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Thursday, 09/06/2012, 03:55 pm

BJ Penn Pix: Cruising with Henry Rollins


24 Responses to “BJ Penn Pix: Cruising with Henry Rollins”

  1. Cornelius says:

    That’s badass.

  2. stephen riddle says:

    BJ PENN!

  3. Two of my favorites. Ass kicking on the stage and in the octagon.

  4. amber trichome says:

    henry rollins is the man!
    i’ve seen rollins band a few times, and black flag once way back in the day.

  5. Bradley Joseph Lawrence says:

    two awesome dudes ..hope your still flying to T.O BJ

  6. Majestyk says:

    BJ Penn Radio…BJ Penn grand opening of training facility…BJ Penn photos from back in the day…BJ hanging with Henry Rollins. Where is “BJ training for Rory”, or “BJ talks about new and improved training regimen”??? I’m sick of watching him lose, and want to know that he’s busting his ass like never before. I don’t care as much about who he’s hanging with as I do about his conditioning and how he’s putting more effort into the prep for Rory than he did for his last few fights. Rory is no joke, and unless BJ steps it up, a lot of us are going to be disappointed for the 4th time.

  7. Dddddd says:

    Come on Henry kick Jon Jones’ ass. I say
    A rap off to show there’s nothing cerebral
    about a guy that can’t think for himself. I’m
    Imagining Gregg shouting out used lines
    from M&Ms first album from the corner.
    It’s good to see two artists that deserve
    some attention.

  8. Clintoris says:

    Does BJ ever look in shape? love the guy but his head looks like a watermelon.

  9. Bob'O says:

    Dddddd, Rollins is not a rapper, he’s a punk rocker.

    Maj? You mean BJ actually has a life? How many hours a day can you train?

    Do you understand that you should not over-train and that you also need to allow your body to recover before training again?

    Are you with BJ 24 hours a day? Do you even know what the fuck you are bitching about? = No you don’t, cause you’re not BJ Penn, so shut up bro.

    I want BJ to beat Rory too, but shut your condescending pie-hole. ~Bob’O

    • Majestyk says:

      @ Bob O…First of all don’t use words like “condescending” unless you know what they mean. Your statement about overtraining is off point. I said that I want to read articles about his prep for the fight, but THERE AREN’T ANY. If I’m wrong, and there are, in fact, articles about his prep for Rory, then let me know where they are. You seem to be upset with me regarding points that I never made, you dumb f**k.

      • Bob'O says:

        Maj, Looks like you don’t know the definition of the word.How about you define it for us all dickLip?

        BJ now has to make videos of himself training? This isn’t Rocky 3 you dumbshit. ~Bob’O

        • Majestyk says:

          You really don’t know the definition of “condescending”, do you dumbass? You’re obviously developmentally delayed. Otherwise why would you ask me if I expect “BJ to make videos”? I NEVER mentioned the word “video” in any of my posts. Can you read, moron? You have the reading comprehension level of a kid..
          with Down Syndrome.

        • Bob'O says:

          Maj, Blah, blah, blah and more blah you brain dead retard. Don’t try to use big words to mask your crystal clear ignorance either.

          Basically you came in here and judged BJ like some kind of asshole. You don’t know what the hell BJ is doing, and that’s what this is about.

          So don’t try and change the subject with your weak minded insults bro cause nobody is buying it. Jump off the stupid truck already guy. 😉 ~Bob’O

    • Dddddd says:

      Actually the one thing I know and do is music.
      If you ever want to learn how to play a
      Black Flag song or borrow one of Rollins
      books holla
      P.S or any other band

  10. Boring says:

    Picture of BJ not training

  11. dave says:


    • Bob'O says:

      Dave, Well other than all of a sudden not returning messages from your friends now that you’re the BJ. com MMA news guy, Pedro is a good dude.

      He let me down because I respected him a lot, but he has worked very hard and done alot for this website. ~Bob’O

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