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Monday, 02/20/2012, 02:39 pm

BJ Penn | "If" I Return It Would Be To Go To The Top And Beat Up The Guys Who Beat Me (Video)

While in Las Vegas BJ Penn conducted several interviews about his future in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. This is the latest one to surface so check it out.

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49 Responses to “BJ Penn | "If" I Return It Would Be To Go To The Top And Beat Up The Guys Who Beat Me (Video)”

  1. Sweet game plan says:

    FIGHT WEEK……….BLOG WEEK…….Let’s get dishing them out Dana.. Were waiting…

  2. freedaweed says:


  3. sweet game plan's mother says:

    shut the fuck up! rape your mother fag

    • Sweet game plan says:

      dude that keeps putting…..@…..mother…haven’t you snapped by now that everyone ignore’s your ass.. I know you wonder why you can’t find a’s cause your a weirdo dude….Snap!!! You should take your comments to a different mma site where their ain’t much people commenting like mma.mania and play over can change your name all you want ,cuss act like you know what the hell your talking about and their be nobody their to tell you, you don’t have a fucking clue what your saying.. Good luck and have fun… In about 3 to 4 weeks some of us will go to mma mania and check on you to and to let you know you fuckin dumb…

  4. Gray Maynard says:


  5. oldSoul says:

    id love to see bj go out on a win more than anything. i think he really wants to beat edgar badly but in order to do so he’d have to get into the best condition of his life. best wishes to him

  6. stone cold says:

    don’t stop training bj! lots of pull ups, push ups, running, and sparring. 1 of the most skilled fighters!

  7. Ed says:

    they’re both a little chunky. but i guess i want the one on the right.

  8. Anthony says:

    The fact that he is talking in ‘if’s’ means he isn’t committed and won’t be able to beat the top guys

  9. anthony's mother says:

    it means he wants to come back only ‘if’ he fights the best to reach to the title again dumb fuck

  10. e says:

    all i gotta say is GET UM BJ!

  11. Ricky says:

    I’ll always be a BJ Penn fan. I wasn’t sold on MMA in the early 2000’s until I seen “The Prodigy” step into the cage. A guy with the bragging rights to being the First US Black belt to win Brazilian Gold in BJJ, knocking dudes out in amazing fashion. One of the first true Mixed Martial Artist. WAR BJ!

  12. aaa says:

    I’m a huge fan, but let’s face it, words don’t mean shit dude. Prove to us the you’re in the proper state of mind and finally the dedication to stay well-conditioned they maybe you’ll get our attention.

    • squid says:

      that’s so true . . . but what’s not, is that bj has to prove anything to any of us at all.

    • BobO says:

      Take a walk hater. You were never a fan of BJ Penn. Yeah sure, as long as the cat spills blood for you or his own. However, when it comes down to actually loving a fighter or respecting a humanbeing, you’re an absolute joke. BJ doesn’t owe a clown like you anything bro. He’s lived his dream, and it’s up to him if he wants to finish it any futher.

      Man, Idiots like you make me sick. I would love to play soccer with your head just in order to help you, but I understand how the internet works.

      You! However understand zerO about humanity. Why are you even here, you or anyone else who is bouncing up and down on your nutsack post? I usually don’t like to get upset here, but I am so sick of you nobodys attacking a Man who has worked his ass off and owns two belts in two different weight classes. Not to mention, he’s fought almost everyone in both.

      Hey there guy, Take a look at your own life, and then judge another Man. Only a complete worm would support what you have said about BJ. Now go take two fish oils, a walk afterwards, and then a really, really long cold shower before you ever come back here. Nothing but junk to see here from you bro. Nothing but JUNK! ~BobO

  13. Mick says:

    does anyone else hate hearing him talk like this?

  14. Twayne says:

    DA’ GOAT!!!


  15. Dick Diaz says:

    BJ vs Dan Hardy in UFC: Hawaii as the main event.

  16. Dick Diaz says:

    BJ vs Dan Hardy in UFC: Hawaii as the main event. he looks like he as a big belly in this picture though…

    • Sweet game plan says:

      No way….Dan Hardy has no business in a main event in the ufc ever again. Shit, not even on the main card

    • BobO says:

      Hey Diaz! (not to disgrace Nick by calling a fraud like you that) I mean excuse me, Dick. BJ has not been training you weak minded, ignorant fool you. He’s been spending time with his family. Do you even understand that, family bro? Oh and uh, Dan Hardy will be put to sleep into his own dream of choice. Get the fuck out of here guy. ~BobO

      • Dick Diaz says:

        haha, i see what you did there! good one. anyway, sorry if i offended you by pointing out a simple observation i noticed in the video. what does not training have to do with having a belly or not? there are plenty of people who don’t exercise regulary or as rigrously that don’t have big stomachs… it was a simple observation.

  17. asdf says:

    Holy shit She’s Fat!

  18. mun4 says:

    SRSLY sometimes people have no respects…. They are making so much noise and theres an interview going on

    I remember Rampage yelled at people to shut up or go away cuz its not respectful when u do that in interviews

  19. drew says:

    more and more iv said hes coming back, even look at his chest when he talks about towards the end he starts to breath heavy not like im dying heavy but u can tell that warrior spirit really filled his heart on that last question and response
    much respect bj and the penn family and all of hawaii
    much love from philly to u all

  20. drew says:

    to jc…just like bj said to franz aka gsps trainer “go fuck yourself”

  21. A.James says:

    I want Penn vs. Melendez. That would be a great way to come back.

  22. sounds like fun says:

    Greatest sport ever!

  23. jonsey says:

    the bj that fought and beat sanchez at lw would never lose to edger..if bj came back with that motivation he would win agaub,,,bj lost motivation when he ot robbed in the 1sy edger fight…hd bj not been robbed he would still be chamo and have beaten gray n benson and probly pettis at tat time

  24. Jujitsu Player says:

    I feel like BJ’s made his money and now he’s just content with life which I totally respect. As a BJ fan I would love to see him come back to the UFC and stick to 155lb where he can still be devastating.

  25. leafy says:

    Bj is a pound for pound king, better than gsp, edgar, silva everyone imo, 2 belts 2 diff weigh classes the bloke faught machida and giv him a run for his money, Best fighter of all time simple and yea he getting on but he still top 10 light weight and welter weight, possibly top 3 lightweigh imo not many will beat a fit bj penn at light weight or even welter for that, yea diaz won but bj bust him up bad and remember bj is lot smaller than a young and at his prime nick diaz

  26. Red1bu112 says:

    “to beat up all the people that beat me up” that means we could be seeing a nick diaz rematch sometime soon???

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