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Wednesday, 05/22/2013, 10:24 am

Bitter Jacob Volkmann Plans On “Exposing” UFC For What They Are

“Very bitter. They always claim that they treat the fighters so well. Yeah, they treat the top five percent of the fighters well – the ones that are on the main card all the time. They don’t treat the rest of them very well. The healthcare plan is horrible, with a $1,500 deductible per injury – the catastrophic-injury insurance is not even really good insurance. There’s no retirement fund, there’s no signing bonus. You start off at six-and-six, you’re really not making too much money because you’re self-employed, so you’re paying the self-employment tax and you’re paying the regular tax and income tax. So you’re paying twice as much in tax. They claim they’re treating the fighters well, but they’re not, realistically. People always tell me, ‘You’re rich – you’re on TV!’ Are you kidding me? I made $54,000 two years ago, paid $9,000 in taxes, so that leaves me with $45,000. This last year, I made $50,000 and paid $8,000 in taxes. That leaves me with $42,000 – that’s barely above poverty. I have three kids and a wife I’m supporting. I’m trying to make the fans realize what the UFC is really like – I’m going to expose them as much as I can. But also my goal is to win in World Series and try to stay undefeated. Obviously it’s to win. The short-term goal is to win. The long-term goal is, as soon as they come out with that belt, I’d like to get that belt.”

Former UFC fighter, Jacob Volkmann received his walking papers after losing to Bobby Greene at UFC 156 and after dropping just two bouts in the 155lb division, he isn’t happy about the release.

As the controversial, Obama hating, lightweight prepares for his WSOF debut he dropped this gem off at Above and Beyond MMA and laid out all the details on how he plans to expose the UFC, their pay practices and bogus healthcare coverage.


0 Responses to “Bitter Jacob Volkmann Plans On “Exposing” UFC For What They Are”

  1. john says:

    Hates them so much but would sign a UFC contract in a heartbeat if they offered him another one.

  2. Tulani says:

    I guess he will have to get on Obamacare now lol (it covers per-existing conditions)

  3. JiujitsuDummy says:

    I really dont get it? I mean the UFC is a business like any other business its what have you done for me lately. I mean even John Fitch got cut and he is actually well known and respected. first of all nobody knows who this guy is. Second if your “self employed” then you are pretty much responsible for your successes and failures, you are responsible for your retirement plan. MMA is not a career its a short term dream job for a fighter who either has balls talent or both, and for most it isnt even that. MMA is not a career, it can lead to a career if your can market yourself well and Win fights and do it in an exciting fashion create your worth. What does this guy think he deserves ? The same money that guys that have made a name are getting? I hope that WSOF thing works out because you just created a ceiling for your “career” smart guy.

    • Murk says:

      I think you completely missed his point..This guy is 6-4 in the UFC, so he is not new to the big show. Sure, i agree that your pay is relatively equal to your worth but at the moment, the UFC is getting away with feeding their fighters scraps. Because it is a recent boom in terms of popularity, it hasn’t had the history or probably the eventual development of a fighters union to boost fighter pay. Practice squad NFl players make a minimum of 100k a year and their “value” is negligible compared to a 10-figher UFC who has to pay for camps, flights for his crew, etc.

  4. you sir,are a moron says:

    I got news for you bud, 42,000 after taxes is not just above poverty level.42k a year after taxes is over double the poverty should have negotiated your contract a little better. Im sure you have sponsorship money and other endorsments or something coming in as well….not gonna feel bad for you at all bro.some where the worlds smallest violin is playing a sad song for you.

  5. Dennis says:

    UFC has never paid start up money yet they take in millions. Even on TV replay. Learn the figures then look at Baseball or Boxing. There is a big difference in fairness. UFC is partially greedy. It takes a lot of time to make a mark, so wake up a be fair. All you guys on here THINK. They work years ahead! At least pay them to prosper their chances for additional training personnel.

  6. JP says:

    Jacob Volkmann – Boring fights and Burning Bridges.

  7. santos says:

    I fight in the ufc for a half of that ungrateful

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