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Thursday, 10/27/2011, 04:52 pm

BJ Penn Focused On Diaz And Not Title Shot

” …my brother and Cesar Gracie were talking back and forth and Cesar said basically, that they didn’t like the options that they were given of who they were gonna fight. Cesar told my brother “what if we have to fight you guys?” And uh…at the end of the day I talked to my brother, who is my manager, and he said it’s the only fight that makes sense.

Honestly, as of now, I’m not really thinking about (getting a title shot) too much but I think Dana White gives me title shots easier than everyone else, so I’ll probably get it. I don’t know, Dana likes me.”


21 Responses to “BJ Penn Focused On Diaz And Not Title Shot”

  1. e says:

    BJ!!!! GET UM!!!!!!!

  2. mmaislandjunkie says:

    aaaaaaaahhhhhh i cant wait boyyeee!!!! warrr bj!!!!

  3. Donnybrook says:

    Dana doesn’t like you BJ… he fucikn loves you!!!. Your a huge good respectable man and a huge draw for the UFC!. There’s no doubt in my mind if BJ takes Diaz he’ll get his FAIR fight against GSP.

  4. P R O D I G Y says:

    WHAT!!!??? did BJ bring in Koscheck for this camp?? cause thats what this little girl.said.

  5. Lex w says:

    She’s cute, bj got it tho rnc

  6. Kos brought in for da wrasling boys and he’s a scrappy dude just like da nickster. Bj got this..

  7. bizzle says:

    KOS has helped BJ with his wrestling before, I seen him in Hilo prior to the 1st GSP fight he was helping BJ with his wrestling..

  8. P R O D I G Y says:

    Yeah but i dont think i saw anything abt him for this camp. not even in the RVCA pre fight videos.

  9. davee says:

    whether you hold the current title Bj or not , you are one of the worlds best martial artest ever …. awesome status. good luck my brother chase your dreams

  10. Dan says:

    BJ please send him out of mma.

  11. josh says:

    There will be no title shot for BJ. Diaz is going to dismantle him.

    Where is the chump that said i wouldnt be here when the fight happens? Still here chump!

    • Joseph Ghassan says:

      Have a life as soon as possible. You need one.

    • Ainokea says:

      Josh, just answer me one question. How will Diaz be able to do that to Penn? You better check yourself before someone has to tune you up. so disrespectful. Go ahead, say I don’t know you, people can see what kind of person you are by your words. Man, your mom never taught you anything.

  12. Dosan says:

    This fight is insane…

  13. josh says:

    Ill be here dont worry about it.

    Ok, joseph. Your right i need a life. Bc by my post you can tell that i dont have one? hmm

  14. Josh.. Is fag bait standing on streets corners suckin dick for $5!

  15. josh says:

    yeah, im that too! freaking smart people on here.

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