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Thursday, 12/19/2013, 12:15 pm

BJPENN.COM Quick Hits: Is Georges St. Pierre the Greatest Champion of All Time?

OUT of BOUNDS: Are figures like Dana White and Joe Rogan out of line for talking about certain fighters and when they need to retire?

Both Dana and Joe are both very passionate and opinionated guys. Some of the MMA community like hearing their take on controversial subjects and some people just think they’re loudmouths. We’re all part of a sport that is often riddled with controversies; Controversial decisions, fights being cancelled, and fighter choices outside of the cage are all hot topics, and we all have our opinions.  While Dana is the president of the UFC and Joe is a commentator, they’re fans just like the rest of us and sometimes we forget that. They have every right to sound off on controversial topics just like the rest of us.

That being said, sometimes it does go overboard. Dana often uses colorful language when he’s mad and some people think it’s unprofessional. Do I think Dana and Joe should give their opinions on controversial topics? Yes I do. Do I think they have the right to criticize fighters? Yes I do. – Evan Stoumbelis

GRAND FINALE: GSP has gone out on top and is the best champion in UFC history after relinquishing the belt.



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