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Thursday, 12/19/2013, 12:15 pm

BJPENN.COM Quick Hits: Is Georges St. Pierre the Greatest Champion of All Time?

Considering his recent victory, is it time to bring Paul “Semtex” Daley back to the UFC?

YES – The Ultimate Fighting Championship fired Paul Daley in 2010 when he punched Josh Koscheck after the fight was over. Since being cut by the UFC, Daley has been staying busy in other promotions winning eleven of his last fifteen fights. Daley may have acted immature and there was a possibility he tarnished the integrity of the sport by punching Koscheck after the final bell, but the fact of the matter is that he didn’t. No major media outlets picked up on the incident and Daley has apologized multiple times. Even the UFC poster-boy Jon Jones stated that he thinks Daley should be given another chance. Paul Daley still has dynamite in his hands and he may never be a title contender, but he has the potential to put on a lot of entertaining fights. – Jon Kirschner

NO – There is absolutely no way that Paul Daley should be reinstated into the UFC. His actions are unquestionably the most disrespectful and uncalled for antics that have ever been displaying inside the Octagon. Striking another fighter after the bell is assault and does not represent the type of individual that should be a part of an organization like the UFC. Martial Arts and fighting is not a game. These men are the best of the best of those who have skills to seriously injure, and it should not be taken lightly when one of these fighters uses those skills outside of the ring or cage. – Daneul Summers

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OUT of BOUNDS: Are guys like Dana White and Joe Rogan out of line for talking about certain fighters and when they need to retire?


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