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Monday, 07/09/2012, 06:23 am

Bisping Tells Brian Stann "When You Sign That Contract, You’re Going To Get Knocked Out" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Michael Bisping comments while appearing on the UFC 148 post-event show on FUEL TV.

Bisping recently returned  after a successful knee surgery and called out both Brian Stann and Alan Belcher. Both men were more than happy to accept ‘The Count’s’ challenge however Stann feels a bout between himself and Bisping would gain more interest.

Bisping commented on Brian Stann and respects him as both a person and a fighter. However Bisping states if Stann signs the contract then he’s going to get knocked out.

Brian Stann, it looks like your balls have grown a little bit. Listen mate, respect you’re a great fighter you really are, you’re a fantastic individual, I have nothing but respect but if you step into that Octagon with me you’re going to get your ass kicked so just know that,”

“So when you sign that contract, you’re going to get knocked out, you’re going to get beat down, You’re going to get cut up, you’re going to get bloody, you’re going to get messed up, you’re going to get beat. Period.”

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25 Responses to “Bisping Tells Brian Stann "When You Sign That Contract, You’re Going To Get Knocked Out" | UFC News”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I don’t know about all that. Stann has some hands that could possibly put Bisping on the bad end of an ugly KO

    • california grown says:

      hahaha… no doubt.
      ‘countess’ bispings pillow punches do not have ko power…
      …mr brian stanns hands do

      stann also has a chin

      stann will ko bis – bet the farm

  2. jones says:

    hahaha what a joke….bisbitch could not even beat cris leben and he was gifted the decision…not to mention that i cant recal bisbitch ever ever ko someone…yes tko when therte in a ball turtled up and hes punching them..but bisbing has never punched someone into there ko state…i dont even think he has choked someone ko…stannn is going smash bisbitch and take that title shit right away from him…i cant keeep up with alll the injurys and fights anymore…they need stop anouincing them months ahead of time,,and wqait until 2 weeks until or something fuk…i thought bisbitch vs botch….maybe iim wrong…but i think it should be hector lombard vs bisbitch for title shot…bisbitch beat cheal in any real fighters eyes…so bisbitch is number 1 contender,,,why put him with stann…i think biz vs hector for chamoinshiop shit

    • dogfart says:

      chael couldnt finish him. infact only hendo could

      however dont look too deep into this. Bisping is just trying to learn from Chaels PR style and use the hate he gets as a positive and gain more attention as it means a bigger paycheck
      hes always been a bit mouthy but generally hes been honest. now hes just calling everyone out before they get the chance to call him and trying to make himself look like a legitimate contender for the title.

      all of his loss’s bar one have been by decision and i though 90% of those were split. none have been boring fights either

  3. TheKlepto says:

    Bisping hasn’t KO’d anyone in over 7 years. I understand he’s trying to hype the fight, but there’s absolutely no way he could KO Stann. Probably couldn’t TKO him, either. Would be a fun fight to watch though, and I’m sure they’d hype up the America/Britain battle. I could see either guy winning this, but would be pulling for Stann 100% of the way.

    • Semtex says:

      Bisping has 8 TKOs out of his 12 ufc wins. He doesn’t have one punch ko power, but he finishes fights. And kudos to him – he is willing to fight anybody and asks for Belcher and Stann – we don’t see too many fighters calling out these two

      • KIDD433 says:

        Bisping is only asking for Belcher or Stann because Vitor is calling his ass out.And Bisping has been scared to death of Vitor for a while.So calling other fighters is his ticket out of being called out and having to fight Vitor.And its funny these casual fans on here still swing off Bisping’s nutts.if Bisping was legitimately looking to EARN a title shot,He should be calling to fight Vitor or Hector Lombard.Now we all know he’s got a padded ass record.but he’s way in over his head fighting Stann,and Dana’s not gonna be able to protect him anymore,and Stann’s tear his asshole apart

  4. Wrestler66 says:

    Bisping vs. Stann is a much better bout than vs. Belcher think Bisping will decision Stann or sub him

  5. lolziez says:

    i dont like Bisbing, but he does have skills and has done well in the sport, but if he REALLY thinks he would KO Stann is just idiocy coming out of his mouth. the guy is a point fighter with half decent stand up and less decent ground game, but he does have good cardio which is his bread n butter, to outlast and out point the other guy as to where stann has bout the same skill level except he DOES have knockout power..if Bisbing is to win over stann, it will almost garantee go to a decision win cause Stann will gas in the 2nd rnd giving bisbing more points play to take the decision. as for Belcher, i thing bisbing is fuckin dreaming lol, he has a better chance against Stann the Belcher. hits hard, kicks hard, AND has great ground game..just my thoughts

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Bisping vs belcher/stann same outcome loss for bisping period!

  7. Troy aguilar says:

    Sounds to me bisping didnt want him to sign the contract, They both dont want silva or lombard.

  8. Linkanator55 says:

    if Bisping is trying to be Chael than he’s failing miserably. Chael is funny and clever with his insults, Bisping just looks like an asshole

  9. maurice says:

    what r all u talking about? bisping is legit. everyone bisping beats is usually in dominate fashion. bisping has always been a finisher. if bisping doesnt finish u, its usually clear he’s the winner. bisping vs stann is a good fight. bisping will either win by tko/dec or lose by ko. why arent any of these guys fighting for title shots not fighting with VITOR OR LOMBARD? wtf??

  10. David says:

    Bisping has never knocked anyone out, what a stupid ass. Hes a decent fighter but i bet stann would knock him the fuck out

  11. Nick says:

    Stann is gonna knock Bisping the fuck out.

  12. JT says:

    To me, this is the perfect attitude. “I respect you, but I’m going to win, and win convincingly.” That said I think Stann would win haha. But I like Bispings attitude.

  13. Sean G says:

    man, i’m a big fan of bisping, but thats crazy talk. technically he could probably beat him in a standup fight, but he aint gonna ko him. ever.

  14. stonerman says:

    As I recall, Stann was able to KO chris leben and Bisbing Couldn’t. stann has the power advantage but Bisbing has the better footwork. But its only going to take 1 clean shot from stann to finish the fight. Stann by KO.

  15. adam burrell says:

    funny coming from a guy who NEVER knocks anyone out.

  16. Brendan says:

    Why dont you call Hector Lombard out his waiting to fight you love to see Lombard shut your mouth he does his talking in the ring

  17. tdjhdcj says:


  18. Sam says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers but last i checked when bisping made brash statements against a top ten i think he got KTFO!! Stann take this money grabbing wannabe out please and restore some class to the middleweight devision!

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