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Thursday, 12/12/2013, 03:52 pm

BJPENN.COM: Quick Hits (Anderson Silva: Underdog or Favorite?)

Underdog or Favorite: Anderson Silva

FAVORITE: “Weidman vs. Silva 2 is quickly approaching, and people have tons of mixed emotions as to how that rematch will go.  Was the first fight a fluke? Or will Silva come into this rematch and decimate Weidman much like GSP did in his rematch with Matt Serra? There was a lot of controversy surrounding the first fight in regards to how much did Anderson really want to win.  In my opinion, Anderson did the same exact stunts he did in all of his other fights, except this time he got caught, plain and simple.  Weidman is good, very good, and he has the skills and the heart to win.  When he attempted that heel hook in the first round of the first fight I was shocked.  Nobody pulls that on Anderson.  Let’s be real here though, can you ever really call Anderson Silva the underdog? He’s broken and set nearly every record in MMA.  Anderson has the superior striking, by far, and I think when Weidman knocked him out his confidence in his striking grew. If he tries to standup and trade with Anderson it may be a very dangerous move, but on the other hand it may not, he proved his power in that first fight.  Anderson isn’t the underdog in this fight, but after Weidman’s dominant performance in the first fight, I don’t know if we can necessarily call Anderson the favorite.” – Evan Stoumbelis

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