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Saturday, 06/23/2012, 10:02 am

BJ Penn Pix – It all starts now

It all starts now… 3 months out… June 22nd – Sept 22nd


44 Responses to “BJ Penn Pix – It all starts now”

  1. Drew says:

    Yaaaaa bj good to see good to see

  2. DBKlein69 says:

    it should’ve started a few days ago. rory mac is no joke!

  3. dakevster89 says:

    “there it is”

  4. Majestyk says:

    Amazing how excited people get from seeing a plate of healthy food. The man is a professional athlete. Food like that should be a way of life. The way to achieve an optimal level of preparedness is NOT to start 3 months out, after eating crap for months on end. When do you think GSP “starts” to eat healthy? Answer: He always eats healthy. If BJ trained at a higher level all year round, he wouldn’t have to start from square 1, each time a fight rolls around. I”m a big fan, but really disappointed to see his apparent lack of physical preparedness in the last few fights.

    • There are so many says:

      fighters and athletes who do exactly what you said–live the healthy life all the time–and don’t reach the professional level that BJ has reached in his career. BJ and his true fans accept whatever happens on fight day, positive or negative. We want it to be BJ kicking ass everytime, but accept it when it’s not. The only reason why critics of BJ continue to say that shit about BJ because they want to viewed as having the inside knowledge on how an MMA fighter supposed to be or how to be successful as a professional athlete. BJ is already a successful athlete and has tons of respect. That will always outweigh the negatives for his career.

      Rory MacDonald, great athlete and fighter, is so behind BJ in the world of MMA that he will be so grateful come fight night that BJ is even walking into the same Octagon as him.
      Rory knows better. BJ critics don’t.

    • Jeff says:

      I dont get how people think they have a right to suggest to BJ how to eat, sleep, train, live his life. If all of the people that are so quick to point out his weakness(s) then where the hell are you? Why are you not in the cage showing him how it is done? He is a grown man and he is living his life the way he chooses and we should either be a fan or not. So many armchair trainers, etc. BJ, you the man bro!

      • Majestyk says:

        @Jeff … I have the right to suggest anything I want to because this is a forum for people to give their opinions, dumbass. The fact that I’m “not in the cage” doesn’t invalidate the universal truth that staying in shape all year round makes more sense than trying to “get back in shape” time and time again following long periods of bad eating and inactivity. “We should either be a fan or not”? What the fuck does that even mean? I didn’t know that being a fan and making constructive criticism was mutually exclusive. You didn’t make one remotely valid point in your entire pathetic post.

    • Nojoja71 says:

      Who are you to say how he should live his life? BJ has fought WARS in the ring. You could NEVER do what he gas done, even in your wettest dream! So just shut the fuck up and be glad we can see him fight.

    • B-rad says:

      dude, you must have not ever been thru a tough weight cut. because let me tell you, the few days before weigh ins all you think about is eating something just fucking delicious and you dont care how unhealthy it is.. especially comin off retirement, he was probably just smokin chronic, trainin jitz, and enjoying life so dont be so quick to point the finger o he should be always doing it because it is miserable when you cant eat something you love… just my two cents

  5. drew says:

    @majestyk @dbklein…im not gonna lie iwas happy to see that healthy plate of food bj was going to consume….but i mean he is bj penn…this is his passion/occupation hes knows what hes doing two time champ in two difference divisions…so give him a break…i mean he did practicly retire…so when u r retired u tend to eat all the foods u wanted…it really just depends on how hard bj goes…ill put it to u this way i give bj about a 95% chance of winning this fight…however if the marvs are not present during this camp and he has the same tone in his body as he did againest nick then id change it to about 80% bj 20% rory…cuz rory always shows up in tip top shape and guns a blazn
    WAR BJ!

  6. Dude says:

    BJ had his ups and downs of course, but i belive that now, he will be ready and i think he will be back and give his all. Will he win against mcdonald ? Im not sure, rory is a heck of a fighter, but if he had tolose i believe BJ has what it takes. Nevertheless im sure we will see a reborn BJ in september

  7. maurice says:

    one things for sure, last time bj posted pics of healthy meals is when he was lw champ. LETS GO BJ!!

  8. Majestyk says:

    BJ needs to surround himself with people that are going to bring something new to the table. It’s clear that the people in his corner provide ZERO insight in terms of adapting and strategizing when Bj is between rounds. NO HELP WHATSOEVER. He might just as well go George Foreman style (the 80’s and 90’s Foreman)….training himself, and not taking any advice from his corner between rounds. I can only assume that he’s not being given any constructive criticism or useful advice during his training either. Training with the M brothers would be great, but BJ needs some strong guidance in terms of strategy. He needs to surround himself with people who not only push him physically, but who can offer constructive criticism of his weak points. Not just “Yes” men that coddle his ego all day. He must have a “plan A”, and also a “plan B” in the event the initial plan fails. He needs people in his corner who can offer advice on how best to adjust/adapt if the Rory fight starts to get away from him. Unfortunately, that’s one of the things he didn’t have in his fight with Diaz. I can only hope.

  9. sure... says:

    BJ is going to get handled in the third round, probably get tkoed. 3 months of eating healthy won’t help him. He has no cardio. He will end up losing after the half way mark in round two. He will be slow, weak and get rag dolled. Way to train like a champ.

    • chris says:

      Bj will be ready!!! This kid is damn good but still a rookie his day will come but not this September.

    • Drew v says:

      He’s done man,I love penn and have great deals od respect. To earn the throne of the prodigy, you have to earn it. But I think his time is done. Until he does some serious strength and conditioning/cardio, he’s done. Time to hang up the gloves

  10. Majestyk says:

    The fact that there are so many athletes who live a healthy lifestyle 365 days a year, but haven’t had (and never will) achieve BJ’s success is indisputable. However, that doesn’t change the fact that, all things being equal, if BJ trained/ate hardcore all year long, he would be maximizing his chances for victory. He hasn’t achieved his level of greatness because of his work ethic, but IN SPITE OF IT.
    P.S. “Fan” and “critic” are not mutually exclusive. Hope BJ wins!

    • So what you read on an earlier post says:

      made sense to you that you had to post an agreement to it.

      what the hell is “all things being equal” crap? All things will never be equal in life. Some find cardio conditioning easy. Some find it difficult. Some put on muscle easier than others. Some have the mentality to fight, many others don’t. So many variables in life that things will never be equal. It is virtually impossible to prove that if BJ ate healthy and trained year round he would be a better fighter for it. He is who he is, and that’s a great person who happens to be a great fighter.

      • majestyk says:

        Hey dumbass, learn to understand the English language, before you presume to correct me. The phrase “all things being equal” has nothing to do with comparing one person to another, so your points about some people finding certain things easier to do than others is off point. The phrase refers to a single person (in this case, BJ) and the difference year-round training would make with his pre-existing skill set. As far as it being “virtually impossible” to prove that a better trained BJ would be a better fighter, I (and the rest of the people with brains on this site) disagree. All he has to do is train year round, and then we’d have the proof. Not so “impossible” to prove, is it?

  11. Dick Diaz says:

    yeah buddy… WAR BJ!!!

  12. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Hell yeah bro Rorys gna try to make you look a bitch an retire an ruin ur legacy LETS CRUSH THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! WAR!!……

  13. Johnny says:

    I remember reading a story about Uriiah Faber when he was first getting started and he was training with Dan Henderson. Faber asked one of the guys that was there training (hey braw how much does Hendo run each day). The old boy looks at him and says (shit boy Dan don’t run. Point being everybody’s got a diffrent way of training, maybe this works for BJ. Anyway hope he whips that ass.

    • Majestyk says:

      Have you watched his last several fights? Obviously, it HASN’T worked for BJ. As far as Henderson is concerned, if his cardio hadn’t been so shitty, the Shogun fight never would have gone the distance. Certain fighters have been very sucessful without having great cardio, but the fact remains that it’s better to have it, than not have it. If BJ comes in the way he was for Diaz, he’ll be in for a rough night.

  14. Khaos969 says:

    Why bj continues to fight at welter I do not know…he’s to small ..who has he beaten in welter in years? He’s gone 1-1-1 in his last 3 welterweight beat an old Hughes drew with Fitch lost to Diaz he wants rory? seriously rory is a strong cat threw Nate around like a rag doll..good stand up lethal ground and pound ..not sure it’s wise to fight this dude after a long lay off at an unnatural weight..Bjs my favourite fighter but I get so confused at the fights he has to keep it standing..if rory gets him by the cage and gets him in a ground and pound descion hell be in big danger.. another run at lightweight is the way forward he’ll clean up..go out in a blaze of glory !

    • MacDonald does not have good stand up says:

      Against Mills, he could not keep up with Mills’ stand up, so Rory took him down and gnp’ed ’em. Yes, he rag-dolled the natural lightweight Diaz, but couldn’t finish him. Diaz has good boxing, but BJ’s boxing is so much better than either of the Diazs. It’s BJ’s cardio that kills him everytime.

      If BJ stays on the inside of Rory and can avoid the takedown, look for a KO by BJ, imho. Against Nick, BJ should have stayed on the inside more. Rory is not a boxer, but he has a lot of other skills to worry about. But it’s BJ’s boxing that can win him this fight.

  15. BJ..I so miss Hio. Born and raise HILO. Peps in Hawai’i always eat good and healthy. If you never lived in Hawai’i esp Big Island, you shouldn’t say shit about our life style and they way we eat. Haoles always talk about shit they don’t know. Go BJ hold it down for the Hawaiian nation.

    • majestyk says:

      I don’t need to live in Hawaii to know that being lazy and eating crap is a recipe for failure. Being proud of your culture is great, but using that as an explanation as to why a professional fighter can’t get his act together is f***ing ridiculous!

      • Majestyk: you're invited to Hawaii ! says:

        To see how the people of Hawaii are and how much many of us (not all, but many) respect BJ for his accomplishments. Keep in mind, all “accomplishments,” no matter who you are, are done in the past! BJ’s act is already “together” dude. He is living the dream very few even do–and most likely you’re not. If you are, good for you. But you’re lacking something in your life that you continue to attack something you know nothing about. BJ’s success will continue whether he wins or loses against MacDonald. Do you understand how hard it was to get to that point where that is even possible? If you fail at your job and are terminated, doesn’t that affect all other aspects of your life? It doesn’t for BJ if he loses. Dude, he just goes on raising his daughters because of what he has already accomplished. It’s paying dividends for BJ and his family for the rest of their lives. You and other BJ critics need to understand that.

        You are so convinced that your opinion is the correct one. But ask yourself: “what if it’s not?”

  16. Bjj BB says:

    @ Majestyk, u talk about bj eating right all year after he post up a pic of him starting now and you compare it GSGreese? The difference is bj went into retirement dumbass!! GSGreese is still in it, and also bj has a family and thats where it gets hard cuz you have alot of mixed feelings, so as a man that walk away from the ufc and has a family, why the fuck would you go 100% if you stoped fighting and want to enjoy life? All you are is a fan of the sport, no more then that, so it is fine to voice how you feel but dont come on bj’s web site and disrespect him by comparing him to that greeseing faggot!! And your not around bjpenn to talk shit about him, in other words shut the fuck up and be happy that he is coming back to fight and he is eating right and letting his fans know that he is starting when he needs to!! He never had to come back but he did, much respect to bj penn for doing that and letting us know wats up!

    • majestyk says:

      @Bjj BB…It amazes me that BJ’s fans want to see him win, but get so upset when constructive criticism is offered for that very purpose. Whether you like GSP or not, there’s no denying that BJ could benefit by taking a page out of St. Pierre’s training book. Are you telling me that just because you dislike GSP, that you are too biased to acknowledge that the guy is at the top of the heap, conditioning-wise? How fucking ignorant are you that you can’t differentiate between a suggestion that he train like GSP (so that he can improve his chances of winning) and “disrespect”? Wake up!

      • Dude says:

        you’re not saying anything new that hasn’t been brought up before. you think your thinking is so above all other MMA fans past and present? Please.

  17. Johnny says:

    Oh LAWD! And the personal trainers of the world come out. Let’s see what’s my favorite saying don’t be a hater, no wait that’s gay as fock. Ha ha.

  18. Bjj BB says:

    @ Majestyk- its funny how you can call someone ignorant when i clearly stated that he did not have to eat right ever since he went into retirement dumbass!! he walked away and really had no idea when he was coming back, all he wanted to do was live a normal life cause he had been doing mma since he was young and really wanted to chill from it. So the whole point of doing that is to not live the mma lifestyle, now if he never went into retirement and was only eating right just for the fight then id understand what your talking about but he’s been chillin and every1 seems to know that but your ignorant ass! And yes it is disrespectful to come on and write the shit your writing, cause constructive criticism would just be saying ideas about what he should be eating, not about a guy who he hates and how he should be eating like him, thats the dumbest shit i ever heard, and gsp is a great fighter and yes he is on top of his shit but why would bjpenn want to hear about him having to be like gsp to be a great fighter? next thing you know your gonna start talking about how bjpenn should start dry humping guys just to win like gsp if the guy has better standup..lmmfao!! i get your point pussy but your wording it all wrong for you to say its constructive criticism, don’t ever compare or say that any1 should be like someone they hate you fucking small minded prick!! NOW WAKE DA FUCK UP!!

    • Majestyk says:

      Not sure where you came up with the idea that BJ has been “chillin” since his “retirement”. Compared to fighters like Rich Franklin (There are plenty of fighters other than GSP that eat and train on an elite level) he’s apparently been chillin training-wise for quite some time prior. One of BJ’s problems is that he seems to surround himself with ass-kissers like yourself. Massaging his ego is not going to bring his training up to the level he needs to be at. Being honest and critical of his deficincies, and then taking the necessary measures to address them is apparently something that’s been missing. You sound like one of the people in BJ’s corner during the Diaz fight. You offer zero worthwhile advice. Stop worrying about whether he might get upset at hearing me reference GSP, and start hoping that someone who cares about him will sit him down and give him an HONEST assessment of what he needs to do to improve. If you’re not part of the solution (as I’m trying to be), you’re part of the problem. Dumbass!

  19. dragon says:

    Fans of a loser ; fans with low iq. Fight on a pic over what he is eating
    Bj – come back with ur spare tire

  20. 808MMA says:

    You make some valid points about training, but where do you train? When was the last time you fought? Do you know what it is like to train? You make such strong statements about eating like crap and then only eating healthy 3 months before the fight, but did you forget that BJ was retired? Who is to say that this isn't a new life style if he continues to fight? Fans having their opinion is not part of the problem no matter how you fucking slice it. The fans do not make BJ's training schedule. Talk shit to JD about BJ's training, and do it in person and not from your computer. Just be happy that the man that we all want to see fight is fighting again.  But seriously, go bitch to BJ's camp if you are really concerned with how his training is going. You are NOT part of any solution if all you do is bitch from a computer. Have a nice day!

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