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BJPENN.COM Lightweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)

The time to update the BJPENN.COM world rankings is long overdue. There has been a lot of activity in each division and as such we have adjusted our world rankings.

Items such as wins, losses, inactivity, retirement and suspensions all play apart in deciding who should be ranked in the top 10.

Your most recent update is as follows (Continue to page two to see the past rankings and how they have been adjusted.)

Lightweight top 10:

1- Frankie Edgar (UFC Lightweight Champion)
2- Gilbert Melendez (Strikeforce Lightweight Champion)
3- Gray Maynard
4- Shinya Aoki (DREAM Lightweight Champion)
5- Benson Henderson
6- Jim Miller
7- Clay Guida
8- Anthony Pettis
9- Nate Diaz
10- Michael Chandler (BELLATOR Lightweight Champion)

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27 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Lightweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)”

  1. the original steve says:

    may i ask who has gilbert melendez beat? besides guida and aoki(who doesn’t belong on this list) and guida who has just been chief gatekeeper at the ufc

  2. Mamon says:

    Nate deserves to be higher!

  3. andy says:

    Maynard higher than bendo ? Aoki hasnt beat anyone of high standard. Diaz should be higher. Lauzon and Cerrone would beat Aoki and Chandler

  4. mean170 says:

    Ben Henderson at 5. That is questionable. Top 3 no doubt in my mind

  5. Ricardo says:

    Aoki is fucking garbage. overrated ass fighter

  6. Scotty says:

    Who made this top 10?

  7. david says:

    whoever is making these lists should be embarassed, i agree fuck gilbert melendez how do you get to #2 lw in the world without fighting ANY top 10 fighters? who gives a fuck if he hasnt lost since 08 he hasnt fought anyone worth mentioning except aoki

    • Scotty says:

      But then again it’s not his fault he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to fight these guys.. He has called out the UFC for awhile now to make the move and make him apart of the UFC, they haven’t! But looking at the way he fights, statistics, and how he wins, u can make the claim he would be in the mix of the top 3 guys in the UFC! Just wish Dana and Zuffa would let him prove it!

  8. 1 ali g 2 muhamed ali 3 big show 4 dog chapman 5 cain valasquez 6 tito 7 frankie edgar 8 gsp 9 manny paqiaou 10 ronda rousey

  9. McCombski says:

    Nate should be higher and where is Eddie Alveraze yah i know he lost to chandler but he has been in the top 5 for a long time and he loose one fight and drops off the chart???

  10. Jujitsu Player says:

    Jim Miller is too high on this list, I rate him but probably switch him with Nate, who looked immense against Cerrone. Also No way is there 10 guys at LW that could beat Cerrone, he’s def a top 10 guy. This is the most competitive division in MMA right now so hard to choose. IMO – Benson would beat Aoki and him and Maynard are better than Melendez. Melendez has a great record but who has he really fought….

  11. leafy says:

    yep i agree gil is good and could very well be top 5 but until he proves it against top ten fighters he shouldnt be so high, and lets be honest bj at 155 would beat most of that list…

  12. The natural says:

    Funny how they scored Edgar with win over bendo. But he will beathim in rematch Edgar remains supreme but bj is and will always b #1

  13. jones says:

    who made this?? aoki lose to eddie alveraz and he aint on here,…then aoiki 3 or 4 he fukin sux…aoki would lose top any top 10 lw in ufc…i cant think of any good names aoki beat ust bunch pussy japs or guys who aint good enougn fight in usa

  14. Terrible top 10 says:

    how is miller higher than Nate? All these top 10s are nonsense.

  15. mike killeen says:

    shinya aoki? whoever put him up all the way up at 4 must be high

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