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Monday, 10/24/2011, 06:00 pm

BJPENN.COM Light Heavyweight Top 10 (Updated 10/24/11)

The world top 10 light heavyweight rankings according to the panel at BJPENN.COM consist of all UFC and Strikeforce fighters.

Jon Jones is the current UFC light heavyweight champion and as such gets the number one seat on our rankings system. Jones has looked unstoppable his entire career and without a doubt is currently the most dangerous man at 205 pounds.

The light-heavyweight division has seen little change in pecking order since our last publication and according to our panel has not seen any new fighters worthy of debut on the charts.

The top 5 remain the same since our last issuing of these rankings. The 6 spot previously held by Forrest Griffin is now given to our previously ranked number 7 fighter, Dan Henderson and the two just switched spots. Taking into account, Hendo’s destruction of everyone he has faced recently and the fact that Griffin just lost quickly to “Shogun” Rua, this is a fair assessment of their standings.

Only two more fighters swap places, Phil Davis takes over Rafael Cavalcante’s 8 position and Cavalcante, who has looked less than spectacular in his recent outings slides down one notch to 9.

King Mo still sits comfortably in the 10 spot.

The BJPENN.COM staff has analyzed recent activity and all around performance inside professional competition and broke down to the 10 light heavyweights in MMA as follows:

2: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
3: Rashad Evans
4: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
5: Lyoto Machida
6: Dan Henderson
7: Forrest Griffin
8: Phil Davis
9: Rafael “Fejiao” Cavalcante
10: Mohamed “King Mo” Lawal


62 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Light Heavyweight Top 10 (Updated 10/24/11)”

  1. learntoread says:

    I would definitely have both Machida & Henderson ahead of Rampage in the top 5, (being that Jackson lost his last fight badly). Just my opinion though.

    • darren says:

      so would you have shogun below machida henderson and rampage cause he lost even worse?

      • Chris says:

        Probably not, because Shogun won his last fight (albeit against Griffin).

        • TheBraveReply says:

          Rampage beat both Machida and Henderson. Smart Guy

        • Chris says:

          Im talking about Shogun, dick.

        • Julio Figueroa says:

          for Real Machida didn´t loose vs Rampage… even Rampage doesn´t buy that… he couldn´t believe that the judges gave him the fight….

        • BRANDON says:

          i LIKE Hendo, but shogun should be fighting rampage. That would change these crappy rankings. I honestly dont see how shogun is ahead of evans. Machida is really weak, he won one fight against randyafter two losses and he gets a title shot? Rampage lost one and won 4 before his shot.

        • mike says:

          Yea well machida wasn’t 16-1 at one point destroying rashad (who beat rampage) beating thiago silva (who and is close to the top 10 to me) and beat shogun who happened to beat him in the rematch but how do you go from 16-1 to the bottom of the barrel because of two losses one of which was b.s? you dont only the ignorant people say stuff like that.

    • craig says:

      how do you figure whe rampage beat henderson and macida and phil davis should be in front of forrest. what i don’t get is king mo and rafael ahead of rich franklin who more then 55% of people asked say he should have one against hendo. but like LEARNTOREAD SAID IT IS MY OPINION. AND WHY THE FUCK HASN’T BEEN PUT ON A CARD SINCE 102 B.C.

    • TheBBAG says:

      Machida and Henderson both lost to Rampage. What is your Logic? Machida lost to Jones pretty bad. LOL We need to see Evans v. Jones, and Rampage v. Shogun 2.

  2. lulz says:

    rashad and rampage both ahead of machida even though machida smashed rashad and lose to a bs decision to rampage… lol..

    its this..

    1. jones
    2. shogun
    3. machida
    4. rashad
    5. henderson
    6. rampage

  3. 808 says:

    id put travis browne in there as 10 atleast

  4. Creature says:

    1. Jon Jones
    2. Rashad Evans
    3. Shogun Rua
    4. Dan Henderson
    5. Rampage Jackson
    6. Lyoto Machida
    7. Phill Davis
    8. Rafael Cavalcante
    9. Forrest Griffin
    10. Alexander Gustafsson

    Just my personal opinion, might be a bit biased on Hendo though lol

  5. dastuka says:

    IMHO…Hendo could be further up on that list. His destruction of Fedor was epic.

  6. darren says:

    why is everyone trying to put machida above rampage? just cause he knocked out old man randy and got a free title shot?

    • Donnybrook says:

      Because he beat Rampage… I don’t care what the judges say I can judge for myself. Shit even Rampage thought Lyoto beat him after the fight until all of his yes men convinced him other wise.

    • lulz says:

      Idiot even Rampage himself admit losing to machida.. You guys obviously have not seen the fight and if you did you guys should not be watching MMA or commenting on subjects you have no clue on.. Besides Dana and millions of people agreeing rampage won by a bs decision Rampage himself said so as well.

  7. Nick says:

    Shogun should be 4, Rampage at 3 and Rashad at 2. That is all.

    • effyocouch says:

      Rampage at 3 even though he just lost one of the most one sided fights in a while? Whatever it is you’re smoking, you need to share some.

      • TheXperience says:

        He really didnt loose that decisive, that’s nonsense. He lost! he got choked out.. took a few good shots but he was not Beat up! Jones was just the better man but did NOT look impressive.. the only impressive thing about that fight was that he beat Rampage which we all know is a beast. His performance however did not even come close to all the success he had leading up to that fight! Rampage is most def. at 3 until Machida wins a rematch. Doesnt matter how great Machida looked in the first match in rd 3… he clearly lost rd 1 and 2..

  8. Donnybrook says:

    I’d like to see “King Ho” replaced with Gegard Mousasi.

  9. Amarob says:

    1. Jon Jones
    2. Rashad Evans
    3. Shogun Rua
    4. Dan Henderson
    5. Rampage Jackson
    6. Lyoto Machida
    7. Phill Davis
    8. Rafael Cavalcante
    9. Forrest Griffin
    10. Alexander Gustafsson

    I like this list but I would put silva (anderson) at 10. Machida above Jackson. And griffin at 7

    Silva at 10 because why not lol

  10. Mike McMack says:

    Every list is debatable. I think this list is pretty much dead on, Shad is ahead of Rampage because of their 114 fight and Rampage is ahead of Machida because of their 124 fight. IDK what anyone says Rampage won that fight against Machida, the 1st round was close but Rampage won it and the 2nd. Machida didn’t do enough in the 3rd to get a 10-8, a 10-8 is like the first round of Edgar vs Maynard 2.

    • learntoread says:

      Machida did enough to win the first & definitely dominated the 3rd = what should have been his decision victory.

      Rampage basically did no damage in that entire fight (*well, unless you feel lame-ass foot stomps and little rabbit-punches to the thigh while up against the cage are effective striking, LOL).

  11. Matt says:

    I know he is ufc champ and all but i dont think jon jones deserves the number one slot. Im a big fan but i deffo think hendo should take that place. For me jon jones is a little lacking in experience to be number one. Granted he is an awesome awesome fighter but i just dont think (and this is only my opinion) that he has truly earned it yet

    • Creature says:

      Im about as big of a Hendo fan and believer as you can get, but i disagree, i think Jones has earned it. But i will say i think if anyone deserves to be in the hall of fame and considered one of the best the sport has seen its Hendo

  12. Forest griffin.. Are they that desperate to put him at 7th?

    The real line up:

  13. CALI says:

    Who exactly is “the panel at BJPENN.COM” ?

  14. says:

    Rampage before Shogun! hilarious! and who care if Page won by decision to machida. Lyoto is a better fighter.

    Keith Hackney
    Paul varlens
    Tank Abbot
    and MMA Math

  15. Darren says:

    Jon jones
    The rest are irrelevant

  16. bruce lee says:

    1. Anderson silva
    2. Jon jones
    3. Maricio rua
    4. Rashad evans
    5. Lyoto machida
    6. Rampage jackson
    7. Dan henderson
    8. Phil davis
    9. Rafael calvacante
    10. Forrest griffen

  17. danriverapv says:

    Danrivera’s Un-Professional LHW Top 10 Rankings.

    1. Jones
    2. Henderson
    3. Machida
    4. Evans
    5. Rua
    6. Jackson
    7. Griffin
    8. Davis
    9. Cavalcante
    10. Gustafsson

  18. rayed says:

    1. Jones

    And I’m sure Anderson can be top 3

  19. Ninjaman says:

    Why is Phil Davis so High? He has not really fought anyone on this top ten list. Is the division that weaki that he’s ranked so high? Rankings are not about who beat who because one could say that Forest beat Rua and then Rua beat Forest so their split. Rua is 10 times better then Forrest just like Machida is better then Rua even though he got knoecked out by him. Is Tito “The Peoples Champ” better then Ryan Badder because the sun shined on a dogs ass that day? NO!

  20. dontworryaboutit says:

    I love him but forrest does not belong on this list. His last fight he looked like he has somehow gotten worse.

  21. Bert-Joe says:

    why is Ace Franklin not on the list? and norifumi kid yamamoto the jujutsu guy lol

  22. Wibba wobba says:

    These need to be updated badly. Rampage #4? please, and Griffin shouldn’t even be there.

  23. rewr says:


  24. Big Man says:

    hard to believe that people have wasted their time re-arranging the same 10 names into their own order. so pointless

  25. daveeee says:

    why do so many guys put rashad at 2…her lost badly to machida…and he has only beat a rusty rampage in the las 2 years..welll tito but hes not worth talkig abot…look how much faster lil nog beeat tito////rashad is 4 or 5 ..if the rules were not design in ufc for a wrestler to stall thn rashad would be at 10…he is wrstler not finisher

    • MarkMan says:

      Mma is full of triangles.. Rampage beat rashad, rashad beat Forrest and Forrest beat rampage. I could quote many more, a lot of the fights spoken about were ages ago, so you more need to look at how impressive they have looked recently.. Top 10 is:

      Your mumma
      My sister

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