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Thursday, 07/24/2014, 09:49 pm

BJ Penn 6th Most Played EA UFC Video Game Character – See The Top 10 Here

After a month of active gameplay, the recently launched EA UFC Video game has some fun stats.

After polling more than 65 million games played by gamers around the globe, EA gaming officials have compiled a top 10 most played fighters in the game.

Check it:

1. Bruce Lee (3.41 million)
2. Jon Jones (3.40 million)
3. Georges St-Pierre (3.40 million)
4. Anderson Silva (3.04 million)
5. Alexander Gustafsson (2.47 million)
6. BJ Penn (2.43 million)
7. Anthony Pettis (2.27 million)
8. Jose Aldo (2.06 million)
9. Demetrious Johnson (1.81 million)
10. Cain Velasquez (1.61 million)


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