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Saturday, 09/10/2011, 07:07 am

BJ Penn: There's four top welterweights and we can't advance if we don't fight

“Diaz, he had his whole thing with his social disorder and all that, you know, it’s tough with the media. He ended up getting switched up. You know there’s like four top guys in the world right now — Georges, Condit, me and Diaz — so I guess everybody just looks at it like they can’t advance if they take any other fight. That’s the fight game, strictly business.”


101 Responses to “BJ Penn: There's four top welterweights and we can't advance if we don't fight”

  1. chris says:

    natural born escape artist lmfao!!

  2. steve says:

    Bj nd diaz is a fight I’ve wanted to see for a while. Too bad it isn’t gonna b for the title like I was hoping for. This will still b fight of the night.

  3. Cisco says:

    What about Fitch? There is still some unfinished business with him, no? Does this make him #5?

  4. Tru says:

    Fitch is deadly boring. Gsp is almost there with his grind outu decision style.

  5. elite says:

    BJ is gonna do to nick diaz what he done to diego sanchez

  6. Stickers says:

    Fight of the night??? pleeeease, now instead of laying on his back for 5 rounds Diaz now het choked out in the 1st :) sub of the night more like it!

    • steve says:

      U really think he’ll submit diaz. He couldn’t choke out finch when he had his back nd diaz is better wit his bjj than finch. Nd neither guy is gonna look for it to go to the ground I think

      • Chris says:

        He submitted Florian. I certainly think he could do it.

      • Jeff says:

        I could definitely see Bj submitting Diaz. Bj is lethal on the ground. I’m not saying Diaz is puss! Talk about a ground war worth watching. Fitch is no slouch either, black belt in his guerilla jitz. The fact that Bj had his back for two rounds and couldn’t finish him elevates his JJ in my mind. I see Bj dropping Diaz and taking his back and rnc him…..or he may say f’it and finish him on top with strikes. We’ll see, should be a great fight.

      • Alan says:

        hi guys, i love BJ (manly sporting kinda love!! : ) but don’t you think you’re selling Diaz short, he’s a cock, no doubt but he can strike. Although BJ’s more technical you uave to fear diaz hands. also gracie BJJ isn’t too bad last i heard, should make for a great fight if it happens. why isn’t it on UFC website, the diaz/conduit change is there but no mention of BJ/Diaz?? any thoughts?

  7. Michael says:

    Fitch will end up with the belt at the end of this scrum.

  8. tiny buttkicker says:

    y’all are forgettin bout the numba 3 man, estebano luigi do jangalese! he gonna fight em and he gotta big toe!

  9. Jason says:

    Fitch should be a middle weight and he would not be a highly ranked one at that – Dana should make him fight Swick or Kos before he gets on a main card again. i think these guys that cut more than 15 pounds so they can fight smaller guys are total duesch bags (maynard and Fitch should dry hump each other) sucks when two of your favorite fighters have to fight but they Penn and Diaz are top of the food chain and are professionals – Make it Classy like freddy Glassy

  10. Darrel Lawson says:

    I hope GSP gets his ass whooped. Im tired of him bringing it to a decision by stalling, if your a champion take risks and prove why your a champion. GSP=Biggest pussy champion in history!

    • Billdo says:

      When was the last time GSP stalled to a decision? You guys are crazy and just follow what other people say. Watch the fights.

      • diek says:

        Some people cannot let shit go. Anderson Silva has literally danced in the ring like an idiot, yet he no one ever brings it up. But ever more funny is you would think that all of GSP’s opponents have walked away without a scratch. Koscheck looked like he was chasing parked cars when it was done.

        • zack says:

          silva dances on you and makes you feel hopeless and scared for your life… then BOOM your KTFO. gsp will stand and throw jab after jab for about 2 minutes then take you down and lay on you for the remaining 3 minutes. dont compare the greatest to the wanna be greatest

        • Jason says:

          well said – champions should finish fights not win on points – Honestly not an anderson fan but no denying how good and above the rest he is. He really should have two belts and maybe a third, hell maybe 4 if he could cut the weight. He has fought at 170 before

        • henry Kobasky says:

          Correction: Silva does that to everybody EXCEPT Chael Sonnen. It’s hard to “dance” when you are repeatedly run over by a steamroller.

        • zack says:

          come on dude his rib was broke and cheater chael was juiced out

        • Cisco says:

          If I recall correctly….Anderson still WON!! Don’t even give me that “But he got his ass kicked for 5 rds!!” crap cause in the end he still LOST!!! They don’t give belts for ALMOST winning.

        • henry Kobasky says:

          The fact that Anderson won, does NOT mean that he was the better fighter. Do you think George Foreman was better than Moorer on the night he won the title? It’s called luck. Yes, he won, but he’ll only have the belt until Sonnen delivers an even worse beating the next time. Then you idiots will have to come up with an excuse as to why a drug-free Sonnen as able to take the belt. Maybe the excuse will be that Silva had TWO broken ribs.

        • Chief Jay Strongbow says:


        • Real Talk says:

          Yea because all knockouts and subissions are luck. Decesion wins are the only ones that require talent. Your a fucking retard stfu.

        • Jason says:

          henry Kobasky – A triangle is not luck, maybe you should train before you talk stupid. Maybe Chael should be les of a pussy and hold out for afew seconds before he taps when there what 3 seconds left in the fight. Maybe the extra testosterone made him tap –

        • henry Kobasky says:

          Obviously, “a triangle” is not luck. Being able to sink it after receiving a 23 minute beating from a superior fighter IS luck. Just like Foreman’s knockout of Moorer. Just like Serra’s win over GSP. These are all examples of inferior fighter’s getting lucky. Silva dominated Okami because he was the better fighter. It didn’t take him 24 minutes to knock him out. It took 24 minutes and a stroke of incredible luck for him to beat Sonnen, because he was busy getting his ass kicked for the first 23. Have you heard of the term “puncher’s chance”, dumbass?

        • I’m with Henry on this .. Right on point bradduh!

        • bizzle says:

          Disagree, unlike a lucky punch a submission is a set up of several moves, your opponent has already been fooled and is watching for something else in order for you to get a submission, this is chess not checkers.. You have to get your opponent focused on another move in order for him to not notice your hips rising.. Honestly that was BJJ 101.. Remain calm and try to gauge what opponent is thinking, Silva knew by the 5th round Sonnen felt no threat in his guard as he kept it low the entire fight..

        • Jason says:

          How could you say a submission with 3 seconds left is luck maybe Chael should of tried to escape befoere he tapped out like a puss but he has no real testastrone so he is an old man with a punchers chance . He tapped with seconds left = LOSER. If I wabted to wtch boring wrestkers I ‘d watch wwe

        • Alan says:

          sorry henry mate but that view is idiotic. there’s no luck involved and it is in fact the act of a pure champion to be able to take such a beating for 4.5 rounds and still have to composure to come away with the win. do you honestly believe that the pound 4 pound fighter in the world just happened to slip and accidentally wrap his legs around his opponents head for the win?? if so then you should pick up a few books or old dvds and try learn something about this sport. champions are champions because they are capable of this sort of thing when all looks lost. no offense intended to you but your view is really nieve. a sonnenite perhaps?? : )

      • Mircfsc says:

        EXACTLY – he doesn’t stall, but what’s worse is: HE CAN NEVER FINISH lol.

  11. Jason says:

    Champions should finish fights – GSP couldn’t even finish Kos after he broke his eye socket in the first round. He couldn’t Tap Hardy Really – Lytle did
    I say Degreese him of all the fish oils and any top jits guy Penn, Diaz Condit or even Lytle win with a quick tap – who taps to strikes GSP

    • blackfox4187 says:

      tito ortiz tapped to strikes and a few others Gsp didnt tap hardy because he didnt want to break his arm so instead of breaking his arm he let him go gsp told you from jump street he wanted to punish kos and thats what he did if he finished him first round or something kos could of made an excuse but he got jabbed to death 5 times and got chased out of the welter weight class and another thing ya’ll need to quit with this nick diaz shit my man was in the ufc before didnt beat no one worth talking about ran and became strike force champion now everyone want to talk about him like hes beaten someone cut it out

      • Jason says:

        Why you got to bring poor Tito into it? Don’t you think he has enough to deal with seeing that the mother of his children has more cocks in it than the whole UFC -Props to tito glad he didn’t get cut. And Diaz well he’s come a long way since his UFC days. In MMA to have 10 wins in row is an accomplishment no matter who you are fighting simply becasue there ar so many ways to win. all it takes is one over hand right with your eyes closed ask Rampage or Chuck – Champions should finish fights when was the last time GSP did

        • diek says:

          You should explain your concerns right to Tito. Amazing the shit people will write when they are anon behind a keyboard.

        • Jason says:

          I think Dana already has – who marries a porn star
          Seriously – Not saying anyone has anything but in a sport that often results in blood being spilled I would be concerned with my oponent dating a porn star
          anyway your right tito would kick my ass – Glad he did not get cut would love to see him fight Jones or Jackson and he was a great coach on the show

        • diek says:

          Definitly an outstanding coach, I gained a great deal of respect when he was opposite Shamrock. I was a bit snotty myself, I apologize.

        • Jason says:

          Much Respect. sorry if i came off tito bashing. I actualy think highly of him. He fights top guys and has a lot of heart. Iactually feel bad for him casue you can’t choose who you love and if you are a fighter and you are with a porn star than you have to worry about blood. you just have too. I am sure when Dana and tito first got in their tiff that was an issue. Glad tito and jenna seem good – dont wish nothign bad but if i was to fight him that would be a concern – tjhat shit takes years to show up – just saying – Glad tito rebounded BEst coach they ever had on the show wish him all the best

      • king says:

        no gsp tred to break his arm and couldnt but his trainers did say that he worked on it right after the fight to fix his problem

      • Jacob G says:

        i agree with you Blackfox. He’s getting a lot of hype. He’s earned my respect since 2-3 years ago but still, UFC is different. Paul Daley his biggest win? come on?

  12. Chief Jay Strongbow says:

    GSP = Greatest fighter ever

  13. BiggoTrav says:

    GSP isn’t gonna get away with Jabmaster tactics against Carlos, nor is he an easy guy to LnP. He’s gonna make Georges fight an exciting fight for once, like the pre-champion GSP. I think Condit/GSP is gonna be a great fight! However, how could Penn/Diaz not be pure fireworks?!?! I’m just saying, I wouldn’t try to predict the fight night bonuses until they’re paid out. I will say though, I could see Penn/Diaz going to a decision, but I would bet money Condit/GSP will end in a stoppage!

  14. zack says:

    i hope condit lights a fire under gsps ass so he will actually bring it. it has the potential to be a great fight or another boring gsp decision. im expecting fireworks in bj vs diaz tho. bjs speed will be too much and he will get the ko tko

  15. Mike says:

    Am I the only one who is worried by the cut Penn got? I hope it doesn’t affect him the fight, but he got it in a really bad place. If Diaz is able to open it back up on fight night…

    • Chief Jay Strongbow says:

      a little worried but bj is legendary for being able to sustain facial punishment with literally NO DAMAGE SHOWING! and the 1st time bj punches nick with one of his ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL STRIKES, nick will drop to the mat like he usually does only this time it will be a bj punch so he just might not get back up.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Well BJ has about a month & a half to heal that cut, he seems to have a “Wolverine healing factor” about him, haha! And really if someone like Daley can rock Diaz w/ punches, I can’t imagine the amount of power BJ generates in his punches…after the first couple of exchanges I’m sure Diaz will finally realize he’s in the “big leagues” now! Then…”bam” the lights go out!! Lmao

  16. james says:

    idk about you guys but condit vs gsp seems like it will be better than diaz vs gsp, and diaz vs bj is going to be hella better than condit vs bj… im glad diaz didnt show for media shit, diaz vs bj is going to be fight of the decade.

  17. Brandon says:

    Vaseline vs. Assassin Wannabe
    The prodigy vs. Diaz Grade Weed

  18. CALI says:

    Damn, BJ keeping it real.

  19. James Markey says:

    I tell you now this fight is gonna be awesome. Everyone knows how good of a boxer Diaz is and the sort of pace he sets. But B.J has a granite chin and is seriously hard to finish and also has good boxing and heavy hands. I see this fight going everywhere and being a war…fight of the year I reckon.

    • Chuck says:

      thats what people said when diaz fought Lawler, Cyborg, Daley, and whoever else. Everytime he steps in, someone is a better striker than he is. Dont get me wrong, I do think BJ is a better striking, but not by very much that its almost a wash. Nick is just so accurate its scary.

  20. JD says:

    Only 4? did u forget Fitch&Shields?

    • The Brave Reply says:

      1) Shields lost to GSP in his last fight and is not gonna be in contention for a while
      2) Who the hell is Fitch? lolz Fitch is hurt and wont be fighting for a couple months so right now hes not a top 4.

  21. T.DADDY says:

    WAR BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ThaGreenBandit says:

    @Kobasky, if he didn’t have the skills to take advantage of the opportunity to choke Sonnen’s ass out, when the opportunity presented itself, he wouldn’t be champion, now would he? It’s not like Silva was blindly flailing his legs and they tangled themselves around Phael’s neck and locked at the ankles,for the accident submission, so it wasn’t luck. U need to sit back and drink a bottle of Kaspectate, cuz u got a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth n you’re talkin’ some stupid shit.

  23. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    Dang, finally its real great to hear from BJ on all these subjects! He seems super composed and relaxed, even turning a bad situation like a nasty cut above his eye seem positive! Got full confidence in u BJ going into this fight, go out there & do what u do best!

  24. Steve says:

    bj penn isnt goin to walk through diaz its goin to be close hagler/hearns of mma lol

    • slacker says:

      Diaz should have this fight. He has better stand-up. Maybe B.J. can pull out a submission. Otherwise, I’ll take Diaz by unanimous decision.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Nice comparison! I could easily see it going 1 or 2 fast and furious rounds, suddenly ending violently with fists or sub, or going the full 3 rounds in a beautiful display of precision striking and elite level bjj. I think this is gonna be one for the ages…

  25. bjnutthuger says:

    yo fuckin idiots bj is gonna win by rnc and has better standup than nick………… you guys are fuckin fools

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Look at your login name, then u tell me who’s the tool. No matter how big a fan, a man doesn’t imply he’s a hugger of another man’s nuts. Might as well use the handle bjnutsucker.

    • slacker says:

      Picking an RNC finish is a very specific prediction. You’re the man if you call that one! What do you think B.J.’s strategy will be: keep it mostly standing, or try to get it to the ground? B.J. has great stand-up but the reason I think Nick’s is better is because he has better, more elusive combinations – head and body shots – he uses both left or right stances very effectively, and he measures his opponent extremely well with his hand out in front. Let’s wait and see.

      • Mircfsc says:

        I think we’re gonna see a very well rounded plan with BJ…I’m thinking he’s gonna be mixing it up more than ever now that he has Hughes’ wrestling tips, Mayweather’s footwork/boxing tips, and tricks from Blackhouse…Just hope that he has figured out how to correctly peak this time…

        • slacker says:

          I like what he did last fight, using more wrestling and grappling work. You’re right. If he mixes up his time well between grappling/wrestling and separating for stand-up, his cardio will last and he can choose how he wants to go in for the kill! That being said, even with these improvements, Diaz will be very tough to outscore if it goes the distance. He uses more legs kicks than Penn and stays very busy.

  26. Fortyb4five says:

    Funny we’re on a discussion about the top WW’s and Anderson and Chael get brought up.

  27. you heard it here says:

    i think condits beating gsp. tko.

    • slacker says:

      Interesting. I think he might too. How do you see the fight going? I think either Condit catches him standing with a heavy punch or head kick and finishes him, or GSP takes him to the ground over and over, like he did with Alves and Hardy.

  28. joe says:

    good luck bj. kind of a backhanded throw matt under the bus move in this vid though. you want dana thinking hughes is trying to get you to ask for more money to fight nick or something?

  29. James says:

    Worse case senario is if Diaz and Condit both win.

    • slacker says:

      Well, if GSP loses, he will get a re-match for sure. Dana would make the next fight for Diaz one he thinks he will lose, as he has no interest in giving Diaz a title shot – probably Fitch. Actually, I won’t be surprised if he sends him back to Strikeforce exclusively. I think he just kept him in this card for the fans.

  30. James says:

    How is it a backhanded move? All B.J said was he found out from Matt Hughes texting him saying ‘Who you fighting?’

    • joe says:

      he went on to say “and matt said can they do that? what about your contract” like matt is suggesting he tries to get extra pay. it was a sneaky way to say to dana that he wants more money.

  31. Guihan says:

    Nick Diaz had 3 chances to show up and failed! I wouldn’t spend money on this guy nor would I spend money to watch his brother fight too. 3 strikes and he should have been kicked to the curb. There’s a bunch of us, my friends and family that will not spend the money to watch this Diaz character fight. I hope and pray that BJ knock’s Diaz out or breaks breaks Diaz bones.

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