan Jenkins. I think your pretty close to my reality and give you props for actually having a fight based opinion and not a trolling nature. This is the only objective thing on this fight from a Silva fan I have read. Holy shit, I’ve been waiting for this but still without hate hope Weidman upsets.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        You said it well. It’s YOUR reality. Us sane people cannot be in the same reality as you delusional people are. If you don’t see that Weidman is the lesser fighter than you’re either bias or you are not experienced………………………………..Which would be fine with me if you didn’t act like the rest of us are morons for having a different substantiated opinion as opposed to your bias unsubstantiated rants about how much of a threat Weidman is…

        • Dddddddd says:

          All I’ve ever said is what I just said again. You should up your comprehension a little and through all of Anderson’s cum on your face you’ll see the obvious,especially since that’s all you can see.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          And once again you have said absolutely nothing to back up your opinion. Do you even realize how dumb you look when you start a rant about fighters cum in people’s eyes?

          Try to say something intelligent about this subject. I know it’s hard, but please try not to make yourself like such a dumb fat couch fighter who has absolutely no idea about this subject man! Pull yourself together! You can at least try to sound like someone who didn’t flunk elementary school.

      • JiuJitsuJesus says:

        HAHAHAHA! Troll… Wow. So listen My opinion is this, A fight Like most any competition has only 2 things a winner and a Loser. Does it matter how or when you when you win or lose ? Does it matter that a guy was winning then got submitted or KO’d ? Does it matter that a guy has great submissions if he cannot get the fight to the ground ? A Lot of guys will make excuses for their loses and some guys with no heart to fight will sit around and critique something they could never do in their life (look in Mirror now) what I am telling you is that Anderson is the greatest fighter of all time. He finds a way to win and really until someone beats him thats all that matters.

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    +4 on the last 4 comments; well said fella’s, nothing more to add on that.

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