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Friday, 07/06/2012, 08:42 pm

BJ Penn PIX: Me Rashad and The Korean Zombie

Cruising with Rashad Evans and The Korean Zombie at the Pool Party


21 Responses to “BJ Penn PIX: Me Rashad and The Korean Zombie”

  1. rondo says:

    holy smokes thats quite the ponch on BJ….not good!

    • Bob says:

      You dumb ass faggots. If you guys dont know by now every fighter when not training for a fight has a little weight on them until they are scheduled to fight. Hes not even fat on here. He will be ready when its time.. You guys act like hes fat like your mothers!!

      • jbeamazing says:

        bob im sorry you hate yourself but calm down bro it’s not a big deal

        • Bob says:

          Im not your bro faggot. My lifes better than yours

        • Chris Normal says:

          Wow bob if you get upset that easily its hard to imagine you’re living the good life.
          Also I do agree with your bro bob; If this is bjs swansong redemption fight I would have maybe liked to see a little more definition.

        • Bob says:

          who said im mad? lol.. I call everyone faggots.

        • Cleatus says:

          Dont be mad bro. Your boy BJ is fat as fuck and you are mad. Bro. Dont be mad. Go absercize with BJ, bro.

        • Cleatus says:

          Bob, bro, don’t be mad. Just cause BJ looks more like Homer Simpson than a fighter doesn’t mean you should get your tampon all wrapped up in your camel toe. Dont be mad homie. I mean bro.

      • Dee says:

        What you don’t know is that not every fight gets out of shape in between fights only some. Also he does look fat and out of shape. Rory is already training for that fight which will come very soon. BJ is doing the same thing he did against Frankie Edgar-party.

  2. brats says:

    bj looks very chubby,him and rashad look like in same weight

  3. iStone247 says:

    bj penn vs dolce diet

  4. drew says:

    surronding himself with a champion and a possible champion but both are different fighters so definitely gonna learn a ton and be ready to destroy rory

  5. Troll says:

    Fuck bj is a fat cunt

  6. drew says:

    ya bj should be on the dolce diet he loves to eat and everybody who has been using it has been owning people up so will see what happens
    WAR BJ!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bjj BB says:

    @ Troll, id love to open hand bitch slap you!!

  8. B-rad says:

    thats a group of badass fighters

  9. Sam P says:

    I would finger bang any of the 3 yummy

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