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Saturday, 08/04/2012, 04:14 pm

BJ Penn Pix: Me and Dave Camarillo way back in the day


13 Responses to “BJ Penn Pix: Me and Dave Camarillo way back in the day”

  1. Andy says:

    Never seen Baby Jay in better shape!

  2. Ray McLeod says:

    That pic is Danny Camarillo, not Dave.

  3. Ray McLeod says:

    That’s actually Danny Camarillo, Dave’s brother.

  4. I doubt BJ posted this picture. He knows its me and not Dave.. LOL

  5. Michael hamlin says:

    To bad Bj is to lazy to get in shape like that again

  6. Jordan Shemwell says:

    WTF B.J. Get that shit!!!!

  7. NiggerDick says:

    Bj was prolly 18 here, everyone is cut at that age unless you’re a pussy. I’m sure he still had the same bad habits.

  8. DMAC says:

    That BJ is not the pudgy one we see now!

  9. Nathan Desj says:

    you my friend are a fucking hater ! BJ PENN is the fucking man ! fuckin’ piss me off these keyboard tuff guys who think they can talk smack about one of the greatest fighters on the planet ! what have you done with your life thats so important, fuckin makes me sick ! DMAC is a douche bag

  10. Daniel says:

    BJ is the man. One of the greatest fighters of our time. That said, if he can ever get in shape again like he is in that pic, he’ll return from retirement as one of the best fighters on the planet once again.

  11. Randis420 says:

    I hope you get back to being P4P champ again, & start mopping these f#cks like I know you can

  12. Alex says:

    People think ripped = being in good shape. I see alot of people totally ripped in very bad shape. Same can be said for many MMA stars. Its not like your heart, lungs and circulation gets worse because you have some fat.

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