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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 02:52 pm

BJ Penn Shuts Down Koscheck Rumor | UFC NEWS

@joshkoscheck I know it costs a lot of money to live that lavish lifestyle, big house, fast cars & you need big fights but sorry I’m not coming back anytime soon!

It seems like the Prodigy is in control of his own career as he quells rumors of a return fight with Josh Koscheck, as reported on Twitter today. BJ Penn hasn’t seen the inside of the Octagon since his fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 137 but seems to be sticking to his retirement as he trains in his native Hawaii and enjoys his time off to spend with family and friends in the setting of a normal life rather than that of a full time fighter. Although it would be great news to hear that the Prodigy is back from what can best be described as a tentative retirement, it’s still good to hear the Penn is in high spirits, living a life he has full control over.


47 Responses to “BJ Penn Shuts Down Koscheck Rumor | UFC NEWS”

  1. TRUTH says:

    HAHA, DAMNNNN BJ PENN ALWAYS KEEPING IT REAL, THATS WHY I LOVE THIS GUY. KOS thinks bc Penn left he has ring rust but doesn’t realize he can get chocked out fast. How come KOS and Fitch always try to fight each others opponents. BJ PENN is a fucking LEGEND, and a former P4P King, has wins over top 5 guys still, including 1st GSP robbery. BJ You’re the man and a true fighter, and thats nothing but the TRUTH

  2. lol says:

    josh is stupid that’s all I gotta say.

    • baldy says:

      bj’s a future hall of famer,a legend,a corner stone of this sport…kos…not so much. kos is like sonnen, known more for what he says outside the octogon than what he does inside it.
      i’ld rather see bj at LW is he comes back anyway.

      • Ly-er says:

        For a split moment I was already contemplating BJ jabbing Kos’s eye socket to pieces, welp that was short lived! O well, yah if BJ at all decides to venture back to the octagon, at this point, LW is his proper place. Until then, hope BJ is relaxing well w/ his fam!

  3. Mike McMack says:

    I’m glad BJ isn’t fighting Kos, LW is where BJ needs to be if he comes back. I’d rather see BJ stay retired then come back at WW where he’ll be 15 to 20 pounds smaller then his opponents.

    • doner says:

      But that is why BJ IS THE MAN!!! He has always fought the bigger guys, top ranked bigger guys. That is part of his legacy, a true mixed martial artist & bjj practitioner at heart. However, I also love him at lw, total domination finisher.

  4. Jonathan K says:

    ha, leave it up to BJ to always keep it real.

  5. Michael hamlin says:

    Bj said he is to lazy to train hard so he is right by not wanting to fight that is his choice he is the best pure fighter in the world and if he wants to be lazy he can do that!!!

  6. deepcountrykauai says:

    BJ, you da man, always doing you, being yourself, and not letting anyone control your career, and not letting people make you do what they want you to do, hope you’re enjoying family time…..BLESS! B….

  7. E says:

    i really wanna see BJ fight again. seems like my interest for ufc/mma has died down a little because i always looked forward to seeing him fight. also the seems like ufc dont do as much events as they used to. seems like its slowing down and we gotta wait a minute before the next event arrives.

    • E says:

      i guess they doin all the live shit on fox and fuel tv to fill in the gaps between “numbered” events”.. i wish i had fuel. im missing out big time..

    • Shogun Rua says:

      They dont do as many events as they used? Do you live under a rock? Ufc has nearly 3x the events as they did 5yrs ago. 2+ events a month or more at the moment

  8. Filthy rotten rousey says:

    For those of you saying bj beat gsp in the initial fight, you are remedial MMA viewers at best. ya bj one the first round and yes the eye poke was an accident as I don’t believe bj fights in that manner. That being said the second and third round were all gsp, perhaps not in exciting fashion but under mma judging it was clear cut. Visual damage gives the win to bj but winning one round out of three seldom results in even a draw. HE LOST THE FIRST FIGHT and couldn’t continue the second

  9. Lol says:

    Bj for life!!

  10. Josh Campbell says:

    Bj is the best fighter in his prime and would love to see him make a come back! He’s old school they don’t have fighters like that anymore . Much respect BABY J

  11. Twayne says:

    BJ, We Love You Champ!


  12. Carlos NBK says:

    Bj shouldn’t come back, the competition is fierce now!

  13. Furby8704 says:

    i hate how they keep saying he’s retired. its only been 6-8 months. give it a few years before you start clainming hes retired. right now the dude is just enjoying life. he’ll be back. im sure he’ll be back!

  14. Mr. TAMBO says:

    BJ is scurred. He couldn’t beat Fitch. He knows Kos would obliterate him.

    I think BJ wet the bedsheets when he heard Kos calling him out. :*

    • mean170 says:

      Koscheck would lay and pray for 3 rounds or BJ would TKO him in the 1st. BJ is scared of no man though, if you remember he fared much better than Koscheck against GSP.

      • Mr. TAMBO says:

        Kos went 5 rounds with the Canadian.

        Penn and co quit after 4 rounds.

        Therefore, Kos = more of a man. He doesn’t leave the bedsheets soaked in the mornng. ;*

        • mean170 says:

          Let Koscheck fight Lyoto Machida then maybe I’ll be impressed. You must not have seen the first BJ/GSP fight. BJ had him in big trouble early while Kos got manhandled on the ground in the first fight and got jabbed for 25minutes straight in the second.

  15. Tambo is my b**%h says:

    It was a tie you idiot! Fitch and koscheck are gate keepers to the belt!! BJ is a 2 time champ in 2 different weight classes!

  16. maurice says:

    lets just say this. bj on his best day can beat gsp, kos, fitch, diaz, edgar, pettis, condit, etc. thats y ppl may hate on bj for his cardio and this and that, but when bj is matched against a top dog ppl tune in. not having a clue wats going to happen. and i hate how ppl say bj is starting to slow down and needs to retire. since his return to ww he has beatin hughes in 21 seconds. outwrestled fitch for almost a full 2 rounds. and put his hands on diaz during the first round of there fight. the story is still the same, his cardio.

    • Shogun Rua says:

      I love Bj, but to say he can beat all those guys on his “best” day is just stupid. Gsp beat him 2x, Diaz made him take a leave of absence. Nick Diaz put a straight ass whoopin on him. Edgar beat him 2x. Cmon dude, he was ready, and in top notch shape for all of those fights

  17. ABEYTABOY555 says:

    BJ is an inspiration to me. I am 16 and started getting into mma around ufc 107. Although I never got to see his complete reign of dominance BJ lives on. And he will always be a true straight up fighter without any controversy of cheating or stuff like that. I saved up 500$ to go to UFC 137. and i got to go. Although he lost. He displayed heart unlike any fight of his i have ever seen. In my opinion I was the fight that showed how much heart BJ truly has. Getting battered by diaz in the 2nd round, right before the 3rd rnd, he walks to the center of the octagon with an eye swollen shut and he didn’t care about anything he just wanted to F***ing SCRAP!! It was the most inspirational thing i have ever seen in Sports/MMA History. He is the greatest LW and UFC CHampion of all time IMHO. He is an Inspiration to all true MMA/Fighting fans.

  18. Nojoja71 says:

    Kos just trying to create a fight. How he going try play mind games with BJ. BJ has been in the game, playing it for longer then most. Now he kicking back, relaxing till he ready. Kos-chick should be calling out Nick or Carlos if he feelin’ froggy.

  19. wishbone says:

    yeah KOS-cunt…… come you dont fight Diaz or Condut…….you would get your eye smashed again

  20. drew says:

    fuck jock kosh

  21. Barry Shaw says:

    Hey BJ if you’re not going to fight, come back to Charlotte NC and do another seminar.

  22. PF says:

    YES i agree, if Kos has any sort or mettle he would be asking for a Diaz fight who just took BJ. It a no brainer BJ’s motivation has changed. He is still the greatest non training fighter around.

    Personally Id love to see BJ explore Jiu-Jitsu exhibitions against the Aoki’s, Shield’s, etc.

  23. BobO says:

    Kos just wants to live off of the chance that he could win a decision by dry humping BJ like his buddy Fitch did. Kos would most likely get submitted anyway, but if he was foolish enough to stand with BJ, which I believe he would foolishly do because he’s been doing that alot in his recent fights, he would get knock out. He can’t stand and bang with BJ, period. Matt Hughes was winning the stand up against KOS until he got caught and then ground and pounded. BJ is at another level when it comes to boxing.

    BJ has the ability to make another title run at 155. I don’t see any future for him at 170 at this point of his career though. I still would not rule BJ out at 170 though. I think he’s still better than most of them. Alot of good, bigger guys up there though.

    With that being said, BJ Penn is without a doubt the best Lightweight there has ever been in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. ~BobO

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