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Tuesday, 06/12/2012, 04:18 am

Bisping Would Be 'Massively Pissed off ' If Lombard Got A Title Shot After Beating Boetsch | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Michael Bisping in an interview on The MMA Hour.

Bisping comments on his last bout with Chael Sonnen and feels he deserves a rematch if Sonnen wins the title.

“Listen, it was a close fight with Chael Sonnen, but the general consensus is that I won the fight. So, if Chael beats Anderson, and that’s a big if, then I would like a rematch. I would like my instant rematch with Chael. Everybody else gets their rematches. Frankie Edgar gets his, I don’t know, everyone seems to get their rematch so I would like my rematch and I would like to fight Chael and for the belt. If Anderson wins, sure I’d take the title fight, I said IF Chael wins. Listen, Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter in the history of the sport, he is an absolute legend and it will be an honor to fight him, that’s what I wanted to do my whole career. I want to fight Anderson Silva, so yeah, if Anderson wins, of course I’d like the title fight. I think I’ve done enough to warrant a title shot. I’ve been around the sport long enough and have been consistent, I’m on a good win streak apart from a couple of bogus decisions, I haven’t lost a fight since the Dan Henderson fight. That’s my only loss other than a couple of judges decisions where they felt I lost the fight. But, other than a shot at the title, there are some interesting opportunities. There is Brian Stann, I know he is injured, there is Vitor Belfort, the middleweight division is very stacked and there is not a shortage of people who want to knock me out.”

When discussing the possibly of Hector Lombard getting the title shot after only one win inside the octagon.

“Massively, massively pissed off. Listen, I understand the UFC’s decision, the reason why I haven’t had a title shot is because of me, I’m a realist and I understand what’s happening. I have been in the position to fight for the title several times and have been in number one contender match-up’s several times. So I’ve got no one to blame but myself, I’m not blaming the UFC, I’m not angry with the UFC. If I had beaten Dan Henderson I would have fought for the title but I didn’t , If I had beaten Chael Sonnen I’d be fighting Anderson in Brazil, but I didn’t , I was robbed by the judges, it wasn’t the UFC. So yeah, it’s frustrating to see someone coming from Bellator. I will be honest, I have never seen the guy fight once because I’ve never seen Bellator, I don’t watch it, I have no interest. By all accounts he’s an aggressive fighter and he knocks people out, but I have never seen him fight. He could be the best thing since sliced bread, I don’t’ know. But what I do know is that he has never fought in the UFC, so why the fuck is he getting a title shot?”


21 Responses to “Bisping Would Be 'Massively Pissed off ' If Lombard Got A Title Shot After Beating Boetsch | UFC News”

  1. dogfart says:

    lol bisping at raging.
    he raises some good points but he should accept those losses even if they were bogus as hell only piss of the people that say “he lost and hes looking for excuses”

    that fight against chael was probably one of the best fights ive seen from him. he does deserve a titleshot and i would love to see how he would perform in that aspect.
    we already know he could beat chael but fighting anderson i really think that he would be like a fish out of water.
    not so much that he doesnt have the ability as hes a clever fighter, but that he would choke from the prospect of fighting someone of such high stature and regard.

    i do feel sorry for him though, he keeps getting sidelined for the nobheads and the shit talkers

    • Azorr says:

      Bitch bitch bitch……. That is all Bisqueen does. He lost those fights. Get over it and move on. He is not good enough to hold the belt. He may be good enough to beat some top guys but that is only because of match up differences. There are too many guys that can bear him. Munoz, vitor, stann, belcher, Chael.

  2. Gould says:

    Bisping needs to get a W before he talks about a title shot lol. Also other then the Chael fight(which he lost) and the dan henderson fight(which he lost) bisping hasnt fought anyone who is near title worthy so he needs to suck it up and fight someone whose in the top 5 and win. He is talented and looked real good against Chael but he needs to do that and come away with a W before he can even mumble the words title fight

  3. Cry Cry Cru says:

    Bisping needs to BEAT a top ten guy before asking for a title shot. Name one top 10 he has beat in the last 2 years. Hell the only two he fought was Dan and Chael he got put to sleep and beat in both. Bisping needs to stop looking at his record and start looking at his opponents then he might see why he hasn’t fought Anderson yet.

    • bxer says:

      I totally agree,but IMO he won the fight with chael,mark my words Bisping will never be a champ, he is always going to be a gate keeper

      • Kaotician says:

        I think he’s a good fighter and he’s right, it would be ridiculous if Boet

      • Kaotician says:

        I think he’s a good fighter and he’s right, he has worked hard for a title shot. Although I don’t think he won the Sonnen fight, I think the takedowns rightfully gave it to Chael although it was close.

        If Boetsch gets it I could understand him being pissed off. I don’t particularly like Bisping but he has worked for it.

  4. CanILive says:

    Maybe you should quit getting injured…. And also put on an impressive performance and FINISH an opponent, that will solidify your contendership status. Also, finishing middle aged men with no cardio does not count, finish Lombard, Munoz, Stann, or Belfort, then you may fight Silva

    • Brit says:

      Quit getting injured??!!!!
      This is the first time in 6 years that he has had to pull out of a fight, he has gone into fights banged up just so he didn’t have to cancel.

      • Ly-er says:

        Iono why he thinks he deserves a title shot tho, over his lengthy career he hasn’t been able to beat a top ten fighter! When he finally fights someone like Henderson & Sonnen he ends up losing, he couldn’t even beat Wanderlei! If he really wanted to win against Sonnen, don’t leave it to the judges! He should concentrate on beating someone more reputable before expecting to fight the champ!

  5. Irie nation says:

    With his quality of opponents one can think he fought in bellator hahaha

  6. ry tay says:

    Lombard is for real. Still, i think Bisping won agents sonnon based on damage.

    • CanILive says:

      who would you rather see fight Silva, Sonnen or Bisping? i think we all know the answer, but it might be cool to see Bisping get KOed again

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        I’d rather see Bisping to be honest. Chael is going to try and wrestle and hump his way to vistory whereas Bisping would try to win the stand up. I think this is a better sytle match up but Silva would probably take him apart. I think he deserves a shot and at the very least should be fighting for the number 1 contender spot with Lombard, Munoz or Belfort.

  7. Tone Loc says:

    First off Bisping, you lost that chael fight, period. It really wasnt even that close, you just plane lost. Second if you havent seen lombard, than why dont you just challenge him to a fight, well cuz you know in your heart he’d KyouTFO back to tenth place. Bisping is underrated but he did lose to chael, and thats it. And lombard would fuck him up along with the other top ten through five guys.

  8. Weird1 says:

    Sounds like lombard needs to beat the shit out of bisping, thats the match up i wanna see

  9. Shawn says:

    If Lombard finishes Boetsch in his usual dominant fashion, he can propel himself past Bisping. I wouldn’t say #1 contender status, but definitely 2 or 3. He’s no newcomer or a slouch. And his record speaks for itself. Not even Silva has that streak.

  10. WrestlingRules says:

    Bisping is next….He held his own with Sonnen and Sonnen ragdolled Silva…why not…

  11. Dub says:

    If there is anyone who has had a title shot prolonged way to long its Bisping. I think hes the one fighter in that division who can stand with Silva and prolly aout strike him with his solid technique, quickness and footwork. It would almost be a pressure figher vs counter puncher type fight that I see Bisping possibly winning. Silvas fought sluggers like leben and of course picked them apart due to lack of technique. What we havnt seen is Sliva fight a solid pressure fighter who has the technique that Bisping has, Thats why Bisping hasnt got a title shot.

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Dude are you drunk? Did i just read you say Spitsbing would outstrike Silva? LMAO. Thats gotta be the stupidest thing ive ever read. Bisping couldnt bust a grape with his best punch. He needs to just face the facts, hes the ultimate MW gatekeeper. Hes lost every meaningful fight in his career. Hes never beat anyone in the top10. He can dominate the lower teir guys all day long, but once he gets in the cage with a legit contender, he LOSES. He gets handed nobodies to pad his record because hes the only british fighter worth a damn. The UFC needs him to keep the Brits interested. The UFC brass knows he will never be a champion, and doesnt deserve a shot. Lombard is the real deal. He would leave him laying on the octagon floor lifeless.

  12. zoeldog27 says:

    Lombard & Wiedman are definatly the future of this division, watch this space

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