Sunday, 02/19/2012, 03:20 pm

BJPENN.COM Light-Heavyweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)

2: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
3: Rashad Evans
4: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
5: Lyoto Machida
6: Dan Henderson
7: Forrest Griffin
8: Phil Davis
9: Rafael “Fejiao” Cavalcante
10: Mohamed “King Mo” Lawal

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36 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Light-Heavyweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)”

  1. Bobby says:

    Rashad should definitely be number 2

  2. the original steve says:

    im a huge fan of hendo but number 2? really? dude got beat by jake shields, and rampage. and maybe if shogun was the slightest bit consistent he could be up that high on the list. rashad is defiantly number 2. and all i have to say is fuck king mo

  3. Matt says:

    King Mo? How is he even on this list with his suspension and all??

  4. andya says:

    I think Mousasi belongs on there more than king mo.

  5. BreseeKid says:

    Forrest should not be on the top 10!

  6. JDPower says:

    I am a fan of rampage.. but he is definitely #5.. He is retiring after this fight win or lose(from the looks of all the interviews).

  7. sb says:

    Yeah pretty much what everyone else just said.

  8. King says:

    Rampage beat Henderson.. How is henderson ranked 2nd

  9. barn85 says:

    maaaan machida should be 2nd hes the man

  10. ramv says:

    All these lists are ridiculous, Brock retires, not on HW, BJ retires, #5 on WW. C’mon guys, losing more and more credibility. Maybe you need some new employees.

  11. Hermbone says:

    I think this list looks spot on except for Rashad. Rashad is next in line for the title but he should be lower than 4 in my opinion. He is the worst kind of fighter. He rarely finishes fights. Nothing against Davis but Rashad should have finished him in the second round at the very latest. He acts like he’s scared to exchange or something, and as good as a wrestler as he is he should be able to finish most of his fights ground and pound Tito style.

  12. Ruben says:

    Take king mo off the list and put in Gustaffson

  13. Hostile Hunter says:

    You guys are retarded….If you think rampage should be higher than hendo your on crack… Yes he did beat him by a close decision but its NOW! we are talking about…. We can all agree rampage is going to retire after he gets beat by Badars Wrestling.

  14. IPZ says:

    Alexander Gustafsson would beat the last three guys imo.

  15. Magnum Peon says:

    Tim Tebow is #2 on this list, hands down.

    I said ‘hands down’!!! You just been trololololed

  16. Magnum Peon says:

    Tim Tebow is #2 on this list, hands down.

    I said ‘hands down’!!! You just been trololololed

  17. stiffler says:

    get ready to change that list when thiago silva gets back

  18. SBK says:

    Rashad is clearly number 2


  19. I love the fact Ryan Bader is not top 10 😀

  20. saiasaka says:

    You’ll see; if Gegard Mousasi sign with the UFC; he’s going to do a strike with that top 10

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