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Friday, 07/27/2012, 01:46 pm

BJ Penn's Daily Blogs | UFC 152 Blog 1 | VADA Testing


61 Responses to “BJ Penn's Daily Blogs | UFC 152 Blog 1 | VADA Testing”

  1. Christian says:

    So glad to see the Video Daily blog back up BJ! Keep them coming and good luck up to the fight

  2. JMFP says:

    Every one talks about how BJ doesn’t take his training seriously yet here he is saying he’s trying to go to AKA fora month of training. Tell Fitch to stop being a bitch and recognize that before Fitch even thought of doing MMA BJ trained there! WAR BJ!!!!!!!

  3. BX81 says:

    LMAO! All Jon Fitch has to do is look and see who’s picture is hanging on the wall. With the WW and LW titles. EPIC!

    • BJJWhiz says:

      Holy Crap dude I train there and that is sooo true but BJ can’t complain about fitch giving him problems when He fought fitch and even wanted to cry after his loss but who knows they might end up being friends in the end idk

      • ctyn says:

        fight was a draw.

        • danielrchargers says:

          Fitch did not do anything in that FIGHT.
          Bj did everything. just got tired, and the judges saw that and were like Judge1: hey he got rounds 1-2, but did not do anythign cuz he was too tired in the 3rd, so we will make it a drawn…. Judge2: but what about Jfitch Judge 3: who?… oh that guy who does not “fight” yeah he thot he was at a wrestling convention so i kind of ruled him out all together. this is MMA not get scared shitless of the others striking so go into lay and pray position. MIXED martial arts, this is not the mid 90’s where grappling prevails over all.

  4. rob reiner says:

    hell yea!!! AKA!!!! fucking fitch is being a girl. AKA would be great for bj it would help alot in my opinion.

  5. Eric Oka says:

    CHEEEEE BJ!!!!!!!!! fuck fitch he’s just bein a bitch. VERY GLAD TO SEE YOU VIDEO BLOGGIN AGAIN! keep us updated, we always follow you. train hard and GET UM BJ. UFC 152 ready to get that war train rollin!

  6. mahs says:

    Yah BJ!!! Hyped to see to this scrap!


    See what happens when Fitch tries to stand and trade with anyone. KO’d in the first 30 seconds.

  7. Xaninho says:

    BJ looking fat as always. 2 Bjs couldn’t beat Rory on an off night.

  8. ravi says:

    better yet train with anderson silva who’s moved to l.a. he’s the same size as rory macdonald and has superior skills

  9. Marc Lopez says:

    Hey Champ give Matt or Randy a call they could hook you up somehow I’m sure, champs stick together. Fitch who? Oh yeah, Mr. Runner Up or almost but not close enough. Did anyone wake him up since he last got knocked out?

  10. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    WAR BJ WAR!!! to anyone on here disrespecting “the prodigy”…push cart! BJPENN.COM all day…everyday. The champ is here everyone, the champ is here.”To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift” -prefontaine Sending my blessings to Mr. Penn and his ohana. One love from the city of “no” in central cali.

  11. bb says:

    bj should go train with diaz they offered him to train with them good cardio would be good , hope bj is hyped so we can see a matt hughes 3 preformance

  12. Scotty says:

    Interesting choice to go to AKA… Of course Fitch is going to have a problem with it, that’s where he trains and he prolly feels him and BJ have unfinished business.. But on the flip side, if Fitch doesn’t like it then he doesn’t have to be there! Stay home, I’m sure alot of these guys would love to train with BJ.. They can help him out but also learn alot. Glad to see BJ going out if his comfort zone and wanting to train at AKA!

    • Reality says:

      BJ wants to train there cause of jav Mendez and because Checkmat BJJ is there so and aka got him into ufc

      • scotty says:

        No shit! But how long has it been since BJ has trained there? Years, just interesting he now wants to train there.. He usually stays in his comfort zone of Hawaii or Southern California.. Also many other gyms/fighters have offered BJ to train at there gym such as Anderson Silva and never has gone there.. And im saying I like the decision that he is leaving those comfort zones and going back to AKA! HE will learn more but also help others…

  13. Wrestlingdoesntrule says:

    Fitch is such an irrelevant idiot!
    He always does stuff that makes him look like an idiot!
    You know, bjpenn always extends himself to anybody that wants to go and train with him.
    Fitch should feel honored if anything that a legend like BJ would wanna go there and train.
    Get over yourself Fitch, it just makes you look bad.
    BJ, we love ya brother!!!
    You’ll always be number 1!!!!!

  14. Heath says:

    BJ should take Cesar up on his offer and go get in shape the the Diaz brothers..

  15. j.Paul says:

    Awesome that u r having a camp using the new gym. Will they be doing sparing sessions with the public welcome to watch like how they do in Hilo.? That would be cool.

  16. j.Paul says:

    Awesome u r using the new gym in this camp . Will we the public be welcome to watch the spar sessions like they do in Hilo.?

  17. Fitch should retire, he can’t sell fights, go work at a zoo you friggin monkey!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      If Fitch worked at Zoo the monkeys would hold him down and hump his monkey looking ass. I have never seen anyone with bigger flapping ears than Fitch. Nickname should be “wingnut”

  18. Dusty Cole says:

    Manaaaaa to u, B.J.! Used to live in Manoa, Oahu, love Hawaii, Hawaii’ans, all Polynesians, and love your style, as a fighter and a person. Natural respect to Rory, but not after him running his mouth — teach that keiki a lesson. Osss buddy!

  19. B-rad says:

    Best of luck to ya brother!!! Everyone sayin he looks fat and all this shit should just go kill themselves then because baby j would embarass their bitch ass in a cardio circuit.. He looks fine to me hope he gets that TDD on point and he will have a good chance to win.. If Condit can KO Rory Bj sure as hell can

    • Mike b says:

      It was actually by tko u fucking punk and there was only like 12 seconds left in the 3rd rd.even joe rogan and Dana white said it was a bad stoppage.if the the ref didn’t make that bad call rory woulda won by decision.i mean who the hell would stop a fight with 12 seconds left in the fight and rory was protecting himself when the ref stopped wasn’t like rory was getting pounded into get ur facts right u little bitch.

      • B-rad says:

        Look out, we got a KEYBOARD WARRIOR!!!!!! Dude have you ever even been inside an MMA gym?? My guess is no since you fly off the handle over nothing on a fucking MMA forum, go outside or somethin.. Or better yet, start fuckin training! Iv been training in Thai boxing and Jitz for 5 years, you can call me a little bitch all you want but the fact is, i know im not.. Go get some fresh air, but that would require you to take your mouth off your moms tit, or Rory’s cock im not sure which one it is

        • Mike b says:

          Check this out little boy my father put me in karate classes when I was 5 yrs old then got into wrestling in high school which eventually led to mma which I’m training at ultimate mma in north haven ct right now and have trained at other places in the since u wanted to be a tough guy by saying u train well I’ve been doing it too 29 right now so it’s been a good 24 yrs of training.i was training when u probably weren’t even born yet bitch boy.and I hate to tell ya that a tko and ko are two totally different things and obviously u don’t watch these fights u just read there records on line u fucking tard.if u actually watched the fight u would know it was a tko fuck what his record said u…by the way my mom passed away last July so I suggest u keep her out of this.u didnt know but u should never bring up anybody’s parents cause u don’t know the stuff people went through in there in lives.

        • Mike b says:

          And I actually flew off the handle like that cause u were the one talking shit to me when I posted my comment about Roy’s fat ass talking shit about guys at the gym were actually the ones hounding me about how I should post my comments on mma forums and I was like nah that’s not my thing.i fucking regret doing it if it’s gonna be like this.people talking shit just cause u have ur own opinion.its fucking ridiculous.

        • B-rad says:

          Dude i watched that fight live… Yeah Rory was puttin the ass whoopin on him til he got caught.. Wasnt the most destructive TKO ever but the fact is the ref stopped it.. I kno the differnce between a ko and tko but guess what, theres no difference on their record tho.. its just recorded as a KO so thats why i say that he got Ko’d.. And dude its the fucking internet if you got butthurt over a reply on another post then so be it, im definitly not gonna lose any sleep over it…

        • B-rad says:

          Well im sorry i said ANYTHING about your mother, that was wrong and im sorry for that. I hope you forgive me for that. Last thing il say is argueing over the internet is about as good as arguing about politics, we can bitch holler and fuss all we want, but its not gonna change a thing.. Iv said my peace and im done talkin with ya, im sure your mom is watching down on you from above, ENJOY YOUR LIFE MANE

      • B-rad says:

        And i hate to tell ya but a TKO or a KO goes in the same category on their record

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Rory just said the other day during press conference that he took massive amounts of punishment in Condit fight and regrets having done so. My guess is without all the fancy ROIDS and HGH and non-detectables steroids from GSP-TRISTAR Rory would be half the fighter. Tristar has been using HGH for years why do you think GSP’s body is falling apart at 30

        • ctyn says:

          amen on the Rory / Condit fight. Regardless of the takedowns in the first, Condit landed some big, accurate shots throughout that fight and destroyed him in the third. Even the kick Rory landed at the end of the 2nd went to the body while Condits did actually connect with Rory’s face. I guess perception is reality for most of the fans though.

  20. Twayne says:

    BJ,, We Love You Champ!!! WAAAAARRRR PRODIGY!!!!!!


  21. jay dee says:

    BJ thank you 4 finally uploading a video….we luv u mayne. Also get that hawain ghost back in. not the one from sherk etc…but the one from The loss of Pulver. My 4 Year Old is called AJ but calls himself AJ Penn in honour of yourself. Be at your best plaese takedown if u must, no one can match u, stand up is to nulify coz u cant be kay-ed. Genius. just genius….

  22. jbeamazing says:

    don’t count out bj he is also a beast he has that hawaiian punch

  23. Me says:

    In my opinion if he can’t get into AKA he should go back to Nova União, They have great stanup/BJJ fighters ranging from Bantamweights to LWH’s. I had a lot of respect for Rory before and after the Che Mills fight but after the VADA testing got delayed he has been acting cocky, Fuck him up BJ!! Fuck Tristar! Fuck GSP! Fuck Fitch! & Fuck the BJ haters!

  24. Roryaintfknaround says:

    BJ will have to pull out of this fight due to injury is my guess, fear and common sense will tell him he’s bitten off more then he can chew and after Rory smashes him, what the hell is next?

  25. drew says:

    straight up bj just got off a 9 hour shift at a new job and to come home and see a bj daily blog iw as like OHHHHH SHITTTTTT WAR IS UPON US hahaha fuck fitch what is his deal with you like u guys drawed (even tho u won) and u guys shook hands just because the rematch didnt happen isnt all bj…why doesnt fitch get a reality check learn that lorenzo hates your style so much man that why would he even waste bj’s time ufc’s time and money to promote a fight with u in it…the MMA world was jumping for joy smoking treez watchng u get KTFO and then the same man beat kos…good job hendrix
    bj your going to annihilate rory
    then blaze treez for the celebration

  26. WarProdigy says:

    Rory beats Che Mills (kickboxer with no ground game) and now he thinks he’s gonna “hurt BJ”? Get real! BJ has been in the ring with champions. Rory is makining the same mistake Diego Sanchez made and the world will see it on 9.22.12.

  27. Greg Jackon Fighters Cheat says:

    BJ is going to smash Rory and justice will prevail. For all you GSP and Rory nuthuggers, that whole camp produces roided up fighters. Shane Carwin is on the juice, Nate Marquardt was on the juice, everyone inside the fight game will tell you that GSP is on the juice. Rory is for sure on the juice, but he will need much more than that to deal with a motivated BJ Penn.

  28. OakcliffTopdog says:

    Everyone is saying Bj looks fat. Its called maturity! Everyone knows that once you get older the more your metabolism slows down and the more you keep the weight. Especially since he has been retired fit a while now. Plus with kids and an actual real family life you’re time is devoted to that not training 24/7. In reality he is still in great shape. But none of you haters would understand that cause most of you still live with your parents and have no kids. Plus when you reach an older age as a man you become man strong which is way different from the Rory 23yr old strong. Bj is going to blitz him early in the first with a tko finish.

  29. Eric Oka says:

    nah the only people sayin BJ is fat are a bunch of fkn idiots. let them talk dumb shit, it just shows how “bright” or “dull” they really are.

  30. B-rad says:

    BJ definitly isnt fat, but i will say he is definitly undersized at WW.. Although hes got the skills to succed at 170 he wore the gold, but he can wear the gold again at 155, maybe.. Just look how much bigger Matt Hughes and Nick Diaz were when Penn fought him, its gonna be similar when he fights Rory… If he can keep Rory from ragdollin him and keeps his distance, he can definitly outbox him, not sure if he can sub him or not tho, Rory mac is a beast himself on the mat

  31. Wisdom of BJ Penn says:

    BJ Penn will win if he doesnt get adrenaline dump.. and he gets in real good shape!

  32. A.James says:

    Hell yeah. Keep these videos coming!

  33. Wrestlingdoesntrule says:

    The word “Fitch” means: to dry hump.
    For example: I was hanging with my girlfriend last night and I fitched her real good.
    I couldn’t get any further than fitching her so I just kept on Fitching her all night long.
    Fitch lays on top and dry humps you to boredom.
    Can that dude ever pass guard?
    Instead, he just lays on top of you, dry humps your leg, lays his head in your chest and places soft kisses all over his opponents upper torso.
    He should that other guy from bellator (askren) but it might end up looking like a porn. 2 dry humpers.
    Fitch equals lame ass non headlining fighter who provides no pay per view value.

  34. truedat says:

    chubby chubby, looking flubby

  35. John M says:

    BJ looks good especially his Spirit seems good

  36. Dick Diaz says:

    can’t wait for this fight!

  37. FITCH IS A BITCH... says:

    Nuff said!

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