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Thursday, 12/19/2013, 12:15 pm

BJPENN.COM Quick Hits: Is Georges St. Pierre the Greatest Champion of All Time?

The crew here at BJPENN.COM is back to bring you another edition of ‘Quick Hits’ whether you like it or not.

‘Quick Hits’ made its debut last week and it brought the idea of an MMA themed ‘Pardon the Interruption’ to life. It may be text based and we may not have Tony Reali correcting us whenever we make mistakes, but that’s what you guys are for. Do you not like one of our opinions? Do you think we made a mistake? Let us know in the comment section! You may just make it into next week’s edition of ‘Quick Hits’.

Last week, we questioned whether Anderson Silva is the underdog or favorite. Tommy Littrell responded in the comments section with, “Definitely putting my money on Silva. Well, if I had the money then I would.” Hopefully these bets are legally being made Tommy! Otherwise, that’s f*****g illegal.

Join this week’s crew (Daneul Summers, Jim Chadwick, Evan Stoumbelis, Derek Langhorn, Brett Auten and Jon Kirschner) as we tackle the week’s hottest topics! Are these topics not hot enough for you? Tweet us!

YES or NO: Considering his recent victory, is it time to reinstate Paul Daley?

BUY or SELL: Ronda Rousey deserves to be in the P4P rankings despite having only one UFC win.

FACT or FICTION: Robbie Lawler deserves the title shot more than Carlos Condit.

OUT of BOUNDS: Are guys like Dana White and Joe Rogan out of line for talking about certain fighters and when they need to retire?


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