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Friday, 09/16/2011, 04:24 pm


“I have no idea how this UFC interviewer situation got this big. I never wanted to attack the UFC, people were calling and telling me Diaz wasn’t going to sign and I got paranoid thinking they were going to use that clip to get him to sign the contract, my bad. The real truth is, I’m not focusing on this at all, this is not important, whats important is fighting Nick Diaz at UFC 137. He will be by far the most dangerous opponent I have ever stepped inside the octagon with.”



  1. says:

    Looking forward to seeing that fight

    • Casey Gapol says:

      Tell me if im right cuz i KNOW HIS EXACT GAMEPLAN…. Bj is going to jab the shit outta of his eye and make him bleed.. then lick the blood off his gloves …. EPIC WIN

    • Kalaeboi! says:

      where the hell u at BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! no blogs exept this bullshit! Hows ur training? Updates??????????????????????????????????? Is this or not? Wheres our local boy at?

  2. Jim says:

    Most dangerous opponent? C’mon BJ… Diaz is no walk
    the park and you’re going to have to work, but he’s not going to win.

  3. jason says:

    he is dangerous. dont leave it to the judges. smash him earlly. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dennis says:

    Hey I just wanted to say good luck and kick some ass. Last time I talked with you was before you fought Kenny at Richardson beach and you were so nice to me. I believe that you really do fight for your fans unlike a lot of fights…just saying you dominated then so dominate again lol and from all your fans here in Missouri we will all be watching good luck!

  5. keola says:

    this is what I have been saying all along. BJ posted the original video for shits and giggles and all these people got their panties bunched up their ass and took it way too far.

    • michael says:

      Nope, BJ Penn took it too far. Shits and giggles? You give BJ too much credit. What did the hoopla serve? Right, think about it. It didn’t help BJ at all in any way shape or form. Made BJ look dumb.

      • Funkyfinish says:

        It doesn’t make BJ look dumb.
        It is obvious that Penn is trying not to compromise his integrity and is trying to give Diaz respect because they are deciples of the the Gracie BJJ and have trained together.
        The UFC always tries to get the fighters to say dumb sh*t.
        This is nothing new.

        • mmadred says:

          a little more simple for those that still dont get it. BJ and diaz have real respect for each other and BJ wasnt going ton let the ufc comprimise that.

      • keola says:

        BJ keeps his fans in the loop on whats going on in his day to day training life. He is one of the few if not the ONLY fighter who does this for his fans. If anything this promoted the fight even more. I think you made urself look dumb with ur last comment. Again, people look to far inot things. Take it for what it is and move on.

  6. Man vs. Net says:

  7. warrior says:

    Hopefully Diaz signs if he didn’t already.

  8. txmike81 says:

    If hes saying Diaz is the most dangerous fighter he has ever stepped in the ring with, does that mean he is saying he cant win because GSP dismantled him in their last fight?

    • simple says:

      but the fact still remain.. grease gate st pierre used vaseline to make himself slippery…

      • Spiro Apostolopoulos says:

        Um, “rubber match”? What f’n rubber match??? GSP is 2-0 against Penn. Period. You can argue the first fight could have gone either way or Penn should have gotten the decision – whatever. The fact is, it was a close fight and GSP got the nod. Therefore, fight #3 would not be a rubber match.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Polocksky typical STEROID ABUSER like yourself are the only people in the world that don’t think STEROIDS help with strength and performance. every doctor or scientsit in the world will tell you that steroids make peopel into far far better athletes. why the hell do you think they are banned in ALL sports. You simply are a ROIDER who is a Sonnen nuthugger. all you have to do is look up and watch Sonnens fights before he was ROIDED up to the gills and you will clearly see the difference which is night nad day. Sonnen will still be able to train with elavated levels of testosterone but if he comes in high again he will be finished in MMA. look for Sonnen to be half the fighter he was against A. Silva last time he fought. Stann is going to crush Sonnen and we will never see another Silva vs Sonnen. ROIDERS are such idiots i don’t know how you live with yourself polocksky. typical eastern european JUICER. Thats how all your countryman win in the olympics and power lifting. YOU ARE ALL JUICE HEADS. why is a juice head like you on Bj penn s website. bj thinks JUICERS like you and Sonnen are scumbags

    • Travis says:

      Edgar embarrassed him too in the 2nd fight, and he is a glorified featherweight. I think BJ beats Diaz and is just trying to be nice and pump Diaz up so he doesn’t get scared of ANOTHER fight and do another disappearing act.

  9. MMAProfessor says:

    Good for you BJ, train hard, win the fight and go have a beer with Nick after the fight. Neither of you asked for this, but UFC has pitted you against a dangerous opponent in which you know, to a certain extent, how he trains, the same can be said about Nick and the boys, Good Luck and do this for Hawaii and your friends on!

  10. james says:

    lol bj has no chance if he stands with diaz………………HE DIES! DIAZ TKO RD 2

  11. Dustin says:

    please for the love of god. BJ penn. plesae knock this wannabe gangster out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Knew was going to turn into a sticky situation..all this is about is competition to see who has the better set of skills and the win gets the larger amount of money. Lets get it on..

  13. frank the tank says:

    Remember, this is your shot at the title again so don’t f*ck it up and train Mr. Penn, no pain no game, plain and simple. I hope to see you in hawaii and just make it happen!

  14. sgt thai clone says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be 3 rds of technical warfare,with Diaz getting the nod

  15. e says:

    GET UM BJ! KO him first round. Let everyone know that you coming for the WW championship!

  16. Mike Diaz says:

    This is going to be an epic battle for sure! I wouldn’t be surprised if BJ takes this to the ground and shows Diaz what out of this world BJJ is. If they stand and bang, Diaz might get humbled for the first time in a long time! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  17. utubang says:

    no listen to those haters u still da Hawaiian supahman jus lickum cuz anykine style.I cho party my house for all hawaiians in Guam for all your fights.Jus get nutz to braddah IZ and let his words remind you of the struggles our people endure till this day.

  18. Jefferson says:

    Dana called you. He gave you bullshit and probably said if you don’t remove this shit you won’t fight in the UFC anymore etc so… BJ had no choice. What is funny is each time something happen, it’s the fighter’s fault.

    BJ: “I got paranoid”

    Lol. I watched both videos he released and in the last video the interviewer actually said “Said you gonna beat the shit out of him then henderson…”.

    I understand BJ for removing all this and saying he got parano but i honestly think UFC talked to BJ and they don’t gave him the choice to put that shit on his fault. UFC never make anything bad or any mistake hen…

    BJ some of us know the truth and we understand facing UFC is not an easy task. I will always be your fan and i can’t wait to see you fight. Keep it up!

  19. michael m nyc says:

    bj, u are a warrior!!! win or lose u have my support!!! just concentrate on training and get that KO bonus for u, your family and your fans!!! u know hes going to come to fight so get that FOTN bonus as well!!! cant wait………………….FINISH HIM!!!!!

  20. Mike says:

    Can’t wait for this fight! Badass boxing, badass jujitsu, and two crazy motherfuckers from the street!

  21. slacker says:

    Well, at least B.J. came clean and admitted he fabricated the truth. That’s respectable, even if the UFC did give him some heat. Now we/he can focus on what should be a great fight! Good luck B.J.

  22. Cheecho says:

    BJ you are by far my favorite fighter. I think you can get back to your title(s) easy (well easier) by working on your conditioning. Your already a frickin master at fighting dude – now get that wind up so you can go full out 3/5 rounds. You’ll win EVERY fight.

  23. BJ wins by coating himself with Vaseline, and then eye-poke-blinding prediction

  24. Jack says:

    BJ forget about this s…! just train and scrap, U R THE BEST and always will be.

  25. Javier Ribeiro says:

    bj penn weakness conditioning and cardio fast twitch muscle fiber early stoppage
    Nick Diaz weakness gets cut easily 10 jabs and nick with bleed to death early stoppage
    BJ Penn strength Best jab in MMA laser accuracy and real fast reflexes
    Nick Diaz Best boxing in MMA Super freak endurance and cardio Granite Chin
    both counter strikers Both black belts one is fast twitch explosive and the other slow twitch

  26. xiao says:

    Well, good, very good! Feel good!

  27. James Wolfe says:

    Exactly BJ, just focus on the fight, conditioning, being ready for anything… Ignore this media BS…all drama, all BS…Its all about the fight, Kick his ass.

  28. Sofa Mma says:

    Good luck BJ. Gonna be a good fight.

  29. Twayne says:



  30. Terry says:

    Any of you guys not giving Diaz a chance in this fight are demented, seriously. Bj is one of my favourite fighters of all time, but so is Diaz, in reality i can’t pick a winner in this one. They both have awesome stand up and are both on a level of their own when it comes to ground fighting, this is going to one epic fight for sure man. For me, it’s more exciting than both the Diaz vs GSP and Penn vs Condit match ups, even though i was hoping to see Diaz take out GSP and Penn take out Condit, then we would have arrived at this match anyway most likely. I’ll be equally as pumped for whoever wins this fight but i’ll also be equally as gutted for the loser. Anyway, good luck to both of them i say, may the best man on the night win. One thing i am certain of is this is going to be a fight for the ages man and i CANNOT WAIT to see it!!……. :o)

  31. bringbackbabalu says:

    Michael you are on the wrong site to be calling bj dumb haha fuck off

  32. Tom Dalton says:

    Most dangerous opponent yet? GSP beat you TWICE. The 2nd time you fought him you wanted to quit. He BROKE you.

  33. Geoffree says:

    Im really hoping for BJ to pull it together, I just hope his heads in the right place. Im happy with either winning from a great WAR

  34. Jay Sab says:

    Good Luck BJ! You got more power in your punches than Nick Diaz!

  35. David says:

    Bj people talk talk talk, just focus :) Love you bro

  36. eton busch says:

    bj you are great, but nick diaz is on a mission to kick ass.its gonna be a good scrap.ima put my money on diaz.“stockton mofo stockton“


    Nick will finally gain some respect on this site.. after he wins this..I am happy for him.

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