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Monday, 10/17/2011, 05:40 pm

BJPENN.COM Middleweight Top 10 (Updated 10/17/11)

The world top 10 middleweight rankings according to the panel at BJPENN.COM consist of all UFC and Strikeforce fighters with the exception of Bellator champion, Hector Lombard.

Anderson Silva is the current UFC middleweight champion and as such gets the number one seat on our rankings system. With his years of dominance over the middleweight division he has proven himself as the best middleweight to every roam the face of planet earth.

There have been several changes to our middleweight top 10 since we last published the lineup.

Most notable is the removal of Nate Marquardt who has been ejected from the UFC and is set to return to welterweight somewhere over in the UK. We don’t really need to explain further as to why he has been removed from our top 10.

The rest of the roster is just a slight reshuffle, but the top three remain the same without change.

Mark Munoz gets a promotion with his recent win over Demian Maia, that coupled with the 4 spot being left vacant by Marquardt gives the wrestling standout (and the rest of the top 10) an automatic bump up in ranking and Munoz is settled in at the number 4 seat and puts his most recent opponent, Maia in the 5 position.

Our former number 5 guy is Jacare Souza who looked less than stellar in his last outing against Luke Rockhold. As a result we bump him all the way down to the 10 spot and again, his saving grace is Marquardt’s dismissal or he would be left out of our top 10 entirely.

Rockhold, the man who beat the aforementioned Souza makes his debut on our top 10 in the number 9 slot and as a result bumps our other characters not yet mentioned up one notch.

That leaves Bisping at 6, Stann at 7 and Lombard at 8 to round out our middleweight top 10.

The BJPENN.COM staff has analyzed recent activity and all around performance inside professional competition and broke down to the 10 middleweights in MMA as follows:

2: Chael Sonnen
3: Yushin Okami
4: Mark Munoz
5: Demian Maia
6: Michael Bisping
7: Brian Stann
10: Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza


86 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Middleweight Top 10 (Updated 10/17/11)”

  1. mmaislandjunkie says:

    wow showing vitor no love, i thought it was a mistake at first but i guess not. mark munoz over vitor lmao.

    • Calvin says:

      not hating or anything but with all respect vitor hasnt beat anyone in the ufc yet to prove hes top ten he has wins over rich franklin a loss to silva and a win over akiyama those dont argue a very strong case to the eyes of those who do top ten listings but we all know he can whoop everyone after 1 tho

    • Vitor would KHTFO (Munoz) that is..

    • Vitor belongs over munoz for sure!! and wheres hendo?

    • mike says:

      top ten middleweights.
      1. Anderson Silva (of Course)
      2. Vitor Belfort (he may have been beat by silva but that fight was the first fight i think i have ever seen that i felt silva could loose of course it only lasted about a minute)
      3. Mark Munoz ( yes will beat sonnen and if not i will probably kill sonnen cause hes just to annoying)
      4.Chael Sonnen (yes sonnen fans be mad idc he “was beating Silva and should have won” well i think differently and am basing my list on skill and not trying to look good and coming out with a messed up face after doing no damage)
      5. Brian Stann (clearly a good fighter and I laughed when i saw bisbing ahead of him who almost gased out against miller who wasn’t even fighting the entire fight)
      6.Chris THE CRIPPLER Leben (come on he is a beast)
      7. Damian Mia
      8.Joe Rogan (probably could take the rest of the division lol)
      9. Bisbing? (running out of names)
      10. does not matter because if you are worse than bisbing you suck.

  2. ed says:

    No one except chael n silva should be above stann wtf

  3. brad says:

    where the fuck is vitor

  4. John says:

    Can’t even show brotha Leben some love? and Demian Maia number 5 thats pushing it

  5. This list is awful from the start. to start u got #1 wrong how the hell is anderson silva #1 over chael!?.Leben should be over Jacare. also, spitsbing hasnt beat 1 damn top 10 fighter take him out and put in vitor and u got a list.

    • Lol says:

      I’d venture to guess because Chael gave up and tapped like a sissy. Just a guess.

    • wayuk says:

      why d hell silva is #1 over chael? to start up you’re dumb, watch their fight then you’ll have your answer.. i think vitor should be in the top 10

    • aaxantonio says:

      are you an idiot? chael has a 1 fight win streak, whats andersons at 13 or 14 with 10 or 11 being title defence’s, chael has never been a champ, and has lost to maia why the hell is he even #2? i’ve called chael out multiple times and he has been ducking me so tell your boy to grow a set oh oops thats right he has no balls thats why he is on trt maybe he shouldnt of used steriods to begin with. FIGHT ME CHAEL YOU BITCH

      • El Charlie says:

        I must say Henry although you almost always have something logical to say you forgot about the part how Silva ducks and dodges fighters at will. Not because he’s scared to fight. I mean Maia’s eye did look something like Koscheck’s when he fought GSP. Chael may have “fought” Maia which I’m still a bit puzzled by what you mean, since any confrontation in the octagon is a fight. Fact of the matter is whether Sonnen is able to get his hands on Silva or not we all know what Chael is good at and that’s Andy’s only weakness. I don’t believe in lay and pray so I won’t even bring up that pathetic excuse to cover up a fighter’s strong point. But we all know if he isn’t wrestling him, Chael would fall to the best pound for pound mixed martial artist maybe not by K.O(that chin of Chael’s needs some work to break) maybe so, but regardless it’d be complete domination by Silva just as Chael almost defeated him at his game.

      • zack says:

        That sounds alot like what you said the first time they fought. And im pretty sure anderson still the champ. What’s fail gunna do without his juice and when andersons healthy lol anderson will retire chael mark my words boy

      • Julio Figueroa says:

        Chael has 11 looses…. and was caught on doping! what else?

  6. andy says:

    I think a win @ 85 against franklinshould consider anyone worthy of being top ten. Franklins a former champ and to me i think he would tear up alot of these guys in this top ten listing. Maia and bisping do not belong that high in the ranks and leben deserves to be in there

    • You are wrong says:

      The Franklin fight was at 195 and not 185 you tards –

      So vitor is 1-1 in the UFC’s middleweight division…

      Maia is a former number one contender and a year months ago you jackholes would be saying he should be number two –

      Dan Henderson fights soley at 205 now –

      you guys are all idiots, try watching more than just your favorite fighters fight and watch the entire sports landscape, dedicate yourself to attaining knowledge than maybe you will understand what viable and valid rank standings are…

      The only thing I really disagree with is the fact that Lombard, who hasnt even faced top 20 competition is on the list at all…

      That being said, Bisping is deserving of his place, the guy has won 7 of his 9 fights in the middleweight division, including getting rid of this Leben guy you guys keep spewing off about. His only real loss was to Henderson who no longer fights in the division, but he did beat Dennis Kang when Kang was top 10 and Dan Miller and Akiyama are both top 15 which proves he is definately better than average.

      Munoz is on a tear, almost took out Okami, did take out Maia and has looked near unstoppable, the guy is a wrecking machine, his only middleweight defeat isOkami and everyone is onto him about being top 5, its a globally recognized ranking for him

    • jon says:

      vitor beat franklin at 195 not even middleweight. and no leben doesnt deserve to be in there he hasent beat anyone that impressive other then a old wand and to the person that says chael shud be 1 go die he lost silva is the best middleweight in the world thats why he has the belt and has defended it 9 times.

  7. mike says:

    why is chael #2? wheres leben? how could anyone not agree silva is #1?

  8. DeepSeaGod says:

    Who wrote this list?!

  9. Donnybrook says:

    Wow…. this is the shittiest list I’ve seen so far.
    Again…. where’s Vitor!?.

  10. wayuk says:

    I think the top 10 should be:

    1. anderson silva
    2. chael sonnen
    3. yushin okami
    4. mark munoz
    5. vitor belfort
    6. demian maia
    7. brian stann
    8. chris leben
    9. michael bisping
    10. luke rockhold

  11. Creature says:

    1.Anderson Silva
    2.Chael Sonnen
    3.Yushin Okami
    4.Mark Munoz
    5.Vitor Belfort
    6.Alan Belcher
    7.Brian Stann
    8.Michael Bisping
    9.Damian Maia
    10.Hector Lombard

    IMO Belcher is always overlooked by everyone

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      munoz n okami over belfort? smh

    • Ranking is so biased. says:

      Belfort should be on here just from being a former champ even other weight class. Works that way for all classes i.e. Faber etc. Hell Florian got a shot based on two # 1 contenderships against Aldo. Leben should be on here even with a loss to Stann, he is fighting Munoz, right? That proves he is not far away from a tilte shot. Okami is rumored to be dropping to 170 to train with GSP. Aside from that low top 10 I think. The original list via last 3 are truly debatable based on competition alone. UFC is where the main talent resides. I also think another top 10 dark horse is Mayhem Miller, fighting Bisping who is IMO 5 or 6, he is not far behind in the rankings either.

  12. Tyler Kartler says:

    Why would Okami be #3? Belfort would beat him, Stann, Maia, Bisping, and Munoz…

  13. Mike McMack says:

    MW is a pretty weak division IMO, maybe thats why it’s so hard for people to agree on the rankings. Stann is top 5 caliber but with Chael running through him the way he did you can’t justify that. Vitor belongs on this list but he hasn’t been very active having only 2 fights in the last 2 years. Oh well, time goes on we’ll have a better idea where everyone fits, I wanna see Vitor vs Bisping.

    • Creature says:

      IMO that would go much like Vitor/Akiyama did lol

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      idk i cant remember silva ever fighting a guy like dan hardy for a title defense. all the guys silva fought would wreck dan hardy, something gsp couldnt even do.

      • Mike McMack says:

        Can’t argue with that one man, 155 and 205 are stacked at the top 170 and 185 have a lot of great fighters but not a lot of elite guys to fight the Champs. I don’t want to take anything away from Anderson who has finished darn near everyone he’s fought in the UFC but let’s be honest with ourselves. Would he really have been able to dominate the LHW division they way he has at MW? Yeah he’d probably have held the belt but I don’t know that he would have defended as many times as he has at MW against one trick pony’s like Maia and Leites. Oh well, Anderson is still the GOAT reagardless. I just would have liked to see him at LHW against guys like Machida, Rampage and Jon Jones but he’s cemented his legacy at MW and thats okay with me.

      • Leites n Cotes is equivalent to Hardy…actually at the time Hardy was rank higher as a ww then they were as a mw.

  14. Fe says:

    i’d say this is a pretty good list, but i would take out Lombard and put Vitor in at 8

  15. luls says:

    Vitor should be number 3 and the rest should be tied at 10.. there is no 4 5 6 7 8 or 9.. They are all tied at 10

  16. rickyisonfire69 says:

    WTH…wheres Leben at on this list???

  17. JordanP says:

    Vitor has not fought anyone tough at 185 he beat Akiyama big woop

  18. HotShot says:

    2: Chael Sonnen
    3: Yushin Okami
    4: Mark Munoz
    5: Demian Maia
    6: Michael Bisping
    7: Brian Stann
    10: Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza

    I don’t mind this ranking. Silva does stand at #1 because sonnen may have dominated the fight, but he clearly lost it. nothing more set in stone then a knock out or submission. i can agree with sliding sonnen in at #2. Not sure about lombard… wouldnt mind sliding vitor in that 8 spot. I see munoz being in the top 10. people argue about Leben… but he doesn’t belong in this list. he is one of the most inconsistent performers in the MW division and no one can argue that. People who also claim that this guy can whoop this guy must not understand the sport and are clearly speaking as fans. Any fighter can win at any time in any way. I can’t sit her and say that vitor can dominate munoz or make a BS argument about how chael will tool silva in a rematch. that is all speculations and BS in my mind. Silva sits atop this division because he has beaten/finished all the fighters he has faced. suck it up guys, this list isn’t far off and the poster has a good feel for what he’s talking about.

  19. Me says:

    Bisping????? Are you serious? This isn’t a ranking of how much heart you have or of the talent you wish you had. Remove him! And Brian Stann is a good fighter, but until he can hang with the elite grapplers hes going to stay right where he is.

  20. john says:

    Michael bisping at no.6?! Are you for real?! That douche aint good enough to even be in the top 10! The only real competition he’s faced is Hendo and look how that turned out! Once he got a taste of the power and a world class fighter his ass fell out like one of freddie mercury’s rent boys and he defacated all round the octagon before showing how glass that jaw of his is and went to sleep. I can’t wait for someone to retire that mug!

    • Chael is a fag says:

      i’d like to see you fight him faggot. 7 from 9 fights is why his there. watch him climb higher after mr mtv goes to sleep. whats bs is why okami is #3 lombard would whoop that ass.

  21. jc says:

    who are these shit cunts trying to take away vitors acomplishment of knocking out franklin saying it dosent count cause he was 10 pounds heavyier than middle weight just cause he didnt sit in the sauna the night b4 dosent mean its any less of a win. vitor will fuck up anyone in this division bar anderson which would make for a good rematch. bisping should be in the top 5 even though he will probly never konck anyone out with those pillow hands

  22. Joe says:

    if bisbing wins give him brian stann!!@! pls!!!!

  23. DoGG says:

    Bisping vs. Mayham winner fights winner of Sonnen vs. Munoz … winner fights Silva

  24. zack says:

    the list should be.
    1. anderson silva
    … end of list

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  26. Nick says:

    These lists are always so gay

  27. Smamabure says:

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  28. Jorge says:

    and the victor Belford?

  29. Kyle says:

    1. Anderson Silva

    2. Chael Sonnen

    3. Yushin Okami

    4. Nathan Marquardt

    5. Michael Bisping

    6. Mark Munoz

    7. Demian Maia

    8. Vitor Belfort

    9. Brian Stann

    10. Alan Belcher

  30. darNeesspoorp says:

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  31. G says:

    lol, Sonnen shouldn’t even be on the list. His record is, what, 50%? He’s the biggest joke in MMA.

  32. G says:

    Sonnen is lucky Silva ate before the match or else Silva would’ve taken home that arm for a snack. lol

  33. Mick says:

    Why isn’t Rousimar Palhares on this? He would absolutely submit nearly all of these fighters.

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