Sunday, 02/19/2012, 04:57 pm

BJPENN.COM Heavyweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)

2: Alistair Overeem
3: Junior Dos Santos
4: Fabricio Werdum
5: Brock Lesnar
6: Shane Carwin
7: Frank Mir
8: Josh Barnett
9: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
10: Daniel Cormier

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42 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Heavyweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)”

  1. andy says:

    Your fist fucking me? Werdum beats Fedor, flops around like an NBA player against Overeem, then beats Roy Nelson and all of a sudden he’s the #4 Heavyweight in the world? Who the fuck wrote these lists???

  2. First says:

    You guys have at least 5 juice heads on this list. What’s up with that?

  3. sb says:

    Maybe switch Mir and Werdum and that list looks pretty good.

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  4. GRAMMAR NAZI says:

    Carwin above mir? Are you fucking kidding me?!!!! This is a joke list.

  5. First says:

    Its more like a juice monkey list

  6. Albim Anchia says:

    Carwin hasn’t fought since getting destroyed by dos santos, hasn’t win in 2 whole years and he’s #5 ?? are you serious ?!!!

  7. Alex Savage says:

    Anyone notice they put Little Nog? He’s a 205er last time I checked. I think they meant to put Big Nog.

  8. Ryan M says:

    Lesnar retifes, he’s off the list. Nick Diaz retires, they have him #3. ???

  9. david says:

    lol what the hell was that top 10 based on? lol only 4 of them belong there the rest are rejects.

  10. First says:

    Pedro, are you drunk typing? Senór Carasco, please get it together pal, you’re are representing our HERO (BJPENN)!

  11. david says:

    p.s BJ if thats your top 10 dude you need to stay retired you obvioulsly took too many head shots from nick :)

  12. what a joke switch carwin and cromier and it kinda makes sense, doesnt matter in an year dc will be the hw camp anyways

  13. First says:

    Pedro Carrasco, his news director is writing these I think. Generally the guys pretty good with this stuff but he must’ve been hitting the bottle early today.

  14. Jujitsu Player says:

    Josh Barnett lol….

  15. david says:

    i dunno i feel cain should be above reem imo

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Reem at 205 woulda destroyed Cain at 240… Cain has a steel heart… No doubt…. But a glass fuckin jaw…. Every single time he gets hit.. Even with glancing blows.. He get rocked…great wrestling won’t save him.. For too much longer…. Reem now… Would murder him … After his 60 lb.. Juice increase in size … Especially

  16. petecrimson says:

    you have Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira’s little brother that fights at light heavyweight in his spot.. Big Nog fights at heavyweight

    • what? says:

      that’s right.
      Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira = big nog = HW with a destroyed arm
      Antônio Rogério Nogueira = little nog = LHW
      this sites top ten rankings has no relevant standing & can’t be taken seriously
      josh barfnett is a fat joke
      big nog should NOT be on the list cuz his arm is done. he’ll never compete at top ten level again

  17. evil_indian says:

    Carwin went the distance with Dos Santos coming off surgery and traing for another fighter that being said he is still comin off 2 losses needs another fight with a win to secure a #4 spot imo

  18. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    How is Werdum #4? He beat Roy who isn’t ranked and Fedor who also isn’t ranked and lost to Overeem(though I think he should have won).

    Also… Shane Carwin is ranked too high on this list. I want to see him back in the W column before he is top 5, currently he is out from back surgery. Who knows when he will return? 2 years ago I thought he would eventually be the HW champ. Idk about that now.

    Ah, whatever! It isn’t!

  19. Jujitsu Player says:

    I would probably have Kongo in the top 10.

    • Steven says:

      Hunt now.. I don’t even know why Carwin is top 10 he sucks! 1 hit wonder

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        carwin one hit wonder? lmao he would one hit wonder cain and overeem the eff out.



        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Cain for sure… But reem is to great a striker for carwin… I really think he would tag Cain .. Early… .. If Cain faught any great sprawler…. He would be exposed as the non stand up fighter he is… Cain couldn’t bust a grape… Without tackling it .. And laying on it first…

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Half of these guys would be exposed.. By the lhw… Guys..

  20. Doug Diamond says:

    Is Barnett really that good? Only seen him scrap 2x and he lost pretty big? I really like the idea of the tournament like in Pride back in the day. Then we would not have to speculate.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      I loved pride… The crowd was so informed.. And repectful.. You coulda heard a pinn drop… Sometimes… Not like all these idiots stateside.. Shouting kill him… Loud mouth WWE prix.. Are turning our show into a joke…

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