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Wednesday, 09/19/2012, 10:49 am

Bisping Perfectly Fine With Being Labeled As The "British Bad Boy" | UFC NEWS

“I suppose that’s the way they’re marketing it. In fact, I’m sat in this office in Las Vegas and there’s a piece of paper here that says ‘UFC 152 – Saturday. American Hero versus British Bad Boy’… That’s definitely the route that the marketing is going down but I’ve got no problem with that. The important thing’s the fight. He’s a tough fighter, I’ve trained hard and I’ve expected a really hard fight. I’m doing a million interviews promoting the fight and just having fun with it. All it was, was a little, light-hearted smack.”

Talking to British Media Outlet,, UFC 152 main card fighter, Michael Bisping, talks about his label going into this weekend’s fight against Brian Stann.

Is going USA vs. UK in Canada the right marketing move by the UFC?


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