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Saturday, 09/01/2012, 06:40 pm

BJ Penn Pix: Me and Frank & Lorenzo Fertitta at UFC GYM BJ Penn Hawaii

Me and Frank & Lorenzo Fertitta at BJ Penn UFC Gym Hawaii.Thank you guys for everything you have done for me.


33 Responses to “BJ Penn Pix: Me and Frank & Lorenzo Fertitta at UFC GYM BJ Penn Hawaii”

  1. Zyglrox says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Frank before.

  2. J says:

    It’s funny reading some of the shit people talk about the Fertitta brothers and the shit they would do to them but seeing how big they really are just makes me laugh even more. I seriously did not know they were both jacked like that. They’d smack you with $1,000,000.00 and knock you out.

    • dave says:

      @ J your an idiot..does not matter how big a guy is idiot..u know nothinhg…u boyfriend must have told u 10000 times size dont matter..but in that case he is lying to make you faggt ass feeel better//

      • Majestyk says:

        @dave…Ask Randy Couture if size didn’t matter in his loss to Lesnar. Also, if size didn’t matter, genius, then there wouldn’t be something called “weight classes”.

        • That Guy. says:

          Randy was winning that fight until he got caught. Randy even cut him at one point and you could tell Lesnar was shocked by it. You could also look at some of the Pride fights. Guys cut so much weight these days their are size advantages in weight classes.

        • Majestyk You Faggot says:

          yes he is. if you respond to him, you a fag also!
          treat em like the plague or give him love.

          he still a faggot!

        • hey retard says:

          Listen you fuckin new casual fan there are weight classes becuase its commissioned now and they had to establish weight classes idtiot.At one time the smaller guys won 90 percent of the fights and Randy was winning that fight until then ffs he was controlling the whole fight.Tats anybody at HW yes they hit harder from being larger and have a puncer’s chance but some lighter guys hit just as hard and are faster with more technique and would destroy some HWs.Before instuling someone how about watching something other than fucking mainstream brock lesnar fights and educate yourelf dumbass.Beter yet train youll see that everyone no matter the size trains with each other and the hierarchy isnt the biggest guys its the best guys like our 185er hes a fuckin beast and fought an open weight tourny and knocked out 3 guys in one night and the last guy was 380 lbs that broke his noce but he still knocked his ass out too.

        • Majestyk says:

          @hey retard….
          So “Randy was winning that fight”….Yeah, until Lesnar knocked him out. Lesnar was obviously the less experienced fighter, but won primarily based on his SIZE, dumbass. All things being equal, size makes a big difference. Even within weight classes, as That Guy correctly pointed out.

        • Zk says:

          @ majestyk I don’t think you saw that fight then. Lesser tko’d him you tard and not only that he tko’d with bitch slaps randy wasnt even hurt when he got up, lesner got exposed to all the real fans in that fight…

      • bunkylomax says:

        now what was the point of all that Dave? maybe you’re the homo…just goes to show how ignorant some people are on here

        • Majestyk says:

          @zk …Are you really that stupid? I know it was a tko, dumbass, but that’s not the point. Neither is the fact that Randy wasn’t hurt when he got up. What IS the point, is that even though Couture was a better fighter, he lost due to the size difference. Can you grasp that obvious concept? Yeah, you are a “real” fan….a real stupid one.

        • That Guy. says:

          So size didn’t matter until he got hit in the back of the head? (I know Lesnar didn’t do it intentionally. Randy was trying to duck under the punch) for a supposed real fan you should know that almost everyone who gets knocked silly by a punch is finished.

        • Majestyk You Faggot says:

          shut up Majestyk you fag.

    • size does not matter unless you are a pro fighter says:

      I could beat the piss out of a lot of big dudes. But they are not pro fighters and neither am I.

      When you get to the UFC Size does matter. I have out grappled most of my bigger opponents(guys that were at least 25 pounds heaver than me), outstruck and basically had my way with them. That is for the most part. And the one thing that some of them were better than me at but only a few was boxing, it was only a few guys, but that was by a very far margin. I think they sandbagged their credentials and said they were amature boxers but they were pro or, about to go pro.

      But you know who beat my ass and hit me the hardest? A 140 pound Korean. Fucker hit like a truck, had good boxing skills, and he was very tough. My face and jaw hurt for a very long time after that. His BJJ was slick. I got beat up on the feet and then toyed with on the ground until he decided to throw me in a triangle and end it.
      Also two other140 pound guys who had blackbelts in Judo. They could not strike well but fuck when I got thrown straight to my head it was game over.

      But get to the pros… then size matters. But for the every day guy who lifts weights or thinks he is a badass because he gets in a fight at the bar and picks on smaller dudes, nope. Size is not as much a factor as you think.

  3. Dylan pike says:

    Love how bj has to get on his tippy toes. You needa phonebook Brah

  4. Eating says:

    sounds like @dave has a case of the little man syndrome;)

  5. Gibby says:

    Everyone’s an MMA Genius these days :)

  6. Gibby says:

    Everyone is an MMA Genius these days :)

  7. anthony johnson sucks says:

    Size only matters in bed. If she out weighs me by 100 pounds then I’m on top or else I get submitted by turkey neck suffocation.

  8. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    Nice, best analysis i’ve heard all day lmfao.

  9. Me says:

    So there’s a picture of the Fertitta brothers and the Prodigy and you guys are debating about how size matters and talking about the Brock – Randy fight? What’s wrong with you guys.

  10. Phantom weight says:

    Fuckn children on this site .whats next?you guys gonna argue about whos dad is the toughest.fuckn joke

  11. MMACRAVER says:

    Damn! They in better shape then BJ!

  12. Boring says:

    Hey BJ less promoting more training for your next fight.

  13. GiligansIsland says:

    Rousey could probably submit the 2 bros, but maybe not Penn. If she stays clean of the roids could be the next Penn, female of course, first American judo olympic medalist, akin to first American BJJ champion. Instead of targetting male audiences, she can target the new soccer moms enrolling their daughters into the sport.

  14. ajay says:

    wow bj looks in great shape……totally ripped…

  15. ajay says:

    bj looks like he’s training with top level comp.

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