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Wednesday, 09/18/2013, 01:00 pm

Bisping Plans On Sending Munoz To Hospital With His ‘Pillow Fists’

“I’m going to punch him in the face as many times as possible. If he thinks I’ve got pillows for fists, I look forward to proving him wrong on fight night. I’ve sent about eight of my opponents in UFC to the hospital after my fights and with him I’m going to make number nine.”

In an interview with SportsVibe, Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping isn’t beating around the bush when talking about his upcoming UFC Fight Night 30 opponent, Mark Munoz.

The British fighter has built a reputation for his inability to knockout his opponents, a rarity for a striking specialist. However, if you ask him, even though he isn’t putting people to sleep, he’s beating them into hospitalization.

Can he really do the same to Munoz or will the Philippino Wrecking Machine ruin Bispings plans?


8 Responses to “Bisping Plans On Sending Munoz To Hospital With His ‘Pillow Fists’”

  1. coolrage says:

    this Brit is a Clown!

    • magoo says:

      No doubt, he’s beaten one top ten guy that being Brian Stann. Munoz is gonna make Bitchping feel like he got hit by a train!

      • dannywood says:

        Really? who has Munoz ever beaten? Michael Bisping is a quality fighter and Munoz is nowhere near his level, Munoz has lost to average competition with the exception of Wiedman.
        But he had the fight with Wiedman before he was champion and what happened there…… Michael Bisping has beat tons of great fighters……. and everyone he has lost two has been a former world champion with the exception of Sonnen who should have been WEC middlewieght champion and fought for three world titles in UFC and gave Anderson the worst beat down he has ever recieved……… Sonnen: 3 UFC Championship fights, and should have been WEC Middlewieght champion. Vitor Belfort: Former UFC Light Heavywieght Champion. Dan Henderson: Former Pride Middlewieght and welterwieght champion, and former Strikeforce Light Heavywieght Champion and has fought for tons of belts, Rashad Evans: Former UFC Light Heavywieght Champion, Wanderlie Silva: Longest ever Pride Middlewieght champion……… Mark Munoz has never had a fight with a world champion and don’t say Wiedman because he had not won a title at that point so people who bring Bisping down and say shit really don’t know what there talking about and if they want too bring age into it Munoz is 35 and Bisping is 34 and has a lot more fights under him soo…………… people really need too recognise that Munoz is the rubbish one here and Bisping is just responding to a idiot who has never beat anyone of value and has no jaw and has beaten no one of value except for welterwieght “Damian Maia” just because they name you the best wrestler in the UFC just like they do every other wrestlers name who comes up don’t make you a good fighter.
        But seriously i know i just wrote an essay so i apologise for anyone who had to suffer reading this low down and and i hope Bisping does not hurt Munoz too the point of injury where he has too be out for a whole year again because no one deserves that…… Just try not too run into a headkick or an elbow this time HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. 757 says:

    Nobody cares Bitchping you cocky asshole. Pillow fists and eggshell jaw ha ha

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

      Bisping has to be the most overrated fighter in al UFC history. No matter how bad he gets Ko’d he’s always one fight away from a title shot when everyone else can win 4-5 fights in a row and beat top contenders and keep getting passed over. Dana will do whatever it takes to just hand Bisping that belt someday.

      Hendo and Belfort are my hero’s for their viscous Ko’s of Bisping

      Munoz is going to lay down a beating on ole Pillow hands Spitsbing. Munoz knows he has to get a KO to win in Britain because he saw Hamill get screwed after beating the hell out of Bisping nonstop for 15 minutes so its no longer a secret that ALL Bisping fights in Britain are FIXED by Dana and the UFC

  3. Liam says:

    You two are both wrong. Bisping is a brilliant fighter and I think he can take out Munoz, although if I am wrong then hey that’s life :). I still think Bisping is top 10 middleweight.

  4. Mario says:

    That’s sounds more like the number of times his opponents earned bonuses for knocking him out.

  5. 2Legit says:

    This talk is the direct result of running from Fabor’s rear nake choke for so long.

  6. ToniToniTone says:

    If that doesn’t work he’ll try with his pillow ears.

  7. Dafffy says:

    Wait until he eats Munoz’s rubber duck elbows.

  8. tiddly winks says:

    Do you just copy and paste that same old bullshit comment on every bisping thread lol. STALKER alert! So sad,you do realize vitor didn’t even ko bisping dont you lol

  9. 123 says:

    You bunch of idiots, Calm down.. Hes got a fight coming up & hes trying to hype himself up.. Mark Munoz is a tough fight for him, Should be good.

  10. bo mentzer says:

    nothing makes me feel better than watching bisping get his a$$ beaten, except him taking extra unnecessary punches to the face while already K.O.d on the mat. go munoz!

  11. Ddddddddd says:

    I know Bisping hasn’t kod anyone in a while,buuuut he has 14 ko/tkos. So isnt it kinda stupid to say he can’t finish?

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