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Wednesday, 06/20/2012, 07:29 pm

BJ PENN PIX – Hawaiian TRT


24 Responses to “BJ PENN PIX – Hawaiian TRT”

  1. Kenneth Burch says:

    First!!!!! Looks yummy to my tummy!!!!!

  2. IStone says:

    Chili pepper water, shoyu, and calamansi is a mist

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    what is that? lol from the thumbnail it kinda looked like… well, you know.

  4. I have been a fan of MMA since 1991 (Shamrock v Gracie I). Witnessing the evolution of this sport has been an honor.
    This is an awesome platform for the fan and Facebook user. We can keep up to date with information. Have some fun and promote this “new” sport (we all know this is simply the oldest sport re-visited). Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.

  5. Monkey juice says:

    Looks like rat penises

  6. Monkey juice says:

    Rat cocks

  7. Dante Niro says:

    looks delish!!!

  8. Bjj BB says:

    Looks like oysters to, (coughs!) all u need is melted butter and sliced up garlic with a lil bit of chilipepper water and small kine shoyu!! PAU!!

  9. jbeamazing says:

    snap I thought that was that Hawaiian sweet grass and a bowl thought he was getting his bjj on lol

  10. R4j4 says:

    Looks like either lamb chops it grilled chicken

  11. e says:

    i pound some mean oysters too cuz

  12. John M says:

    BJ you da man!

  13. DMAC says:

    Freaking BJ. Fans wanna see some training regimens or something we already know you like eat.. Lol

  14. Zack says:

    U need a bigger grille. Might taste better but that took forever to cOok

  15. M says:

    For any fighter with lo testosterone go to Hawaii pound some fresh oysters and fuck the trt.

    The all natural solution that never fails!

  16. Paul Harris says:

    Brah, train

  17. TheBraveReply says:

    Oysters!!!! But now im worried. More Training, LESS food pics please!!!

  18. OK this is wrong. wait a minute i hope there’s more

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