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BJPENN.COM Welterweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)

The time to update the BJPENN.COM world rankings is long overdue. There has been a lot of activity in each division and as such we have adjusted our world rankings.

Items such as wins, losses, inactivity, retirement and suspensions all play apart in deciding who should be ranked in the top 10.

Your most recent update is as follows (Continue to page two to see the past rankings and how they have been adjusted.)

Welterweight top 10:

3- Nick Diaz
4- Johny Hendricks
5- Jon Fitch
6- BJ Penn
7- Josh Koscheck
8- Jake Ellenberger
9- Martin Kampmann
10- Thiago Alves

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72 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Welterweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)”

  1. bay area thug says:

    Wtf why is jake shields not on there. He did more damage to GSP than any other challenger (other than matt serra) did. GSP was all fucked up and jake was fine. BJ why do you have youself on there especially over jake you suck your washed up and are not in top 10. I know Shields lost to ellenberger but I believe in a rematch Jake wouldn’t get caught and his father died right before the fight. So add shields on there and remove yourself BJ cause your garbage.

    • Bennyboy says:

      really “Bay area thug”? Stop making excuses for ur favorite fighters. Sheild lost two in a row which in one had a fast knockout and Bj Penn is garbage? then GTFO off his site he is a legend in the sport

      • bay area thug says:

        Yeah BJ is garbage. He’s a legend but not a current one and doesn’t deserve to be in the top 10. And Jake lost to GSP but he fucked him up and won the fight. GSP won the match or the points game with some pussy takedowns at the end. Their faces after the fight showed who won. Stfu, bennyboy. gay ass name

        • bay area bullshit says:

          if fights went by how their faces looked afterwards the nogueira brothers wouldnt have a chance at winning even if they finished the fight. MMA is a sport with rules and shit not some bullshit scrap on the weekend, if they wanna win the fight then they have to play the sport (which can suck shit at the best of times). n btw bj is a legend as well as a current one, he will remain a legend in the sport forever. n jake sheild is talking about middle weight due to nick being top 5.

        • Sweet game plan says:

          Just get alves out of their for dam sure..

        • Bay area pussy says:

          Jake shields is a pussy with the stand up abilities of a meisha tate

        • jones says:

          bay area pussy now u an idiot,,u think jake sheilds has the stand up as miesha tate?? u crazy bud tate would box his ass..he would get embarrased…roy mcdonaald would take most these guys..he should be top 5 or maybe 6

        • Ppl we have a man here wit sps aka small penis syndrome symptom number 1 claims to be real hard with the name very scary by the way 2 hes probly in a gang 3 any thing to do wit his small penis such as the word fuck or hump, hand job, shaft, ect. In this case the word bj has gotten him so fierd up his sps or small penis size trigerd his memory wen he got a bj from his bf glen he rememberd how he calld him wee man and unleashed that anger in a form of writting on bjpenn

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I once knew a guy named Shackleford who lived in Juneau alaska, last i heard he was in prison

    • andy says:

      Shields doesn’t belong on this list anymore than BJ does. I think Martin Kampmann does though.

    • AnonymousE says:

      Let’s put BJ against Jake (WW) or Nate (LW) and see what happens, Bay Area Dip shit.
      You’re a piece of shit.

      • bay area thug says:

        Yeah put BJ against Jake or Nate he will get his ass kicked. Blow job penn has horrible cardio and wont be able to keep up with nate and it will turn out like the fight with nick. He will do good in the beginning but do horrible as the fight goes on. And jake will just take him down and submit him. He outwrestled Dan Henderson who is a phenomenal wrestler, I can’t imagine what he’d do to BJ.

        • Chris says:

          Well you can certainly imagine that Shields wouldn’t be able to submit BJ…

        • Quazzi says:

          He outwrestled a hendo with a jacked up back. If u really believe he could beat hendo again u are delusional

        • jones says:

          ya u could really tell hendo went into that figt wth a problem..he had too much pride to cancel and also thoyght he could catch jake earl and put him to sleep

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          out wrestled Dan hendersen are you serious. Hendersen just about caved Sheilds’ brains in and he barely surved and Hendo was injured and wasn’t able to train cardio and all Sheilds did was lay n pray for 4 rounds. Hendo would KO sheilds 99 out 100 fights. That was biggest FLUKE ever. Sheilds needs to go back to strikefarce. Sheilds hasn’t won a fight since he got to UFC

      • Hermbone says:

        I love BJ and think he is one of the greatest ever, but don’t think he belongs on this list. I also think Kampman and Alves shouldn’t be here but everybody has different opinions on different fighters. The heavyweight list is all fucked up.

    • Huh? says:

      Shit shields barely got by kampmann and outside of that has not won a welterweight fight since he was in EliteXC… how loong ago was that? five years or so. Gimme a break dude

      Also, he is fighting akiyama a guy who is making his debut in the division and is ranked 100 out of 100 at the moment. how is that a top 10 fighter? your not grabbing hard

      • bay area thug says:

        Yeah he hasnt had a WW win cause he moved up to Middleweight and captured the SF MW title dumb fuck. And the reason he strugled in the kampmann fight is cause he hadn’t cut that much weight in years and it sapped his cardio. But he still pulled through. Stfu kid no other challenger did what Jake did to GSP who had to resort to takedowns and getting back up cause he was getting his ass beat.

    • Prins Ali says:

      You’re a fucking idiot, BJ PENN isn’t the guy who made these rankings u retard. And remember this, BJ PENN was champion as welterweight and lightweight, wtf has jake sheilds been champion at? monpoly? gtfo

    • McCombski says:

      Dude you are a fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U think GSP lost to worthless jake shelids?????? Jake fucking sucks dick, he is good at one thing and one thing only and that is shoot for a single leg takedown and then hump you for five rounds.. Ur gonna talk about how GSP plays point games?? Jake is the most boring fighter to watch on the face of the earth!! He plays the fucking point game worse than anyone in mma..ALL HE DOES IS LAY ON YOU!! why dont you look up and tell me how many ko’s he has and then get back to me u dumb fuck. And Jake cant hang with half the people on the list i guarnttee that.

    • McCombski says:

      U are eaisly the stupidest mother fucking person i have ever heard. Do you even know what you are saying. Jake Sheilds is a fucking bum who has one tool in MMA (which in case you dident know stands for MIXED MARTIAL ARTS) which is to shoot for a single leg and take you down and hump you for 5 rounds if he cant sub you. U wanna talk about gsp being boring to watch or playing the point game? Jake plays that more than any fighter in MMA. GSP Destroyed him and so did ellenburger. Just get off his dick already you act like your his fucking boyfriend or something…..He Fucking sucks end of story untill someone can prove me worng

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      How in the hell does this ranking have JON lay N pray Fitch ranked higher than Ellenberger. Same thing that happen to Sheilds would happen to Fitch. WEll good news is the UFC has made it clear we fans will NEVER EVER have to worry about JOn Fitch ever getting another title shot thanks to my new hero Johny Hendricks. Fitch has singl handly scared (BORED) more fans away from MMA than any fighter in MMA history. At some point rules will be changed and Lay N pray will be banned

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Fitch shouldn’t be in top 10 even Askren would school him. Ellenbeger would crush Fitch just like Hendrciks did

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    • jones says:

      yeah stoud maybe cuz jake is gone to mw…just maybe you idiot…nice name…BAY AREA THUG,,im sure you really thugd out loser

    • Who ever said bj is washed up are fucking stupid! The first fight bj beat gsp hands down!

      • GAME ON says:

        Shaun Shirley im with you, that first fight bj won hands down, gsps face was fucked up, he managed one takedown in the third and bj locked him up……gay area thug, bj drew with jon bitch and lost to diaz where as josh cockcheck got smashed by a low ranked fighter so it seems fitting that he sits there on the table…

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I find it funny how so many fans respect the Koscheck and Fitch’s and GSP’s who walk around 200 lbs always wanting to call out a natural lightweight in BJ penn. First GSP fight Penn busted GSP face up bad broke his nose and GSP admitted he had never been so scared. so 3rd round all GSP did was “FITCH” and GSP was givena close split decision. However BJ didn’t have a mark on him and went to his after party while GSP spent night in hospital. Where i come from gthe guy who walks away wins fight and guy who goes to hospital lost the fight. JOn LAY N PRAY” Fitch walked into the cage for BJ penn fight at 202lbs (according to Crazy Bob Cook) his coach and Bj was 169 lbs. Bj won 2 rounds and only becauswe Fitch who outweighed BJ by 30+lbs was able to lay on him and pitter patter the figh t w as a draw. You will never in amillion years see Fitch or GSP fight anyone who ahs 30 lbs on them becasue tehy only fight if they have a size advantage and are AFRAID to fight anyone bigger and stronger. GSP won’t even fight Silva becasue he said he would need 2-3 years to put on muscle which to me is a copout because he walks around at 200lbs. But GSP nuthuggers think he’s the greatest because he beat BJ who he outweighs by 30 lbs. Sorry my respect goes out to the BJ’s and Hendo’s < coutures who have never been afraid to step up on short notice and fight way way bigger guys and don't cry like GSP say i would need 2 years to put on 10 lbs muscle (COPOUT) its been 2-4 years GSP and you still won't fight silva. why not just admit you are scared and always have been scared and just waiting for Silva to retire. no way GSP is p4p best anyone who is scared to fight someone 10lbs heavier at no p4p best

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          Testosterone makes you train like an animal and makes you recover by light years faster than someon not on it. I’m 50 and on lowest dose ever thru a LEGIT doctor and TRT has made me stronger, faster, my endurance is un fricken believable and makes me feel like i am 25 again and i was in great shape at 25. so please don’t sit here an dtell lies how TRT does nothing for a fighter. Massive doses CHEAT Sonnen and Nate :THE CHEAT” are on it gives them more of an advantage than MOT people could ever comprehend. If i was on even a fraction of what these CHEATING 30 years old are on i would be twice the shape they are even at 50. All you have to do is loo at picture or video of Sonnen pre-TRT and its obvious when he was OIFF the JUICE was half the fighter he is now. TRT is ILLEGAL in all LEGIT sports for a very good reason ITS PERFORMANCE ENHANCING

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Jake sheilds is nowhere even close to UFC caliber. Maybe same caliber as Mayhem Miller but NEVER will sheilds beUFC caliber. sheilds lost Kampmann fight and he got his ass beat by Akiyama who threw him around like a ragdoll. Ellenberger, Hendricks, Rory, Condit, Koscheck, Diego would all beat Jake sheilds no problem. I would any amount even an un ranked Herman is going to destroy Sheilds in July

  2. the original steve says:

    condit diaz tied for number 2 position

  3. Babazoo says:

    BJ Penn nr 6????

  4. sean says:

    Jake ellenberger should be 5 his winning and acouple away from a title shot. and hate to say it but koscheck should be under him then bj

  5. DyNoMiTe says:

    BULLSHIT! No way in hell BJ is ranked higher than Josh Koscheck or Jake Ellenberger. And why is Jake behind Koscheck? Jake’s on a roll and Koscheck just won a controversial decision.

  6. Yeas says:

    I think its fair to consider this a top 10. Most lists have the same people on the list, possibly in different orders. Being a huge BJ Penn fan, and obviously being on his site as a result of it, I think placing him #6 based on past performance might be a little high. But that being said, I wouldn’t necessarily move it based on the talent below him in the rankings.

    As for Shields, and the above comment, looking better than the other guy doesn’t get you a win. His performance was miserable. His performances against Kampmann, GSP and Ellenberger have all been pitiful.

  7. ramv says:

    BJ is 1-3-1 in since 2010… I love BJ but I don’t think he should be at number 6 and maybe not even in the list, as much as it pains me to write it.

  8. ramv says:

    I think Shields is not here because he moved to middleweight.

  9. BobO says:

    BJ should be ranked higher than boring Fitch. ~BobbO

  10. BobO says:

    BJ should be ranked higher than boring Fitch. ~BobO

  11. wow says:

    Based on the criteria used for determining the top 10, BJ should not be on this list as he is retired and had been on a losing skid prior to his retirement.

    I agree with comments about Jake Ellenberger being top 5 and also think Jake Shields should be at #6 or #7.

    Also why is Thiago Alves on this list? He is 2-3 in his last 5.

    • slacker says:

      I agreee about Alves. I like him as a fighter and we all know how dangerous he can be. But he has not been getting the job done. I would stick Shields there instead of him. But I don’t place Shields higher than 8th. He has a poor record and performance in the UFC so far. Starts to put damage on GSP with one good eye – not a big deal.

  12. Diazgotrobbed4to1 says:

    Diaz should be number 2; he beat Condit. I don’t know what those judges were smoking. Landing a few leg kicks and running backwards the entire time whilst getting punched in the head should not win you a fight!

    • slacker says:

      Rounds 1, 3 & 4 Condit, all day long, ad infinitum. Diaz was outclassed as well as outstruck – better combinations by Condit! GSP & Condit are on a different level than the other WW’s.

  13. JDPower says:

    Question is, Why is BJ there?…. he is retired.

  14. Diazgotrobbed4to1 says:

    I thought Condit slightly edged it when I saw it live on t.v but after rewatching it and turning off the biased commentating.. Diaz clearly won; unless you thinking landing a few leg kicks beats getting pushed back the whole fight getting punched in the head..Diaz landed more shots to the head.. leg kicks< head shots in my eyes. Diaz got kicked in the legs..if that was Aldo you think you would be still standing?..Condits leg kick (or tap lol) and run style won him the fight lol get real.

    • slacker says:

      If you add up power shots altogether, Condit still wins in striking by a nice margin. Try as you may, along with other Diaz backers, you can’t make Condit’s 18 power leg kicks disappear into the same damage level as his other leg strikes. Diaz was not able to get his “pitter – pattter” off quick enough, he didn’t have the high level quality of striking that Condit had in the center of the octagon, and he lost.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Orale!!!! Wanna be Rogan..I saw it different when seeing it again…WTF!!!!

  15. Razzy415 says:

    I got respect for what Jake Shields accomplished but to that Bayareathugwannabe who thinks Jake Shields should’ve won that and to your argument that he did the most damage to GSP’s face. Sure you might think you’re right but this is a sport that is scored and has many factors like octagon control, take downs, etc. GSP did enough to seal the deal, and to fight without the ability to see is more than a respectable win. He can’t see second half of the fight that resulted to his face taking more jabs. I’m from San Fran and I understand your pride, but you definitely have some fanboyism in ya!

  16. david says:

    how the fuck is jonny hendricks ranked #4, he knocked out fitch but cmon

  17. jonsey says:

    this is bs…i hate sheilds but he belongs on there ….guys who win fights on takedowns and points only but they get fukt up stay high,,,they need fix this,,,condit lost and would lose again,,,he ran away…think how angry dana was after anderson vs maia…if diaz ran like condit then dana would live that shit again,,,cuz diaz fuct condit up and condit landed soft leg kiks well running away he won the fight…diaz should be 2 for sure..this list is all fuk up…im starting to hate the ufc with there big points fighting

  18. guamy says:

    only discrepensey i see is alves lol replace him with shields or rory mcdizzle.

  19. Tom23 says:

    Penn is 2-4-1 in the UFC WW division, top 10 is a ridiculous thought.

  20. Michael says:

    IMO i think Ellenberger needs to be moved up at least 3 spots.

  21. joegun says:

    jonny hendricks is too high just because of the fitch ko,fitch is boring but his style is effective,it was his first loss in over five years..alves fought a bum in his last one..kampmann is overrated..and bj is too high he hasnt beat anyone in contention since kenflo and diego,,unless u count the first edgar fight which i scored 3 rds to 2 in favor of Bj. cant wait for condit to whoop gsps ass soon.

    • GAME ON says:

      hendricks has been on a roll for a bit now and jon bitch is the first contender hes beat i like to see him againts alves just cos i think it will be a good match up. Im with you i think bj won that first fight against edgar and since then hes be matt hughes and drew with jon bitch, with i think he won the first two rounds and lost the thrid, that also happened in the rampage machida fight wen rampage won the first two and machida won the last and rampage was given the win yet bj got a draw. bj and cockcheck would be a good match, hes not a point player he likes to finish a fight. and hitman just knocked out your man jake lol

  22. joegun says:

    diaz is good but his demeanor and attitude sux and i hope he retires too!!!!

  23. Biased says:

    These rankings exist only to support Bj and this website exists only to support his ego it seems.

    • jones says:

      your an idiot…why does sherdog have rankings?? whos ego is that fo?? anyways…they are off..just cuz somoen gets robbed on decision dont ,ean they sould be lower,,,diaz should still be 2 cuz condit stole that shit//// and condit and going get humpt for 5 rounds whenever gsp decide to man up//////

  24. Bj still one one of the best he beat GSP the first fight !he crushed gsp

  25. 16V149 says:

    Top ten with or without vaseline or TRT. Why has Bj not voiced an opinion on TRT??

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