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Friday, 10/14/2011, 03:27 pm

BJPENN.COM Welterweight Top 10 (Updated 10/14/11)

The world top 10 welterweight rankings according to the panel at BJPENN.COM consist of all UFC fighters.

GSP is the current UFC welterweight champion and as such gets the number one seat on our rankings system. With his most recent victory over Jake Shields in front of a record breaking audience, he has not only proven his worth as a champion but as one of the sport’s biggest draws.

There have been some significant changes to the welterweight rankings and as a result, only the top 2, the number 5, number 7 and number 9 ranked fighters remain the same since our last publication.

Jake Shields took a massive blow in his last two outings. While we previously had him ranked number three behind GSP and Jon Fitch, he recently lost his title shot and snapped his win streak. He then followed that performance up with a crushing knockout loss to a previously unranked Jake Ellenberger. After his most recent performance we have dropped him from the 3 seat and put him down to 6.

With the Shields decline, the deck gets shuffled and Nick Diaz, who was previously ranked 4 now resides as our third ranked welterweight.

In the place of Diaz comes Jake Ellenberger who now makes his top 10 debut as our number 4 ranked fighter. With his string of impressive victories and after just taking out Shields, his debut in the top 5 is justified.

When someone makes their debut on the rankings, another fighter gets thrown off and that fighter is our previously number 10 ranked Paul Daley. Paul recently picked up a lackluster win in the BAMMA organization but prior to that got finished by Diaz in their Strikeforce title fight. With a division as thick as this one, Daley pays the price for Ellenberger’s success and is removed entirely.

Carlos Condit and BJ Penn remain stable. BJ remains in the 5 spot and Condit remains in the 7 spot, at least for now. With UFC 137 upon us in just a few weeks both fighters will either rise or fall from their respective positions.

Alves, who recently lost to Rick Story, takes a dive from our number 8 seat down to the 10 spot made clear by Paul Daley, and Rick Story whose last outing was a failure against an unranked Charlie Brenneman fell from 6 to 8.

The BJPENN.COM staff has analyzed recent activity and all around performance inside professional competition and broke down to the 10 welterweights in MMA as follows:

2: Jon Fitch
3: Nick Diaz
4: Jake Ellenberger
5: BJ Penn
6: Jake Shields
7: Carlos Condit
8: Rick Story
9: Josh Koscheck
10: Thiago Alves


0 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Welterweight Top 10 (Updated 10/14/11)”

  1. Dan the Lobstertail says:

    Im sorry carlos condit in at 7??????

    • Cian Kong says:

      yeah got to say that cant be right but good to see ellenberger getting rated so high

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      List should be
      1. GSP
      2. Fitch
      3. Diaz
      4. Bj
      5. Condit
      6. Koscheck
      7. Ellenberger
      8. Shields
      9. Johnson
      10. Macdonald

      • The Dude says:

        MUCH BETTER… has got no love for…BJ Penn? …

        BJ, please slap whoever posted this around thoroughly and tell them The Dude said don’t make top ten lists whilst on drugs… make the list first, then do drugs.

        Ellenberger, are you fucking kidding me, higher than BJ, Condit….gtfo

      • ed says:

        Ya thats alot better one fight against jake shields two days after his dad dies! Doesnt put you over two contenders!

      • SaberTooth says:

        Let’s See}

        List should be
        1. GSP =Steroids/Grease
        2. Fitch-Steroids
        3. Diaz
        4. Bj
        5. Condit
        6. Koscheck – Steroids
        7. Ellenberger- Steroids
        8. Shields
        9. Johnson=Big Time Steroids
        10. Macdonald

        Steroid use OK in your Book?

        • Bully4me says:

          Unless it’s been proven that someone takes roids back off …Tis is the America’s …Innocent till proven guilty….not because accusations are tossed around. One of my closest friends had accusations made against him years ago for something he DID NOT DO. However even though he was proven innocent it ruined his reputation . Over twenty years later he still carries it with him, a broken man because someone spoke words that were untrue.

          Grow up. It’s not funny peoples lives and lively hood are at stake.

        • Creature says:

          Soooo your saying all wrestlers take steriods? your a fucking idiot shut up

        • SaberTooth says:

          Now now cretin. Don’t get your panties in a wad. My you are quite the sensitive one. You must be a bitch.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Little boy, YES every wrestler takes or has taken steroids. For that matter, 90+% of every top-level athlete has taken or is taking steroids. Wow, you are an idiot and could be sold anything. Wake Up douchebag.

        • steve says:

          fitch doesnt do roids. i dont think koscheck does but im not gonna argue that one cuz its a possibility

        • Saber.. Do u require that much attention? How come none of those u listed never been busted for roids? Diaz has the caveman jaw u might want to list him too.

        • REAL-LIFE says:

          i think he soes need attention. by the fact dat he says most of all top level athletes takes steroids means hes obviously very overweight and doesnt know how to get in shape without thinking about steroids

      • Quazzi says:

        Agreed Rory M. is a beast and is going to make some noise in the division soon

      • Hightimes99 says:

        great list, only thing i change is diaz ahead of fitch and ellenberger ahead of koscheck

  2. John says:

    why is thiago alves in top 10??

    1. GSP (currently Champ)
    2. Jon Fitch (only lost to GSP, tied with BJ penn)
    3. Nick Diaz (Champ, debatable)
    4. BJ Penn (with win, can get title shot, only lost to GSP)
    5. Carlos Condit (Ranked same as BJ Penn, was supposed to fight bj, to win title shot)
    6.Jake Ellenburger (beat jake shield)
    7. Jake Shield (dropped from 3rd IMO)
    8. Josh Koscheck, (IMO, any bottom 5 can beat eachother on given day)
    9. Anthony Johnson ( dominated his last opponent who beat story, who beat alves)
    10. Ben askrin, (bellator champ, haven’t been tested, but great wrestling would probably beat most ww at UFC despite boring style).

  3. Fe says:

    1. GSP
    2. Fitch
    3. Diaz
    4. Koscheck
    5. Penn
    6. Ellenberger
    7. Condit
    8. Shields
    9. Johnson
    10. Story

  4. Q says:

    Theres no way Rick Story is before KOS

  5. Mike McSizzle says:

    Yea wtf.. and ellenberger so high? condit 7? i disagree with the whole listing.

  6. John says:

    why is story even in top 10?

  7. Gabe says:

    What about Brian Ebersole and Rory MacDonald? They’re more deserving than Thiago Alves, certainly.

  8. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    Shit list. Story is so overrated it’s annoying kos would make him look stupid any day he should be 10th if he is lucky.

    • The Dude says:

      So true.

      I don’t even like Kos, but he would eat Story for breakfast.

      Kos would hang RIck story by his underwear on a hook in the locker room, eat his lunch and fuck his girlfriend.

  9. King Gareth says:

    1. GSP
    2. Fitch
    3. Diaz
    4. Penn
    5. Condit
    6. Ellenberger
    7. Shields
    8. Kos
    9. Johnson
    10. Alves

  10. Voicein the desert says:

    My list:

    1: Georges St Pierre (let’s see if Carlos can make him break a sweat…)
    2: Jon Fitch (Love him or hate him he is number 2 until somebody beats him)
    3: Carlos Condit (look at the guys he has beaten recently)
    4: Jake Ellenberger (props for exposing Shields)
    5: Josh Koscheck ( I hate this guy but he deserves it)
    6: BJ Penn (a win versus Diaz would put him at 3 or 4)
    7: Nick Diaz (lack of strong competition. He is still good though)
    8: Rick Story (well deserved, but must win next fight or drop out of list)
    9. Rory Macdonald (On his way to the top. Makes vets like Nate look like amateurs)
    10: Thiago Alves (must win next fight or drop out of list)

  11. Jrock says:

    ellenberger is good but wtf how is he ranked higher the condit when condits the number 1 contender and he beat ellenberger

  12. Tyler Kartler says:

    Top 10 in my book:
    1. GSP
    2. Fitch (I hate to say it)
    3. Bj (had a draw with #2, and he’ll beat Diaz)
    4. Condit (He’s a threat to everyone)
    5. Diaz (I love to watch him, but he’s beatable)
    6. Koscheck (He could possibly be above Diaz)
    7. Ellenberger (Up and coming)
    8. Macdonald (Up and coming)
    9. Johnson (Looked good, just needs better compitition.. Ellenberger)
    10. Ebersole (This guy is underrated.. watch out for him)

    Idk how Shields should be on any top 10 lists. Some sites I seen Shields on a P4P list haha

  13. Fortyb4five says:

    I agree with Ellenberger. If Condit beats Gsp he’s obviously number 1, but he didn’t beat #3 ranked Shields like Ellenberger did.

    • Beanz654 says:

      Fortyb4five- Yea Condit didn’t beat #3 ranked Shields but he beat Ellenberger himself, and not to mention Macdonald, Kim, and Hardy in his last 4 fights..

  14. luls says:

    Lets wait until the 29 to make this list realistic because bj had a draw with fitch who was considered the second best besides gsp.. Lets wait and see.. BJ should be ahead of diaz because diaz hasnt fought factrs

  15. king ru9 says:

    Top 10 in my book:
    1. Anderson Silva
    2. GSP
    3. Bj
    4. Condit
    5. Diaz
    6. Koscheck
    7. Brock Lesnar
    8. Hamid Akira Corassani from TUF 14
    9. Brad Tavares
    10. King MO

  16. Creature says:

    1.GSP (UFC Champ)
    2.Fitch (only loss since 2002 is GSP)
    3.Diaz (could be placed anywhere from 3-5)
    4.Condit (very well rounded, true finisher)
    5.Penn (needs another win before being ranked higher)
    6.Elllenberger (guy is a wrecking ball)
    7.Koscheck (could be anywhere from 8-6)
    8.Shields (coming off 2 losses but still deserves a spot on here)
    9.Johnson (freak WW, but a monster at 170)
    10.Macdonald (IMO tied with eborsole)

  17. Mike Hunt says:

    Its’ just a list who givws a sh@t ?

  18. Joegun says:

    King ru9 how in the world did u get corrasani n Tavares on there?its a bogus list dude,is it 4 real? Puff,puff give if so….

  19. Joegun says:

    Rory mcdonald will be champ someday…kids a beast…Alves is overrated and so is story… Shields gotta step up n ellenbergers name kinda premature..

  20. Jrock says:

    But lets not forget Carlos has a win over ellenberger I mean ellenberger is top 5 for sure but Condit ranked that low seriously.but Condit beats gsp he’s number 1!

  21. Voicein the desert says:

    A few fun facrs about GSP from Fightmetric:

    1. Significant Strikes Landed : leader
    2. Knockdowns Landed : 7th
    3. SApM – Strikes Absorbed per Min.: 7th
    4. Strike Differential (+/-) : 4th
    5. Significant Strike Defense : 2nd
    6. Total Strikes Landed : leader
    7. Submissions Attempted : 5th

    Yeah…GSP does nothing but layNpray on his opponents…hmmmmm…

  22. Submissions are fun!!!!!! says:

    My list-

    1. GSP (Terminator)
    2. Nick Diaz (Legit Champ)
    3. BJ Penn (Resume speaks volumes)
    4. Jon Fitch (Nothing impressive, survived BJ? lol)
    5. Jake Shields ( losing 2 times out of 17 fights and 1 to GSP is not worthy of significant rank loss.)
    6.Carlos Condit (Bright star who has been givin a shot due to Diaz being dumb.)
    7.Jake Ellenberger ( Good fighter, future top 5 maybe?)
    8. Josh Koscheck ( I believe he should fight Shields for #5 spot)
    9. Rory Macdonald (Deserves a top 5 guy soon.)
    10. Rick Story ( Needs to make a move soon on a top contender)

  23. Im still trying to figure out how Thiago Alves is still in the top ten.

  24. Night-Wind says:

    It should be,

    1. BJ

    2-10 who cares

  25. goddamn sleeping pill says:

    carlos and koscheck need to be higher other than that i agree

  26. dream says:

    i think kos or rumble against ellenberger would be in interesting one

  27. ryu says:

    bj should fight every one on the list just because. a jake shields, josh koscheck, carlos condit, or jake ellenberger fight would b nice to watch. some events are lackluster because of style matchups…. i think if penn fought any of these dudes, especially koscheck alot of people would pay to watch. cant wait to see diaz and penn knuck in their next fight. even tho theyre boys and theres not much motivation aside from a potential title shot, building more of a fan base, and money, style wise u kno its gonna b fun to watch.

  28. Eric says:

    BJ Penn
    Rory MCDonald
    Jake Shields
    Josh Koscheck
    Rumble Johnson

  29. Erekgrole says:

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  30. Dirk Digler says:

    I don’t know when all you Jo Jos came onto this site. Must of came over from Sherdog with the new site. You even used Sherdogs colors for the forum. Weak. People in the old forum wouldn’t have put up with your shit. BJ is second on that list and down tha road Jay will get whats his. End of story.

    • Voicein the desert says:

      Come on son. BJ’s recent record does not warrant him being anywhere above the 5th position. A win over Fitch, however, should place him at number 2 and earn him a rematch for the belt.

      I want to see this fight happen. Although I feel the outcome would be the same as UFC 94. But this is why I love BJ. He never quits and will challenge himself to the limit.

      Meanwhile, I will enjoy watching him destroy Diaz. :)

  31. King Gareth says:

    Some of these guys need to start fighting eachother to get an accurate top 10.

  32. Nick says:

    I dont think ellenburger should b up there just yet. hes a hellof a fighter no doubt, but a win over jake shields(coming off a loss, and his head wasnt in the game at all for that fight) isnt that much. i think he would fit nicly somwhere from 7-12ish? just me. but i think the jake-jake fight should b re-done soon, cuz shields wasnt ready for any of that.

  33. AJ says:


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  35. King Gareth says:

    1. GSP
    2. Fitch
    2. Bj
    4. Condit
    5. Diaz
    6. Ellenberger
    7. Koscheck
    8. Rumble
    9. Rory. M
    10. Shields

  36. Bj / Fitch should be tied for second..
    Everything else except for gsp is all debatable!

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  40. Eli says:

    1: Georges St Pierre (UFC WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION)
    2: Jon Fitch
    3: Nick Diaz
    4: BJ Penn
    5: Jake Ellenberger
    6: Carlos Condit
    7: Josh Koscheck
    8: Jake Shields
    9: Anthony Johnson
    10: Rory Macdonald

  41. 1STroundko says:

    well saber is right (idk about the 90% part) but i have played high school football and baseball and curently traning for my first fight in boxing; most of my high school teammates were on roids and thats just high school now my curent teammates not so much i mean a few people in our gym is suspected of using but not cought but its obvious that they are using now a sport like MMA where you use the whole body not just your hands i can see fighters taking roids to get the advantage

  42. Adrian says:


  43. John says:


  44. 1STroundko says:

    i have to agree chartmonster penn/fitch tied for second i dont see they arent they tied in their fight so i dont see how one can be higher than the other

  45. Mike Diaz says:

    I don’t see how Ellenberger can top the Prodigy! Bj got robbed against Fitch, we all saw Fitch get tossed, and BJ gets ranked top 5 only. And how can Condit get a title shot deservingly? It is a totally convenient title shot, not a totally deserving one. Does taking out Ellenberger, Macdonald, Hardy and Kim make him undisputingly deserving of a title shot. Sure Ellenberger is now top 5 but what the hell! Dana better correct that out in public, get Condit back in line, feed him a top 3 WW and let the cards fall then, not like they did against Nick Diaz. Just saying…..PENN NATION!!!!!!

  46. JB Spencer says:

    i dont dislike fitch but i hate seeng him near the top of everyones list, he deserves to be but the idea of him being in the title picture.. YAWN. I wana see fitch v mcdonal or ellenbergerand and lose knockin down to bottom 5. That wd make things alot more interesting in the title picture down the road cuz i hav absolutly no interest in seeing a fitch v penn 2 or a gsp v fitch 2 ever

  47. brandon thomas says:

    I would really love to see Penn kick the dog shit out of that crying little bitch shields

  48. 3starsndasunn says:

    1. GSP
    2. Condit
    3. Diaz
    4. Fitch
    5. Macdonald
    6. Ellenberger
    7. Bj
    8. Koscheck
    9. Sanchez
    10. Shields (this guy is OVERRATED)

  49. MMAnalyst says:

    So many important fights coming up – I think it gets clearer after a few key match ups, but:

    1. GSP
    2. Fitch
    3/4. Diaz/Condit (we will see)
    5. Koscheck
    6. BJ Penn
    7. MacDonald
    8/9. Ellenberger/Sanchez (we will see)
    10. Kampmann/Alves (we will see)

    Tied for 12th: Story/Johnson/Paulo Thiago

  50. dage says:

    3 CONDIT
    9BJ PENN

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