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Saturday, 07/14/2012, 01:21 pm

Bisping vs. Stann Booked For UFC 152 | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann booked as the co-main event for UFC 152 the event is set to take place on on Sat., Sept. 22, 2012, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The news comes directly from the UFC official website.

Bisping is currently still recovering from surgery on his knee. The injury forced him out of his bout at UFC 148 against Tim Boetsch.

Stann is also currently recovering from the shoulder injury that forced him off the UFC on Fox 4 card where he was set to face Hector Lombard.

This one could determine the Middleweight number one contender as Bisping’s only loss in his last five fights came via a close decision loss to Chael Sonnen. On top of that his opponent Brian Stann also has only one loss in his last five coming courtesy of Chael Sonnen.

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39 Responses to “Bisping vs. Stann Booked For UFC 152 | UFC News”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    This is a good fight. Winner of this fight should fight Weidman to determine the true #1 contender.

    • Mik says:

      I honestly don’t think any of these guys are the number one contender.
      Personally I think Micahel Bisbing is a little overated the biggest names he has beaten are Jason Miller and Chris Leben, those aren’t even top 10 fighters. Bisbing doesn’t specialize in anything he is just okay at everything, he is not and amazing striker and he is not an amaing grappler. The only thng he has is good cardio, but that will only get you so far.
      As for Brian Stan, I think he is looking better everytime he steps into the octagon, but he does not look good enough. He is a good athlete with ridiculous power, but like Bisbing he does not have an area or aspect in the sport that he dominates.
      Lastly, Chris Weidman does look amazing and he is probably the best out of the three but he is still young and I think he needs 1-2 more gights against top 10 guys to get a titleshot and really establish him self. Personally, I would like to see him face an experienced veteran like Rich Franklin, Cung Le, or Vitor Belfort. If he gets buy these tests he will be a better fighter and contender.

      Personally I beleive that Vitor Belfort is still the #2 middleweight in the UFC, in the post- Pride era Vitor has only lost one fight to the current champion Anderson Silva in his other 7 fights he has finished all of them, most in the first round. Let’s be honest here Silva is the best of all- time, but if he fought Vitor again it would be a tough fight because Vitor can actually stand with him. You can prove this by playing out the match up between Vitor and the other three guys listed, he has the best striking and grappling(Carlston Gracie Jiu- Jitsu Black Belt.

      As for number three based on pure statistics it is Hector Lombard and honestly he could probably beat Bisbing, Stann, or Weidman bcause he has better stand- up and better grappling than any of the guys listed above. If Lombard destroys Boetch like he has to his other competition I beleive he will get the next title shot because Lombard vs. Silva is an easy fight to hype.

      In my opinion, what’s next?
      Lomabrd vs. Silva(if Lombard beats Tim Boetsch in a dominating fashion)
      Belfort vs. Weidman( to see the next #1 contender after the abover fight)
      Belcher vs. Frankilin
      Stann vs. Bisbing (I know this is already happening)
      Boestch vs. Cote
      Sarafian vs Cezar Mutante Ferreira
      Phillipou vs Munoz
      Cung Le vs. Francis Carmont

      • Not You says:

        So what if Boetsch wins agains Lombard?

        • Mik says:

          Then I’d have to say Boetsch is the number one contender, after beating former title cntender and long- time division top 10 Yushin Okami and then beating a lot of hype and name in Hector Lombard. He is also unbeaten at middleweight defeating Nick Ring and Kendall Grove.

          I just can’t see Boetsch winning though on the ground Lombard has olympic- level Judo with a BJJ black belt to boot and this is much better than Boetsch’s mediocre college wrestling carreer. Also he has deadly striking and he is in better condition.
          Boetsch would have to do something similar to what he did to Okami to win, but thunder never strikes in the same place twice.

      • jc says:

        i agree 100% with vitor comments. vitor is the best in the division besides Anderson. the time is now to throw a middleweight tournament so many contenders but no one is truly worthy of a title shot lets face it.

        Lombard (or tim botcsh)

    • KIDD433 says:

      How the fuck do you figure that? They’re both coming off losses

    • Matt says:

      “keep fitch” what about your cunt Chael? Isnt he always your #1 contender? Or wait in your dumb fing cunt opinion, isn’t he technically the champion because of a cheating conspiracy? Ps – no one has forgotten that you were the bitch that littered every single thread (whether relevant or not) with your pro-chael rhetoric. You should be taken off this site just for having enough free time to be such a cunt troll.

  2. 'Ekahi says:

    Cool…the American Revolutionary War, Part 2. Stann ftw…

  3. Bob says:

    Stan is one dimensional and will lose..

  4. Brend0magic says:

    Fuck yea. The winner of this should get Weidman for Anderson Silva.

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Stann has trained with sonnen in wrestling and what not,if stann has a takedown defense then bisping is getting ktfo and that might happen regardless period.

  6. ya herd says:

    All stan is. is a powerhouse he hasnt got much skill, he like a freak middleweight for punching power. Bisping has better punches and kicks, better in the clinch, better speed, better cardio, better ground game, better wrestling, its 1 of these fights that we will just be waiting for a big punch from stann but he has to land it! If bisping avoids stanns big hard slow punches he has this fight easy enough!

  7. stephen riddle says:

    Bisping sucks and point fighting should be illegal!

  8. WrestlingRules says:

    Bisping is good, but Stann will be looking to Hendo him. Bisping by UD and stick and move or Stann rd 3 ko….

  9. ya herd says:

    @ MIK. How can u say lombard has better skills than stann, bisping etc when he has been fighting in bellator against fighters that i could give a good fight your crazy your match ups sucked, and as for vitor yeah hes 1 of the top guys but, he got knocked out in 2 mins against silva and didnt land a punch, a win of akiyamm and a black robot, noway should he get another title shot 2 more big wins then yeah!

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Dude, you wouldnt last 1round with any fighter on BFCs roster. Just cause theyre not in the UFC doesnt mean theyre just bums off the street. Youre discrediting Lombard because of guys he fought before now, but the fact is hes won, what like 25 in a row or something? No matter who you fight, you got a winning streak like that, then youre pretty damn good. Youve probably never seen Lombard fight either? His standup IS far superior to Spitsbing and Stann. As is his takedowns, and takedown defense.

    • Mik says:

      Not going to lie when I saw that Lombard was making his UFC debut I thought the same thing as you, but then I did a little more research and realized Lomabrd is a BEAST. The guy is an olympian in Judo, Chael Sonnen was only an olymic fill- in for wrestling and look how good he is. Also, Lomabrd is a BJJ back belt, so he can take people down and finish with submissions. Bisbing has good takedown defence, but is it olympic level, not even close and Stann doesn’t even have a ground game. As for Weidman he was a good amateur college wrestler but can he compete with an olympian, chances are unlikely. Also Weidman is only a purple belt in BJJ while Lombard has been a black belt for five years. As for striking Lombard has 17 career knockouts, all using diferent limbs and striking techniques. As for competition he has finished 7 former UFC fighters. He defiantely has much better skils than Stann, Bisbing, or Weidman.
      Also, let’s be honest that knockout wouldn’t happen again.

      As for Vitor he finished the two fighters both in the first round with ease and that is why I said he should face Weidman to see who is the number one contender after the Lombard vs. Silva fight. This would test Vitor to see if he can beat top level guys and this would test Weidman to see if he can beat a veteran with more skils.

      Also another great match up would be Wanderlei vs. Sonnen, if Sonnen stays at middleweight.

  10. Clay says:

    This fight is going to be unreal! Both are great fighters! Idk who to put my money on. Idk if stann will be fully recovered and be on point. So I guess I’ll go with bisbing. The fuckin britt

  11. maurice says:

    yo nate marquardt just knocked tyrone woodley out with the most vicious elbow combination ive eva seen in mma. damn i dont like marquardt, but when he wins he can put on great combinations.

  12. Justin says:

    Stann will fuck him up plain and simple

    • 9lives304 says:

      This has the potential to be “Fight of the Night!” Both of these guys BRING IT every time win or lose, and their styles are gonna make for a GREAT fight….they’re gonna stand & bang, grapple against the cage, then bang some more….If it ends up being the kinda fight it “COULD/SHOULD” be, one of these guys is gettin’ KTFO…….end of story! That is all for now.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Yah another post-fight pick fest huh Justin?? 85% my ass you went 0-2 first time and NEVER pre-fight posted your 148 picks. The only one I know you got right was Sonnen vs Cheating Silva. That makes about a 10% picko ratio….foooool

  13. jbeamazing says:

    bisping has to take stann down and tap him or I got stann in 2 by tko

  14. ya herd says:

    Lombard needs to beat a good steady ufc fighter first before i give him respect. anybody in the ufc could go to bellator and get a good win streak, and small companys like that fix fights and give them tailor made fights just to hype a fighter up they have on there roster. Bisping would flying knee lombar to the face and ko his tiny head

  15. Jake says:

    Stann by KO/TKO.

  16. zetoe666 says:

    all you dummies talking about weidmann are fools.
    weidmann hasnt done shit. he beat a MAYBE top 20 Mark Munoz.
    Bisping Lombard and Belcher are the top 3 contenders.

  17. moron killer says:

    Munoz was top 3 at worst idiot, also lombard is not all that great look at his fight against Alexander in bfc and tell me he looks great again. He was gassed and sloppy as well won’t be surprise if Tim beats him. Vitor is still number 2 and weidman is now three belchar fourth bisping 5th munoz 6th Tim 7th lombard 8th shlemenko 9th okami tenth. That is your top ten.

  18. some dude says:

    Fuck anderson fuck number 1 contender, this fight is awsome cant wait this will be nothing but entertaining.

  19. nowayjose says:

    Weidman is a very good grappler. And is a threat to everyone in that respect. He also beat Maia without a full training camp also who was then a top ten middleweight. He needs to fight a top tier guy though before he is ready for a shot at the title. Only prob lem is there are no top tier guys without fights already. Maybe u could match him up with the Lombard Boetch winner as they are close together. Belcher got hammered by Jason Day and Kendal Grove. He’s a sh*tty wrestler with mediocre standup and a good ground game..Bisping would OWN him. Have Cung fight Belcher.

  20. nowayjose says:

    or Vitor fight Belcher even.

  21. nowayjose says:

    Or Vitor fight Weidman.

  22. Nightofcolumbus says:

    Stann by knockout

  23. undisputed says:

    Bisping by TKO all day every day. Where’s all the butthurt Sonnen fans? XD

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