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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 12:04 pm

Boetsch Believes He Can Submit Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

“For me, when a guy runs his mouth and there’s high expectations, it’s part of fighting. I’ve find that I’m kind of the opposite of that. I wanna perform, and maybe that’s why I’m not on the radar, and everybody’s not talking about me. But, if I beat enough people, it’s gonna be hard to ignore me, and it’s gonna be hard to deny me that title shot. I’m not sure who they’re gonna put in front of me, after a win over Hector, after a win over Okami, but whoever they put in front of me, next, I’ll get the win. I think I match up great (with Anderson Silva). He struggles with wrestlers, and I’m a wrestler that also can do a lot of damage with my fists and kicks and submissions. I haven’t been showing my submission game much, but we’ll save that for the world championship. If I need to submit Anderson Silva, I know I can.”

In an interview with Inside MMA, the fast rising Tim Boetsch discussed a possible match up with division champ, Anderson Silva!

But is he on the money?


30 Responses to “Boetsch Believes He Can Submit Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. I defended you against your win against Lombard, but you’re on your own with Silva. It’s not impossible you might get lucky, but you’re not even in the same league IMO. In fact, a good proving fight for both of you would be Wideman IMO. winner gets to take on Rockin Ronda Rousey. You’re not in Silva’s league. Nobody is. That’s Dana’s fault, completely.

    • An example is you just came off a fight with a guy who’s never even fought in the UFC. If he had the belt and that fight was to decide who the next champ was, i’d have to say you never even beat him. You got the decision but you never beat him. i would have let Lomnard retain the belt, reluctantly, because you never clearly beat him. He beat himself. What a waste of Silva’s time it would be to fight you. Then you have the nerve to come on and call the champ out two days after a fight like that? You’re lucky if they call you back to fight again for a while.

    • Nick says:

      I agree, who is this BUM, he not even a black belt in BJJ. and doesn’t have a 10nth of the striking skills of Silva. he’d make a good punching bag i think lol

  2. Truth says:

    He means “run from” right?

    He couldn’t do anything to Lombard and he was just standing there.

  3. brandon says:

    Boetsch is obviously kidding. He’s far too slow for Anderson and any other top 10 ranked talent in the UFC. He needs another 1 or 2 solid wins against some decent competition before even being considered for a title shot. He should be put in against somebody like Belcher, Stann, Bisping, then once he gets beat, he can go back to the drawing board with his tail between his legs and stop talking such nonsense.

  4. jason says:

    Is this guy serious? He would get murdered.

  5. Ryan says:

    Boetsch has some good wins, but really? Anderson Silva… no way.

  6. Pijan says:

    Don’t get ahead of yourself Boetsch, great job beating an over-hyped, unproven fighter. Anderson will kill you. Boetsch has good westling with good strikes? So does Anderson (well, good submission), and he does it 100Xs better than Boetsch. No contest, Silva Rd. 1. If it went 5, it’d resemble the Maia fight.

  7. Hector Lombard says:

    i think its safe to assume that we all agree, that boetsch would get pummeled to a bloody pulp if he fights anderson silva, no contest. Anderson is stronger, faster, more accurate, skillful, smarter, more experienced, the list goes on. BTW boetsch, if you think of trying to keep your distance (ie run away) with anderson silva, well, i’ll be there to boo you (along with thousands of others), and anderson silva will be there to finish you

  8. chis says:

    bahahahaha…this guy’s hilarious.
    he and chael have careers in comedy after they quit fighting.

  9. Jim says:

    Wow those are some big words from tim boestsch idk if he is at the level of an ANderson SIlva quite just yet. He will need to be tested an tried w/a few more tuff opponent’s soon.long before he’s ready for the likes of ANderson SIlva. We at tenbears Martial ARts ACademy in DAyton OHio.try an keep all our fighters humble unlike other gym’s which don’t mind fighters talking trash.KEYWORDTEXTHERE

  10. Xaninho says:

    Hahahah! How is he going to submit Silva running circles at 10 ft. distance? GTFO backpedaler!

  11. Mateus Alves says:

    Boetsch, as we say down here in Brazil, you need a lot of beans to reach the fighting level of Anderson. You may be a top 10, but you ain’t good enough to challenge Silva.

  12. He thinks because Sonnen got at him in the first fight with wrestling, but many keep forgetting Silva took that fight with a broken rib. That fight only went five rounds because of that rib. He knew it would be tough as hell yet he still took it and forced himself to find a way. When he was healthy, that same technique barely lasted through the first round.

    • Barely? says:

      Barley? Silva def took that fight but sonnen def dominated that first round on the mat. Everyone knew silvas stand up wouldn’t be matched but he has no buisness even trying to wrestle.

      • Ya, baaaaarely, as in, not even 90 seconds into the second round and Sonnen was bitch-slapped, on his ass, and out. And Sonnen never dominated that first round. Silva controlled him all the way and tired him. There you go again thinking that because someone is on their back, they’re being dominated. BJJ is all about how to dominate the aggressor from the bottom while he struggles and you rest. Sonnen was on top but didn’t hit Silva with a single strike or make even one submission attempt. Silva just controlled him down low in the guard like a crazy woman. I’m glad you agree at least that Silva took that fight.

        • me says:

          Are you fucking retarded? You get tired when you’re on your back and you have to carry someone elses weight…….Tired out Sonnen lmfao shut up troll, you know shit about martial arts.

  13. tim is crazy says:

    anderson was in problem with sonnen but sonnen is alot better wrestler that boetsch, now any wrestler think that they can do the same

    • boesch is a scrub says:

      sonnen also has the balls to push forward and use his strikes to set up takedowns. boesch has no chance of landing a td with his pussy run away and legkick style

  14. MMApersonalJesus says:

    lol this is the first time everyone has agreed. Anderson Silva is a Sith Lord, Boetsch is a Wookie who has no chance, but will let off some nice groans.

  15. DMAC says:

    This guy acts like no one seen that shit performance this past Saturday! He must be on that bath salt talking like this..

  16. OC says:

    An arguable Split decision to Lombard and he thinks he can SUBMIT AS? WTF kind of 3rd dimension Logic is that? Lombard won that Fight and yes it was Boring due to Boetsh’s GamePlan(GTFO). Condit wannabe!!!

  17. punchkick says:

    hahaha,way over your head bro

  18. dogfart says:

    fighters compare themselves to chael in the wrestling department.
    not one of them can wrestle like chael. they are not as fast and as explosive as chael for take downs.
    chael has an adapted wrestling game that works in MMA and while hes not the best striker, he is fast and aggressive once he gets you down.
    anderson dealt with him.

    Boesch has no chance in hell. by the time he goes to take him down anderson would have moved

  19. dastuka says:

    I think he lost a close decision to Lombard. But of course he is gonna talk himself up.

  20. GRT 3000 says:

    As if buddy…stfu wit that shit. Anderson would destroy him.

  21. Troy boy says:

    They should have chris weidman knock this dude out n have weidman take that tittle shot.

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