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Monday, 07/22/2013, 09:39 am

Bobby Green ‘Exposes’ Rampage For Public Diss

“So all my career I’ve been compared to Rampage, people tell me how I look like him fight like him etc, well after five years I finally met him and wow it was not worth it so check this out: I tell him how I’m a big fan how I’m compared to him and that I feel I could never fill his shoes etc all good shit gave him the highest respect as soon as I leave he started talking shit behind my back. He didn’t know my bro was in the room so he was basically saying who is this little mofo and who does he think he is or something like that and it’s sad cuz a dude like that going to crush the chances for the next little dudes that come down the line. I’m not really tripping about the situation just more so thrown off by it cuz when u see theses dudes on TV they look one way but there totally another #Exposed. To think I waited five years for that. It’s funny how I never imagined to be in a room with these legends but what would transpire #blownaway.”

UFC lightweight Bobby Green took to twitter recently to recount his recent run in with former UFC Champion, Rampage Jackson.

Apparently meeting someone you admire isn’t always what it cracked up to be as Green was forced to realize just days ago.



71 Responses to “Bobby Green ‘Exposes’ Rampage For Public Diss”

  1. Don't sweat it, Bobby Green says:

    Bobby Green isn’t the first person to lose respect for Rampage Jackson. Rampage is taking the path of bitter old fighter who wants to be rewarded for his actions that occurred early in MMA history. Life just doesn’t work that way. Rampage needed to have a plan for after his fighting career, but didn’t. So he’ll attempt to stay relevant with his big bully persona. Good luck Rampage!

  2. ben says:

    jon jones was treated the same way by rampage when he was not yet a star

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