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Thursday, 12/12/2013, 03:52 pm

BJPENN.COM: Quick Hits (Anderson Silva: Underdog or Favorite?)

Buy or Sell: Miesha Tate’s stock will fall drastically if she is submitted in Round 1 again.

SELL: Right now when people think of women mixed martial artists in the UFC, there are two faces who come to mind, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. That won’t change if “Cupcake” suffers another 1st round loss to Rousey. Her exposure from being a coach on TUF 18 an general likeableness will keep Miesha’s stock riding high even with a loss. However, the same can’t be said about Tate’s morale if she were to suffer a 2nd straight first-round defeat to Rousey. – Chris Taylor

BUY: I can see a Mega Man Boss Battle situation happening here. Ronda Rousey, just like other unbeatable fighters like Jon Jones, is someone you don’t want to gamble on losing. She is simply TOO good. She has not given anybody a reason to doubt her yet. TUF gave everyone a reason to not like Rousey and to it caused a lot of fans to jump ship and hop aboard the Miesha Tate fan-base. Like stated in the question, Tate’s stock has risen because of this. If Rousey arm-bars Tate again in Round 1, she’s going to drain and absorb any momentum Tate possessed much like Brock Lesnar did to Frank Mir at UFC 100. – Jon Kirschner

UNDERDOG or FAVORITE: Anderson Silva (vs. Chris Weidman)
THIS or THAT: Josh Barnett or Gabriel Gonzaga (More Likely UFC Champion)
GRAND FINALE: Can WSOF Become a Major Player Despite Signing UFC “Rejects”?


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