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Monday, 07/30/2012, 12:33 pm

BJ Penn’s Daily Blogs : 8 Weeks Out


38 Responses to “BJ Penn’s Daily Blogs : 8 Weeks Out”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Poor BJ doesn’t stand a chance

    • Big J says:

      It’s a win-win for him. If he loses, it is expected, if he wins, he proves to the world he can still fight! War Penn!

    • frankin nog says:

      your a joke you dumbass. The fact that you said that leads me to believe that your a new fanboy goin with whats hot at the time as most of the mma fans are these days. Sad to say i liked it better when mma wasnt so main stream because you had real fans of the sport not these fuckin monkeys talkin all this shit outa there asses. Dont bother replying you have no legs to stand on sayin BJ has no chance.Hey maybe you should Watch the fights not just read up on mma then you would know how dumb you come off these weak wagon jumpers are makin me sick. Go and watch fights and judge who you like on skill sets and attitude not on records and who the ufc are pushing at the time you then come back lil boy and have an opinion until then SHUT THE FUCK UP! TEAM PENN ALL DAY EVERY DAY you fake moron

    • Xaninho says:

      You’re still the same dumbass I’ve been wiping the floor with. I’m better than you and you know it, does it really feel like your smarter than you actually are when you use my name?…Sucks to be you dude.

  2. ravi says:

    a bj penn fan who thinks this video was a really bad way to show a fighter training (walking on a treadmill/stair master??)

  3. Cobraasshh yo teet says:

    that was some intense max interval training right Thur Brother!

    • frankin nog says:

      i can tell you guys dont train because your clueless BJ is 8 weeks out i guess he should be doin full contact sparring right now huh get real you guys sound so fuckin stupid how bout this learn something anything about training for a fight then give an opinion to a two time champ on how to get ready for a fight. Do you guys even think before posting these lame ass comments because to anyone who knows anything bout mma you sound like fucking retards now just stop acting like experts and go play your fuckin video games you jerkoffs

  4. A.James says:

    Rory hadn’t even beaten a top 10 guy yet. Throw him a good beating BJ.

  5. Abeyta says:

    All of these little bitch wanna be experts talk like BJ has already lost. I think BJ jumps on these comments and see’s what everyone is saying. I bet it fuels the hell out of him. SO KEEP UP THE SHIT TALKING ASSHOLES!!!!! FUEL BJ, THE GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME. 808 WARRIOR FOR LIFE!!!!!!

  6. danielrchargers says:

    what the fuck was that????
    where’s the BJ sparring/grappling! or at least Jump-roping!
    😀 BJ GIT HER DONE AND FUCK UP RORY. hes going to try to fitch you! BUT WATCH OUT IF HE DOES HE ACTUALLY GOT STRENGTH, unlike jon fitch.

  7. tony says:

    intense training session bj :)

  8. jesus korean says:


  9. Twayne says:




  11. if there was ever a time to rally guys its now,lets be heard PENN NATION,bring back our community

  12. FacebookUser2 says:

    Yeah! WTF man. No warning, no nuthin for all the long time Community members???

  13. Chucky says:

    Bee jay pen will win by unaniamis deseciin I’ll put money on ti.

  14. Hello please fix the community page asap,big fight coming up and we need the chat to show our undying support of the prodigy bj penn,please dont alienate bjs biggest supporters.

  15. SinCe2004 says:

    I love Bj but hes gone downhill Ever since the Moment He accepted the Diaz fight.

  16. Bjj BB says:

    I lOve how every1 is counting out bj penn, and any1 that took this video serious is a fucking idiot!! I feel sorry for donald fan’s when bj shows up and whoops his ass!! I gotta feeling were gonna see the penn of old and i cant wait!!

  17. James Wolfe says:

    Seriously people, what’s up with all the name calling? How about we just focus on the fight?

    Great to see you back BJ.

    My only hope is that you are working really hard, getting in tip top shape…with be able to go 3 hard rounds and still look fresh. Rory is a beast, I am sure you know this.

    Please be prepared to go 3 rounds…get in shape, war BJ, war. Good luck champ, all the best from a loyal fan in Canada.

  18. 223 says:

    I used to be a Big BJ fan and I know he will take this kid to school. How ever I do want to say this BJ’s followers in Hilo is like a fucking cult!!! Every one is on his nuts scary and not healthy at all!!! The BJ you see in the interviews is not the Real BJ, two totally different people! Sad if you ask me. So the next time a BJ Penn fan says you are on some fighters nuts they are the worst in a cult kind of way!!! LMAO!!!

  19. Be rad says:

    We will see, I think BJ will make quick work of that snot nose punk, who has not fought anybody. BJ is world class champion, to say anything less is stupid and you should go back and watch wwe were you belong!

  20. snoop froggy dogg says:

    I wish bj trained with nick diaz an them not AKA!

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