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Sunday, 02/19/2012, 02:28 pm

BJPENN.COM Featherweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)

The time to update the BJPENN.COM world rankings is long overdue. There has been a lot of activity in each division and as such we have adjusted our world rankings.

Items such as wins, losses, inactivity, retirement and suspensions all play apart in deciding who should be ranked in the top 10.

Your most recent update is as follows (Continue to page two to see the past rankings and how they have been adjusted.)

Featherweight top 10:
2- Hatsu Hioki
3- Chad Mendes
4- Diego Nunes
5- Pat Curran
6- Marlon Sandro
7- Dustin Poirier
8- Chan Sung Jung
9- Mark Hominick
10- Bart Palaszewski
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12 Responses to “BJPENN.COM Featherweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12)”

  1. Sweet game plan says:

    First !!!! The last four (7,8,8,10) should be the fist four after Aldo

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Marlon Sandro is #2 FW in world

      1) Aldo (DUH!!!)
      2) Marlon Sandrow
      3) Pat Curran
      4) Pitbull Freire
      5) Poirer
      6) Koch
      7) Hominick
      8) Nunes
      9) Mendes
      10) Korean Zombie

  2. Sweet game plan says:

    I mean numbers 7, 8, 9, and 10 should be at 2, 3 , 4 and 5 spots…. My bad..

  3. Missing says:

    Kenny Florian

  4. mean170 says:

    Aldo will wipe the floor with anyone in this weight class. Maybe Frankie will drop down to 145 after the bendo fight if he happens to lose to give Aldo a challenge. Other than that i see no one even in the same league as Aldo.

    • Skander says:

      Couldn’t agree more !!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Dana begged Frankie after Hendersen kicked his ass and he even offered Frankie huge money to get an immediate title shot with Aldo and he CHICKENED OUT. Frankie said it on live T.V Aldo presents too mnay challenges at this time and is not a good matchup. HELLLLO what he said was he knows he can’t beat Aldo. Aldo is much much stronger, fastrer, 10 times better mauy tai, and aesome takedown defense. If Frankie can’t run away an dpitter patter an dget a cheap flash takedown at end of each round and TAKE HIS USUAL BRAIN TRUAMA ASS KICKING he can’t beat Aldo. Frankie only wins cause he is fast and can run away from bigger fighters and jusges always feel sorry for him for taking horrific beatings against bigger fighters and taht is how he STEALS decsions. NONE of that works at 145 so Frankie will be a man without a weight class after hendersen kicks his ass AGAIN

  5. jonsey says:

    mARK HOMNICK should be at 4….after 4 i don reall know i did not care for small guys..the smaler guys are only good it top 5

  6. Thora Area says:

    BJPENN.COM Featherweight Top 10 (Updated 02/19/12) MMA News | Mixed Martial Arts | UFC News | BJPenn | MMA Fight | UFC Fights was saved like a favorite :), I really like your blog!

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