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Wednesday, 06/13/2012, 06:22 am

Bisping Reveals He Recently Received A Few Direct Twitter Messages From Sonnen | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Michael Bisping comments while on “UFC Tonight”

Michael Bisping comments on some interesting messages he receved on Twitter from the Middleweight number one contender Chael Sonnen.

“The thing is, to be honest, direct messages on Twitter, it’s personal, it’s private and I think it would be inappropriate to divulge that message. But, leave it to me to be inappropriate.”

“The message said: ‘You are not hurt and we’re re-matching. If it isn’t real, send me a code tweet with the word ‘Lad’ in it.’ And, meanwhile, I was sitting in the doctor’s office thinking he is scared to fight me again.”

“Then another tweet came through later and it said, ‘Alright, conspiracy theory over. Get well soon.’ So, ya know, ‘Planet Chael’ strikes again!”

Bisping received the direct messages while in a consultation detailing his surgery before he went under the knife. ‘The Count’ says he is set to have the surgery today Wednesday June 12, 2012. The procedure involves removing loose bodies floating around in his knee as well as the repair of a torn meniscus.

If all goes well Bisping could be back in training within three to four weeks around the same time as UFC 148 : Silva vs. Sonnen.


33 Responses to “Bisping Reveals He Recently Received A Few Direct Twitter Messages From Sonnen | UFC News”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Big fan of Bisping! I thought he won the fight with Chael.

  2. Ya Herd says:

    Bisping is the only guy in the ufc to give sonnen a good fight, THE ONLY GUY! .HELL YEA HE SHOULD GET A TITLE SHOT, and to the guys that say who has he beat, well, who has munoz beat? who has stann beat? who has lombard beat? so before the bisping haters start go check on the other middelweight contenders records of who they have beat and when, bisping has oe of the best pedigres in the division fact!

    • Thom says:

      That’s bullshit. Maia literally ragdolled Chael.

      • @joshuahchalfant says:

        This is an anonymous forum, we dont use facts here ….. maia & Silva both beat him some chael fans r as delusional as he pretends to be

        Mike is a stud, but every #1 contender fight he has he falls short. He could DEFINITELY be the champ one day, but I get a very florian-esq vibe from him

        • randy xanders says:

          yep… always the bridesmaid…
          he’s a good stand up point fighter
          no ko power

        • Dan says:

          “The procedure involves removing loose bodies floating around in his knee” is the polite way of saying “removing sand from his vagina”

        • Ben Nusbaum says:


          I know right? Sonnen fans really ARE just as delusional as he is!

    • Ya See says:

      You just proved why Bisping doesn’t deserve a title shot. Who HAS Munoz, Stann, or Lombard beaten? NONE of those three fighters deserve a title shot…yet. Just because he made the Sonnen fight close doesn’t meant he deserves a title shot. He’s gotta win a fight against a top contender!

      If you look at the top 10, not many of them have faced each other. Why? Bad match making? Or once a MW fighter loses, he drop so much in the rankings?

      • Rodriguez says:

        There are very few contenders at that weight class…mostly because Silva destroys them all, or they just keep fighting and losing to eachother. The only top guys are Sonnen and Bisping.

    • Xaninho says:

      So Bisping beat him 11 times?

  3. B-rad says:

    yeah Maia wiped the floor with chael, as soon as it hit the mat chael was in a triangle.. I thought bisping won the fight as well he clearly lost the third but won the second and the first, yea chael got a few early TD’s but didnt do shit with it

  4. CombatRusse says:

    “three to four weeks”
    Waw, it’s a record for recovery from knee surgery
    Overeem style knee surgery for sure , may be the same doctor
    fuck those cowards who wanna be champs!

  5. Jb says:

    Anyone who thinks Bis is a contender doesn’t know shit about mma. Who has he beaten? And your high if you think he beat Chael, I’m no fan of Chael but it’s fact that he lost. Fact-no KO ability. Fact Dana keeps him for the uk market. Silva would destroy him 1st rnd.

  6. Your Mother says:

    You’re all delusional. Chael Sonnen is undefeated and the true UFC Middleweight Champion.

  7. Dick Diaz says:

    this is a rematch i wouldn’t mind watching; it was a pretty good scrap the first time around.

  8. Date Diaz says:

    Chael said he would quit if he lOst to Anderson, so hes just covering his tracks incase he loses. Trying to set up his 2nd fight so he doesnt have to quit. What a puss…

  9. Lol says:

    Have you guys all forgot? Chael promised to quit if he losses to silva. Oh wait. Hes a faggot ass liar just like his faggot ass fans

  10. pc says:

    Three to four weeks means he is scared of tim boetsch.

  11. Paul says:

    Am from Liverpool in the uk an every mma fan I no hate bisping he is a fucking shit bag give him credit for the sonnen fight but he is still a ass hole stann an Munoz would destroy him an this injury he has got is a load of bull shit he didn’t fancy the fight with Tim I think Tim would have beat him in the last round by knockout hate bisping

    • Rodriguez says:

      He clearly beat Wanderlai if your forgetting, and ask for Heno…he just made the mistake everyone does. Face it, he is the only good fighter from his country. He has one of the best counter striking in MMA and his takedown defense is decent. Yes, I agree he is an ass…but have you seen what Silva acts when he wins, or Sonnen, Jones, Mir? Everyone is a little cocky…he just happens to be slightly more. But at least he backs it up…unlike Mayhem who just at Bisping’s fists and Dolloway’s elbows.

  12. ya herd says:

    paul the only reason u and some other brits hate bisping is, that he tea bagd youur mami

  13. ^needs education^^ says:

    Yeah! What he said^^^!!!!!
    … But with better English.

  14. jbeamazing says:

    he is a tuff fight for chael because of his take down d thats for sure.The fight numbers said chael won but anyway say what you want about Bisping he will never be champ he can’t handle W Silva let alone A Silva

  15. Jp says:

    Chael won first and third all who think different are idiots. Go look at the strikes landed! you people are letting the hate for chael get in the way of common sense. Bisping did nothing and in round three Chael DESTROYED him.

    • majestyk says:

      You are 100% correct. He absolutely won the first and third round. Unfortunately, mentally weak people allow their personal bias to blind them to the truth, and prevent them from giving credit where it’s due. I wonder what skewed reasoning they’ll use to invalidate Chael’s win over Silva next month.

  16. WrestlingRules says:

    Now you know what Silva nut-huggers will use to apologize about their hero Silva’s loss….it was the evil TRT………..

  17. You Cant Be Serious says:

    Bisping is a bum. Hes never beat a top10 MW. No way does he deserve a title shot. Hed lose to the top10 MWs in the UFC. Lombard would leave him lifeless on the octagon floor just like HENDO did.

  18. mean maori mma says:

    sonnen sucks bispings balls thats qhy he needs trt because he came aaaall over bispings ass there both homos anyone who likes them are homos too just like wrestlingrules lmao fhkn poofs

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