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Thursday, 12/19/2013, 12:15 pm

BJPENN.COM Quick Hits: Is Georges St. Pierre the Greatest Champion of All Time?

FACT or FICTION: Robbie Lawler deserves the title shot more than Carlos Condit.

FACT – Before we divulge into the topic at hand, let me explain what Dana White intends to do by putting Robbie Lawler in the octagon with Johny Hendricks. Dana White wants to let the fans know that the UFC welterweight division can still be exciting without Georges St. Pierre. What better way to prove that than to pit two of the most exciting knockout artists in the division against each other for the vacant title? Carlos Condit already showed the world what he would do if he were to fight for a vacant championship during his bout against Nick Diaz for the UFC Interim Welterweight Title. He would hit and run for five rounds. Albeit strategic, it’s not the excitement Dana White or the rest of the world is looking for. – Jon Kirschner

FICTION – Absolutely not. Condit has only lost two fights in the last four years (one to Georges St. Pierre, and the other to Johny Hendricks). Let me tell you one thing— I may be in the minority here but I honestly thought Condit deserved to win against Hendricks. Condit landed more significant strikes in every round and basically stifled Hendricks’ top game. Hendricks did get 12 takedowns, but he did little with them. ‘The Natural Born Killer’ was also close to defeating St. Pierre in their fight. Robbie Lawler is on a roll, but the level of competition he has been facing is incomparable to Condit’s. I think we all know once he works on his takedown defense, Condit will be the king of the welterweight division… At least until St. Pierre makes his inevitable return. – Derek Langhorn

OUT of BOUNDS: Are guys like Dana White and Joe Rogan out of line for talking about certain fighters and when they need to retire?


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