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Wednesday, 09/14/2011, 03:31 pm

BJ Penn's Daily Blogs: Why are UFC Interviewer's telling me what to say about Nick Diaz?


46 Responses to “BJ Penn's Daily Blogs: Why are UFC Interviewer's telling me what to say about Nick Diaz?”

  1. Eugene says:

    BJ are you tired or drunk in this?? Lol it’s tough for me to see on my iPhone but your eyes look a little tired. Haha

  2. Kalaeboi says:

    Mad respect…both u guys are my boys! Ghetto scrapping! Born fighters, then trained!..

  3. Buddy says:

    just the ufc hype machine doing work. penn we know your a classy guy no need to explain.

  4. Chris says:

    I assume they are just trying to get some kind of exchange of words going to hype up the match. You have no need to do anything of the sort. Since you are continuously getting better. I see you putting on a good show BJ , and your gonna run through Diaz.I want to see Penn win this and get a title shot!! WAR PENN!!!!!

  5. Russ Cronin says:

    Thats the show bussiness side of this sport im looking forward to this fight! classy guy bj is! im not just saying this cause its bj penn .com but WAR BJ!

  6. glynn says:

    why would it matter whether he said “i’m going to beat” vs “i’m going to have my hand raised”? i don’t get it

    • les says:

      Because if bj says “nick diaz” then the video editors can manipulate the interview so that is seems as if there is some bad blood between him and diaz… That’s the point of this business, to build up fights so the bosses can get their $$$

      • The Dude says:

        Pay closer attention.

        He is concerned that they will splice together footage from what he said about Condit and then make it seem like he said it about Nick Diaz.

        • Brave Reply says:

          This. / Thread

        • MMAProfessor says:

          Why does it matter either way, I’m afraid this doesn’t look good for us. BJ’s not in the right frame of mind to, just scrap. I assume he’ll rise to the occassion and beat Nick Diaz. Regardless, this video, whether taken out of context or not, is not typical of BJ Penn. Both are not too happy about the match up, but at the end of the day, the fight counts both on your record and status quo, and the future of their careers.

  7. david says:

    They wanted you to say that so the primetime looks relevant to your fight. The UFC wants viewers to know that you recorded that for the Nick Diaz fight, not for the condit fight.

  8. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Very disspointed in Zuffa to be honest .[-

    • Shawn says:

      As much as I agree, ultimately (pardon the pun), it’s business. Zuffa is trying to promote the fight, and if that means doctoring it up so that it looks like, or even cause bad blood between the two, that’s how it will be. But knowing BJ and Diaz all these years, they’re not going to give two shitz. They are just going to fight. We all know there isn’t any bad blood between the two. They’ve admitted to having respect for each other, but would like to fight sometime. And for the fans, that’s all what it’s about. Battle!

  9. Lauasa2011 says:

    Just say what’s in your heart bradah. No worries about them interviews. You’re the one fighting and you’re the one that matters.

  10. Ben says:

    promotion is a bitch.. They should just call each other and tell each other they respect each other but they are going to talk trash for the money so no misunderstanding goes on and let UFC go on.. Its a business before a sport but many people forget that as much as its hated.

  11. johnny says:

    Bj you getting soft on us. This is the same kind mind set you had on the frankie edgar fights. Calm and collective is not the way to go regardless of you training with him or not. This is business and if you keep losing this will probably be the ending of your career. Bj show us that fire like how you scrapped diego sanchez or kenny florian. I want to see it in your eyes, That look like you just when take a fat hit off the ice pipe. Thats the bj that should come out banging. War penn!!!

    • Taylor says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Who gives a shit about the countdown. Everyone knows that those things are to hype up the fights. BJ, you sound like a sissy in this video. Who gives a f*ck about what Diaz thinks of what you say in the countdown. Seriously, just focus on whooping his ass.

    • Nova Uniao Rules says:

      I agree BJ you are the man but you fight better when you are pissed and mean. If nothing else look at like Nova Uniao vs Gracie JJ. Choke his ass out then be friends with him afterwords, untill then make it all about business. Show them what Nova Uniao is about.

  12. ThaGreenBandit says:

    That’s wzup, BJ

  13. JIm says:

    I’m a big BJ fan, but no on can control what you say. He’s been down this road before. At the same time at least he is explaining himself before it airs. I’m sure that Diaz is well aware of what is going on.

  14. Dirk Digler says:


  15. Al says:

    Good luck, BJ. Don’t let those Diaz slap-punches lull you into an exchange. Nick wants a stand-up, give him a choke-out while Cesar watches.

  16. Duane says:

    This fight blows!!! Both are my favorite fighters PERIOD. And the reason why i say it’s gonna blow is because their heads arn’t even in the right place, it seems IMO. When has BJ ever been forced to say something, never! Then he tries to go back on it like it was a mistake, don’t want to give Diaz fuel so to speak. THen you got Diaz all sad and ish that he has to fight BJ, so he isn’t gonna be his normal hateful self. So we have two guys that won’t disrespect each other and one that sort of looks up to the other. Hate this match up!

  17. keola says:

    kinda worried about the training now. Did u see the gut on BJ in this video?

  18. MMAProfessor says:

    I find this interview interesting; only because (correct me if I’m wrong) Wasn’t BJ outspoken about the Jones Evans fiasco, fighting friends training partners; in which he focused on it being business, etc. Now, he finds himself in a similar position and he seems to be a little “soft” on the issue.

  19. Mike Diaz says:

    BJ, forget about getting misquoted or the words getting twisted up. Just forget about being in good standing with anyone or what the media will piece together all together. Matter of fact, dont even watch t.v. or read a paper, just train like a beast and get your cardio up to level10…………the JUST SCRAP! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

  20. rondo says:

    You are gonna beat him arn’t you BJ….WTF?? Theres no time for pussy footin around,Daiz is in your way now smash the mofo!!

  21. anon says:

    who is better on the ground? who is better standing? i honestly dont know..i think this is a good match up for BJ though…….what does everyone else think..mostly i wanna know, can Bj take Diaz’s back? maybe!! Diaz sure as hell isnt going to armbar BJ.

  22. Robert Callaway says:

    I hope BJ trains like a mad man. Nick is always coming forward and will test BJ’s cardio. I hope BJ does train hard and wants to make a statement so he can get the next shot at GSP. I wish that BJ can go three rounds like he did in the first round and a half against Fitch…

  23. says:

    BJ, don’t think!!! Just do!!!

  24. Richie says:

    That statement didnt seem like Diaz. something doesnt seem right. This fight will go down with lots of respect just like when Diaz fought Gomi He’ll bow it’ll be all good then they”ll fight and BJ will hurt Diaz somehow and Diaz will end the fight apprpriatley via submission

  25. Paul says:

    i respect BJ for his sympathy and respect for Nick Diaz….. however, he needs to be fired up and i’d like him to destroy Nick to be honest… old school BJ Penn style

  26. sheldon says:

    bj are you stoned?..drunk? lol.. or are you tryna talk like diaz? i got mad respect for you.but you seemed kinda out of it during this taping. but i understand where you’re coming from. you respect diaz and you don’t want it portrayed the wrong way like it could be. i just hope you’re coming to kill. you got all that great training with matt hughes them. so got represent the 808 for us!

  27. Bj looks fit and ready to rumble! Friends or no friends it’s time to put on your samurai armor and strap on your sword and cut off diaz’s head bc your a samurai..this is war and when it’s over u can hug and shake hands!

  28. Paul Thompson says:

    Im not hating on BJ becasue he is one of my favs and Im actually goign to UFC 137 to watch this live but I dont like how he is coming off here…almost like he is afraid of making Diaz angry or doesnt want to start drama…I dont think he is afraid of Diaz but almost like is worried to offend diaz and is willing to not do that even at the cost of making the story line of the fight sort of lame. Dont apologize for how the show looks. It is almost like everyone is walking on egg shells because Diaz is such a freak. Good luck BJ…it will be an honor to see you live and i cant wait to hear braddah iz on your walk out.

  29. john mendes says:

    Bj I just watched you take a tough loss 2 Nick Diaz and announce your retirement. Take some time heal and think about your decision. Ask God for his guidance and let him show you the way. Should you stick 2 your decision thank you for a great career you will be sadly missed. Bj Penn a true champion and hall of famer!

  30. JJ Hillinger says:

    Love ya work BJ. Australia loves you too man!!

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