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Thursday, 10/13/2011, 05:40 pm

BJPENN.COM Lightweight Top 10 (Updated 10/13/11)

The world top 10 lightweight rankings according to the panel at BJPENN.COM consist of UFC, Strikeforce, DREAM and Bellator talent.

Frankie Edgar is the current UFC lightweight champion and as such gets the number 1 seat on our rankings system. With his most recent victory over Gray Maynard at UFC 136 he has proven himself to be one of the most gifted athletes in the sport and his number 1 spot is well deserved.

There have been some significant changes since our last publishing of these rankings and as such, some guys have rose, some have fell and some make their debut on our rankings system.

Gilbert Melendez and Gray Maynard swapped places following the UFC 136 main event and the loss suffered by Maynard at the hands of Edgar.

Shinya Aoki and Eddie Alvarez also swapped positions. With a win over Eddie in the past and having competed and won three-times in 2011 to Eddie’s one sole outing this year, Aoki is worthy of a promotion due to his activity and history and as such gets the bump up and Alvarez gets knocked down.

Ben Henderson returns to the top 10 by taking out Jim Miller in his most recent contest. Miller was our previously ranked number 6 fighter and Henderson made his victory over him look easy. Subsequently, Ben takes his spot and Miller goes down one position to hold the number 7 rank.

With Ben Henderson reemerging in the rankings, that means someone had to go, and that someone is UFC 136 fighter, Melvin Guillard who lost to an unranked Joe Lauzon in just 47 seconds last weekend.

Tatsuya Kawajiri was our previously ranked number 7 fighter and he has left the division to try his hand at featherweight. As a result, he has been removed from our rankings and we shuffled the rest of the deck and for the first time have put Anthony Pettis in the top 10 seat.

Pettis took defeat to our number 8 ranked Clay Guida, but beat our number 6 ranked Ben Henderson in the WEC one fight prior. With his recent victory over Jeremy Stephens, he has proved top 10 worthy, at least for the moment.

The BJPENN.COM staff has analyzed recent activity and all around performance inside professional competition and broke down to the 10 lightweight in MMA as follows:

3: Gray Maynard
6: Benson Henderson
7: Jim Miller
8: Clay Guida
9: Dennis Siver
10: Anthony Pettis


33 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Lightweight Top 10 (Updated 10/13/11)”

  1. wicked says:

    Donald Cerrone will be in the top 10 soon. I have him in my top 10.

  2. I think Alvarez is the best in the biz right now. Until our boy decides he wants to make another run at LW

  3. Eric says:

    It should be:

    1 Edgar
    2 Ayoki
    3 Alvarez
    4 Bendo
    5 Guida
    6 Maynard
    7 Cerrone
    8 Siver
    9 Miller
    10 Petiis

    • Better than U says:

      So Melendez shouldnt be in the rankings at all in your opinion? but Donald Cerrone who lost to Jamie Varner should be??? the only top 10 guy Cerrone has fought is Ben Henderson and he lost twice!!

      Putting Clay Guida above Maynard is also an insult… First of all, Maynard beat the champ, had a draw with the champ and lost to the champ – he only has one defeat and Guida has lost to guys like Din Thomas, Roger Huerta, Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez –

      your dillusional buddy – watch more UFC!!!

      • Boontown says:

        Cerrone should most definitely be in this list, but I agree that Melendez definitely needs to be there, and Maynard should be rank higher than Guida. I dont agree at all with Pettis, and Siver being in this list. Nate Diaz is much more deserving. and since you dissed Cerrone “Better than u” have you happened to watch his last few fights ??? Varner wouldnt survive a round with him anymore. Cerrone will be champ by the end of 2012 !!

    • Fe says:

      this list is SHIT!!!!

    • Fukufc says:

      Yeah that’s right. Brock lesnar isn’t even on this list. Like the other guy said, u should watch more UFC because there are no other fighters or organizations in the world. Even though aoki is on the list and he fights in Japan. But who needs rational thinking when u have the UFC to think for u.

  4. wicked says:

    I like your list better.

  5. steve says:

    Excuse me but where the fuck is bj penn on this list?

  6. steve says:

    and what is the german steroid machine doing on here?

  7. Fe says:

    PERFECT!!! Apart from I would swap Siver and Pettis. I really think Siver is not really that good…Nate Diaz should be 10!! I agree anyone who ranks Guida above 8 is Dillusional. When was the last time he done any real damage 2 anyone apart from Dos Anjos and that was a fluke Jaw injury…;.
    …I mean sure he’s in exciting fights occasionally, but the only time he’s exciting is when he’s getting his ass kicked.
    Ive got no qualms about people liking him but I admit I don’t like the dude and the way he fights to get a W!!

    Hope Bendo beats him!!

  8. SanSooRob says:

    Why is Eddie on this list? Guy fights no names

  9. Brandon says:

    4.Lay Praynard

  10. James says:

    1. Edgar
    2. Melendez
    3. Maynard
    4. Henderson (just my opinion)
    5. Guida
    6. Aoki
    7. Siver
    8. Pettis
    9. Miller
    10. Alvarez

  11. Creature says:

    1. Edgar
    2. Melendez
    3. Bendo
    4. Maynard
    5. Aoki
    6. Miller
    7. Guida
    8. Alvarez
    9. Pettis
    10. Cerrone (i think hes better than Siver, and will take his spot on everyones top 10 soon)

  12. Jc says:

    as if i hasnt been proven yet to all the haters edgar is number 1. i didnt like him after he tip taped his way to victory against bj twice but after last week u got to give the man the props he deserves

  13. Alan says:

    1. Edgar
    2. Maynard
    3. Henderson
    4. Miller
    5. Guida
    6. Siver
    7. Pettis
    8. Meléndez
    9. Aoki
    10. Álvarez

    i still havent bought into the Meléndez hype. Hes good but he hasnt faces top 10 caliber same with Aoki and Alvarez

  14. Daniel R says:

    IMO the most stacked division – any one of 4-5 of the guys on the list could be champ………and then you’ve got Aldo’s inevitable move up coming

  15. TizM says:

    1. Frankie
    2. Gil
    3. Gray
    4. Eddie
    5. Henderson
    6. Aoki
    7. Guida
    8. Miller
    9. Showtime
    10. Nate

    • Dan says:

      This is the most realistic top 10….I don’t understand how siver is in most peoples top 10 and not Nate!

      This makes the most sense..

      As stacked as this division is already, and yet there is the potential of Jose joining in the fun….and who knows, maybe BJ will fight in Lightweight again. Lightweight is the toughest division by a distance right now and could just get crazier!!

      • Creature says:

        Just my opinion but i dont think Nate should be ranked top 10. I think that spot goes to Donald Cerrone. But i agree if BJ comes back down (which i think he should) it would just make LW all the more insane atm. Penn vs Pettis would be a hell of a fight

  16. brandon thomas says:

    Bj should be top 4 for sure in MY opinion he is #1

  17. roddy308 says:

    Where’s Cerone?

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