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Monday, 11/25/2013, 01:40 pm

Bisping To Kennedy: ‘Listen P****, Just Ask The UFC For The Fight’

After Tim Kennedy notched his second octagon victory via knockout over Rafael Natal, he admitted (via his twitter, @TimKennedyMMA) that although he was satisfied with the win, he did not feel deserving of a fight against a top middleweight. However, he voiced his interest in a bout with Michael Bisping within the same tweet, almost as though to indicate an opinion (his own). Bisping, who has just recently received doctor clearance for full training after two surgical procedures to the retina of his right eye, retaliated with harsh sentiment. Kennedy went on to voice the opinion that Bisping has been ducking him continuously.

“He talks tough on Twitter but when it comes down to fighting me, he’s going to be a chicken. He’s going to try and dodge me. He’s going to try and manipulate the situation to where at first I had to have enough fights and now I need to be ranked high enough. If that’s the case, fine, whatever. Eventually he can’t run from me.”

‘The Count’, being no stranger to conflict or trash talk, retaliated further. He took to Twitter and spared no distaste towards Kennedy.

It appears as though the line has been drawn, and both men are eager to silence the other. Given the promotional value of the classic grudge match, we may very well see Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy square off inside the octagon in the near future.


19 Responses to “Bisping To Kennedy: ‘Listen P****, Just Ask The UFC For The Fight’”

  1. 123 says:

    Michael Bisping has only fought the likes of Alan Belcher, Vitor Belfort, Brian Stann, Rashad Evans, Wanderlei Silva & Dan Henderson. But hes really scared of this monster Timothy Kennedy hahaha. what a wanker.

    • mikeIron says:

      well bisping is scared cuz he know he will lose to a no mane. course he will fight big names. anyone would you wanker.

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