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Monday, 09/12/2011, 02:31 pm

Bisping Ready To Kill “Mayhem” Miller After Ultimate Fighter Season Was Over

“Miller’s mouth is bigger than his brain. I definitely get the upper hand throughout the entire season. I’m not talking about the fights, I’m just talking about the one-on-one interaction with Miller. I was a little disappointed it wasn’t Chael Sonnen. I think a lot of fans wanted to see that. But he had his personal problems and it wasn’t meant to be. Miller, I wasn’t as excited. At the start of the season I thought (Mayhem) was an OK guy. By the end of the season I wanted to kill him. Fortunately, December 3 I’ll have my opportunity.”

Having had the opportunity to coach against “Bully Beatdown” host, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Michael Bisping, goes on record to express his dislike for the former M-TV star on Ariel Helwani’s “MMA Hour.

Being a person who knows Miller personally and been following his career for some time, it definitely comes as no surprise that he was able to get under the British stars skin during a multi-week taping of the latest installment of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series.


81 Responses to “Bisping Ready To Kill “Mayhem” Miller After Ultimate Fighter Season Was Over”

  1. wicked says:

    Miller’s going to whoop Bisping.

  2. Creature says:

    Miller is going to to take Bisping down and grind him out or get a late sub, Miller is very underrated i think. Bisping may not lose as dramatically as he did against Hendo, (Thats pretty hard to top), but hes still going to lose

  3. Joegun says:

    I hope mayhem destroys bisping!! one of my most hated guys in all of mma,hes a plain old fucking jerk.anyone else hear about his 8 fight contract he just signed??

    • muay thai guy says:

      i agree fuk bisping those english fucks are all hot heads who think their the best…

      • KDB says:

        fuck you!! u have to drop the english people in to it you fucking cock sucking hill billy shit stabber

        • e says:

          are you MICHAEL BISPING???

        • goju kai says:

          Go drink some tea.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          KGB sounds like you need your mummy (british for momma) maybe you will feel better if you have a spot of tea. you younger generation of idiot Brits have zero respect for men like my uncle who fought in WW2 and saved your sorry brit asses from Hitler. If it wasn’t for America you assholes would be speaking German. If U.S.A knew now how little you pricks appreciate our HERO veterans for saving your asses they never would have done it. ALL you brits are a bunch of un grateful assholes and Michael Bisping is aperfect example of how a TRUE Brit treats americans in general. go to hell all you tea drinking pussy asshole Brits. BY FAR THE BEST MOMENT IN ALL MMA HISTORY WAS DAN HENDERSEN LANDING THAT FOLLOW UP (EXTRA BLOW) THAT MADE BISPINGS TOES CURL BACK. PRICELESS. I watch that KO all the time to brighten up a bad day. UFC is protecting Bisping from Vitor Belfort who has been begging the UFC for a fight with bisping ever since Bisping spit on Rivera’s cornermen. i would pay a $1000 to see belfort get his hands on bisping. all it would take is maybe one or 2 rounds for Belfort to chase Bisping down as we all know he would run away

        • BabyJay says:

          wow what an uneducated response that was… LMFAO

          But I do agree with Bisping being a dick and the extra H-Bomb on Bisping face was definitely priceless!!

        • Daniel R says:

          wow, u really dont know mutch about history do you??? fucking dumbass, read a book,

    • Brian says:

      Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve known mike for around 4 years or so and he’s one nicest, funniest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s very well liked throughout the mma community. Only people that don’t know him say bad things about him. The “Fans” May not like him, but fighters do. It’s pretty ignorant to talk shit about someone you don’t even know. What’s even crazier are the kids that think bisping’s a jerk, yet think gsp is classy. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Go figure.

      • Creature says:

        Id say a lot of people dont like him, because of how he acted towards Hendo, and how he spit or Jorge Rivera’s corner. Hes just an ass whenever hes in front of a camera so expect some hate to fly his way

      • Big J says:

        Brian, what are you smoking? How can you say this cat is “well liked throughout the mma community” when people like Henderson, Sonnen, Miller, Rivera, etc. have gone on the record to say how much of a punk he is. This dude is not classy at all; his actions at the end of the Rivera fight say it all. War Miller!

  4. Joegun says:

    Nothing better to do but spit on people and coach every other season of TUF.LMFAO!

  5. Fortyb4five says:

    Mayhem won’t come anywhere close to “destroying” Bisping.

    • Destruction says:

      i agree. i also think AS vs Bisping would be a good fight bisping would push the pace prolly would lose but still a good fight. timing might work out as well due to AS’s injury.

      • BabyJay says:

        please, Bisping is very average… Vitor would destroy him!

      • josh says:

        What are you talking about?? HIm fighting AS being a good fight, how? Because he would run around the ring for a couple rounds then when AS decides to fight he goes to sleep. Not a interesting fight at all. Mike is a good fighter but not even close to being on AS level. Him vs Mayhem should be entertaining. Pulling for Mayhem bc I dont want to see AS vs Mike at all.

  6. RRM says:

    Hope Miller can take him out. I just cant stand Bisping!

  7. fisherman says:

    Both of these guys are douche bags. I am excited about the season, but I don’t care much for either fighter. I just hope it is better than the last few bisping seasons.

  8. eric johnson says:

    you know i think miller knows how to get in the heads of people and use it against the. Miller second round tko

  9. pshine says:

    Bisping is overrated. Case closed.

    • jason says:

      mayhem is over rated!!!!!! he dont belong in the UFC and he certainly doesnt belong coaching somebody. all he has to offer is lessons in running your mouth and how to dye your hair. Bisbing first round ref. stopage.

  10. mediumPeter says:

    the sad thing is bisping probably thinks he gets the better interactions, we all know he’s a lame ass i wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of this fag’s poo mouth. all we ever hear out his mouth is shit so that’s why i called it poo mouth. anyways, Mayhem is going to wreck bisping so hard. gunna be a good one sided beat down

    • Fortyb4five says:

      your lame as hell..All Mayhem does is talk shit and act like a complete tool bag.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        the bigger douche between the two is bisping. if you have something against hyper guys thats ur problem, mayhem never spits on ppl and acts like hes better than others. mayhem is funny and fun to chill with, u need more life experience to figure out who the tool bags really are.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          BIsping spit on the floor in front of Rivera’s corner. They already settle that whole thing on Inside MMA.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          don’t fuckin sit behind your computer and tell someone they need more life experience.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yeah right he spit on the floor he directed it at riveras corner AFTER AN ILLEGAL KNEE. u obviously need more life experience if u think mayhems a bigger douche than bisping-the guy who teased matt hammil all season on tuf for being deaf, yeah that same guy is not the bigger douche. lol, like i said u need either more life experience or a better memory.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yeah he was looking at the floor and spitting directly at the floor in this video lol.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          he spit right on the grates outside the cage lol but w/e I’ll keep my mouth shut from now on until they fight.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          wow changed from the mat to the grates now. w/e dude u just proved ur willing to go far for douches, learning from chart or what? lol…i think bisping can beat mayhem in the standup but on the mat mayhem would win. but the bigger douche award undoubtedly goes to bisping.

        • josh says:

          why do you act like your the know all of MMA around here? They are both nuts. Mayhem is hyper as shit and can be a dumb ass but Mike always has been an arrogant a$$.

        • Rivera needed to be kneed in the face for his bullshit.. fukk his corner too! Bisping spit towards his corner never hit anyone. I want to see Miller win this, but it’ll be tuf. Junkie just bc u don’t like a certain fighter do u have to degrade the fan too..that makes you very immature and maybe u lack a little life experience to acting like you do. Bisping is def the bigger DB..still fun to watch tho.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          for a douche lover such as yourself at least you admit the truth on this occasion, that bisping is the bigger douche. i wasnt dissing the fan for being a fan i was dissing the fan for trying to say mayhem was a bigger douche when he hasnt done nearly half the douchey stuff bisping has done.

          u rep your boy okami for beating anderson via dq from a less dq’able strike than bispings. rivera should have taken the dq he was obviously never the same after that illegal blow.

        • Your wrapped too tight bradduh.. your a douche lover too by way of anderdouche himself, but no one really gives a crap, but u love keeping score.. pretty JUVENILE! W/E float your canoe man.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          its called proas out here. im not wrapped tight, i can accept when ppl are being douches and admit to it-anderson was a douche in abu dhabi but toned down his circus act since then. unlike u where ppl act like douches nonstop and u laugh and praise them for it, but i guess thats what makes you loose?

  11. twinfin says:


  12. Artemis Entreri says:

    Bisping’s dreaming, Mayhem’s going to chase him down in the cage and lay a good old fashioned beating on him, and if he fought Sonnen he’d get an even worse beating; I think he must of lost some IQ points when Henderson brained him in the middle of the the octagon. And I seriously doubt that Bisping got the better of Mayhem during the taping of the show; the guy can’t even speak proper English, the producer has to give him subtitles for fuck sakes.

  13. Woody says:

    Miller seems to be one of the coolest guys you could meet. Bisping may be also but something annoys me about bisping and I think miller submits him or if it turns out to be a scrap I definetly think miller would grind the w out. I think mayhem is just tougher and has a better all around game. Go miller we can count on the count losing this one.

  14. URallSTOOPID says:

    you are all stupid and ignorant and have hardons for miller. Only rooting for him because you’re probably an obnoxious d-bag just like miller. Bisping is going to win this fight. Better overall fighter and has faced better competition. If you think miller is going to win it’s because you’re an uneducated tard. Get your heads out of your asses and stop rooting for miller with your little dicks just because he is american. Stupid f’n americans. No wonder the world hates you.

  15. Justen says:

    Bispings gunna knock him out. Miller is a joke.

  16. du kid says:

    Bisping is just like chael sonnen except he’s English an has more balls not just all talk…. So it just shows how dumb some of you Americans are… Althought I can say chael is funnier

    • Artemis Entreri says:

      Bisping isn’t even the beginning of a pimple on Chael Sonnen’s ass, but I guess if I was from a country with only one fighter (and a b level fighter at that) I’d defend him too, even if he was as lame as Bisping. So, good luck with that but I think you might be disappointed after the fight, Cherrio. By the way, I laugh my ass off every time I watch the video of Bisping getting brained by Henderson.

  17. URallSTOOPID says:

    when has bisping ever been handled on the ground? Yall just want to ride millers dick because you’re probably all a bunch of little b****** who got picked on by bullies and probably still do. Talk up miller all you want but all he is is a sideshow and that’s all he wil ever be. Bisping will win. I’m not british. Facts are facts and fact is bisping is better than miller and you’re all going to be crying like whiny angry girls when bisping wins and spits in your moms asshole

    • Artemis Entreri says:

      If you’re not British then you must be from an even shittier place; which kind of explains your ignorant, backward views and comments, now why don’t you go tuck your boyfriend Micheal Bisping into bed, give him a goodnight kiss, and tell him a bed time fairytale about how he’s a top ten UFC fighter who has a chance at beating Mayhem in a fight. And if that doesn’t put him to sleep, just hold out your right hand, make a fist and eventually he will circle towards it and knock himself out.

      • URallSTOOPID says:

        you’re absolutely right. I’m from ohio do you know where that is? It’s in the usa idiot. I’m surrounded by dbags wearing tapout shirts thinking they are hard as nails like their shit don’t stink but the reality is that they aren’t. They are insecure meatheads with shrinking testicles and still living with their parents. Did I hit too close to home artemis? What the hell kind of name is artemis? You almost sound like a terrorist. Sure doesn’t sound like an american name. Sounds more like a dark haired greasy fat greek bitch. Bisping wins. It’s over.

        • Artemis Entreri says:

          I’ve heard of Ohio, that’s the state that boasts being home to the only Micheal Bisping fan in North America, (in case you’re too stupid to understand the joke, I’m saying that you’re the only Bisping fan in North America). The name Atremis Entreri is actually an allusion to popular literature that was written by an American, but you wouldn’t know that because you’re semi-literate yourself. What does URallSTOOPID refer to? It that what your father greets you and your siblings with at the supper table? Wait a minute… you’ve probably never even met your father, sorry but that whore who calls herself your mother probably didn’t bother getting his name since she didn’t charge him any fee for popping his cherry.

  18. benjamin hubbard says:

    I am in the armed forces and a Brit in Afghanistan,and all this anti Brit stuff is appalling, we are supposed to be allies `s! i know loads of Americans and they are all good, so grow a pair and have a real fight ffs keyboard warriors..3rd tour in Afghanistan…grow a pair…

  19. URallSTOOPID says:

    hey nick can you read because apparently not. I’m not british and who gives a shit about some wars fought over 50 years ago. You weren’t there so shut the fuck up. Last time I checked we were talking about fighters not about war. Obviously you’re brain is just as small as millers and YOUR dick is even smaller. Boom roasted. On that note you tardbots can go at. I’ve made my point and I’m right like always. Victory goes to bisping via miller serving a cockmeat sandwich to his cronies.

  20. URallSTOOPID says:

    sweet. 3rd tour. Tell me again why are you even still there? To kill innocent people and take over another country’s territory? That’s so commendable. Did they give you some medals for killing innocent civilians and raping their women?

  21. TIkler says:

    Miller is going to beat your a.s.s. you f.a.g.g.o.t

  22. URallSTOOPID says:

    your name is tikler. As in ball tickler. You sound dumb saying miller is going to beat my ass because it’s not going to happen and neither is miller beating bisping. Bisping victorious! Submission via The BALLTICLER!

  23. rondo says:

    I aint no fan of Bisping,but he’s gonna mop up the octagan against Miller…..damn that hurt to say that…

  24. I can’t believe some of you losers.If you hate Bisping thats fair enough.But don’t start trashing England.This is supposed to be an mma thread.Those of you who have turned this into a England vs Usa thread are quite pathetic.Oh and please don’t hit me with the”Go drink some tea”comeback (sarcasm).Lets keep it mma no need to start trashing each other countries.

  25. Stars and shites says:

    What language is everyone speaking? Enough said

  26. paulo says:

    You american mma fan,your a fucking joke.your like fucking sheep,an american mma fighter comes out and says bispings a douche(an inbred persons word) ,and u all jump on the wagon.There are 2 kinds of people in america,the athletes ( fair enough you have a few,but we would if we had the same size country) , Then thr are the rest ov u,Fat obeese fuckers who eat big macks with super super size colas man!! Haha fuckin inbreds

    • Artemis Entreri says:

      A few athletes? America was top three in the last summer and winter Olympics, I think the USA has more than “a few”, can your piss ant country say that? Maybe we’ll be nice next time and let your male teams compete in the female divisions, you might do better… or not.

  27. MIke says:

    Get rid of fitch! What a fucking idiot! Another Fox news watching Yankee loving asshole! Russia won ww2 not u fucking pussies who get ur asses kicked whenever u stick ur greedy noses into a country! To be honest I don’t think uv ever won a war! Never mind ul all soon be obsolete once ur currency fails and u all start begging for handouts! Just a future third world country!

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