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Wednesday, 09/26/2012, 09:44 am

Bisping On Weidman: If he’s next, so be it | UFC NEWS

“There was talk of it. Before the fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre was spoken of, Joe Silva said that if I put on a striking clinic and did a good job against Brian Stann, that a title fight with Anderson Silva was something they could sell. Whether it’s my turn next or my turn in two years, I’m gonna keep training… I was doing this when Chris Weidman was probably getting bullied out of his lunch money in school. He’s undefeated, but he’s only had nine fights. Listen, the guy’s an incredible talent, and he’s a great prospect, but he’s still young in his career. Weidman’s got the youth and potential and all the tools to have a great career. I’ve got nothing against Chris Weidman. It certainly seems that I do, because of I’ve been talking a lot of trash about him. I’m just trying to sell myself. I’m trying to provide for myself, and Chris Weidman’s a competitor against me. I wish him all the best. But, I think I deserve it, and my time’s now. If I’ve gotta fight Chris Weidman in the meantime? So be it.”

Michael Bisping took to to talk to Ron Kruck about his expectations following his UFC 152 victory over Brian Stann.

“The Count” has been lobbying his way towards a title shot for years but has met road blocks in the form of both Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen. Outside of these two middleweight losses, Bisping has taken out everyone in his path.

Does his most recent victory warrant a title shot or is Weidman the fight to make?

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36 Responses to “Bisping On Weidman: If he’s next, so be it | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Fight Weidman and get it over with.. If you win, then nobody’s disputing that you’re the no. 1 contender. If you lose, then that means that the UFC picked the right challenger for the Spider. Besides, Anderson is already scheduled to face Bonnar next.

    • Bob says:

      As annoying as bisping may be at times I love his fighting spirit. He is not scared of anyone and never turned any fights down..

      Good job bisping.. Let bisping fight weidman. bisping would win that fight. Sorry but Munoz is way over rated in my books.

  2. TheWholeTruth says:

    Bisping deserves his shot at the title. I really hope he gets the opportunity.

  3. magoo says:

    If Bisping gets Weidman next there won’t be a title shot!! Weidman will finish Bisping literally!
    Damn I hope this fight happens.

  4. Murphy says:

    Weidman would beat bisbing

  5. xXCLOSXx says:

    Weidman would be put down a peg after he fights Bisping. Bisping is just on another level as much as people hate to admit. He’s improving every time and he’s obviously been working on his wrestling as well. Bisping all the way.

  6. repairman jack says:

    bisping has done enough to deserve a shot , much worse fighters than him have fought for the belt , i think silva would beat him but Bisping is game and will have a go be an exciting fight

  7. Dee says:

    This is why I like Bisping. Instead of trying to sneak his way into title contentions, he’s actually going after the entire division. He fought Sonnen, Stann, and has called out both Belcher and Weidman. This is a fighter not some guy who thinks he deserves a shot by beating C class fighters.

  8. Jason says:

    So…he deserves a title fight after ONE win? It doesn’t matter how many times he won,he lost in the fights that mattered.a win over stann should not get him a title shot

    • Jimmybrick says:

      Watch back the sonnen fight. Bisping won it. But everyone wanted sonnen silva again. So sonnen got the decision. Sonnen did absolutely nothing against him. The fight should have been stood back up on several occasions. I was a bit shocked by the decision. ( but then again I wanted to see sonnen/silva again as well)

  9. You sir,are a moron says:

    Bisping is actually starting to show some class and respect.starting to be more of a fan of him now.

  10. Huntdaddy says:

    One of the happiest days of my life was when Hendo dirt napped that arrogant, shit talkin, British fuck and I can’t wait for either Weidman or Silva to do the same. Don’t get me wrong, Bisping is DAMN good but he makes it very very hard to like him as a fan….I actually think he deserves a shot but I think he’s gonna have to have an impressive win before he gets it.

  11. Liam Monds says:

    How Bisping hasn’t gotten a title shot yet and Chael nearly talked his way in to one with Jon Jones I just don’t know.

  12. Liam Monds says:

    How Bisping hasn’t gotten a title shot yet and Sonnen nearly talked his way in to one with Jones I just don’t know.

  13. Texas says:

    Bisping deserves a title shot. I’ve always rooted against him but he deserves a shot at the GOAT. Curious to see how this fight plays out. Unbelievable cardio, good striking, and can grapple vs. The Greatest champio.n in combat sports history. Sell it Dana! Weidman will have his time. Now is the Brit’s1!!!!!!

  14. elvert racoma says:

    I think bisping And weidman should fight
    For the top spot for a shot at Anderson Silva!””

  15. dastuka says:

    Huntdaddy said it all. Chris Weidman will submit him.

    • Jon says:

      Twenty seven professional fights and he’s been finished once. He’s never been submitted before, and he’s fought guys like Kang, Jason and Dan Miller. All of these guys are black belts, and people were saying he’d be submitted by them. Hell, they said the same thing when he was about to fight Maia, and look how he turned up against Weidman. Bisping would be a black belt if he trained with a gi, I don’t think anyone is finishing him on the ground. It could go either way in the striking, but it would be a decision victory for someone.

  16. 123 says:

    chris weidman is a good fighter but in a 5 round main event fight michael bisping would overwhelm him. say what u want but michael bispings cardio is amazing for a middleweight. he would of beat chael sonnen if their fight was 5 rounds.

  17. Murphy says:

    We will see but I seriously think weidman will beat him

  18. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Bisping is legit and he’s very well rounded i think he outworks Weidman ftw

  19. Xaninho says:

    Bisping deserves the shot way more than Weidman. Yeah he has a loss against Sonnen in his last four fights, but that loss was controversial. Who has Weidman beaten? I think he lost that fight against Maia and he beat up an out of shape, pudgy Munoz who had a really poor performance.

    If there’s going to be a Bisping-Weidman fight it will finally be the first real test for Weidman.The winner can be fed to the Spider, he will keep his belt either way.

  20. ya erd says:

    Bisping looked really good in this fight, considering Stann is a real tough opponent, especially on stand up, he wasn’t able to just run straight thought him like Chael so had to do it the hard way and fight toe to toe which was as tough a task as you’re likely to find in that division.

    He deserves a title shot and I want to see it happen. He has never been out classed in a ufc fight apart from hendo witch if anyone got hit by that punch same thing would of happen to them…. His cardio is 1 of the best in the ufc right up there with nick diaz, his wrestling is getting really good, his boxing against stann has been the best i have seen he had a jab all night long just like bj penns jab, his head movement was really good.. if u take away that bullshit decision from sonnen he would be on a 6 fight win streak…. he has the speed cardio, and strong will to beat silva let it happen bispin always puts on exciting fights.. DANA WHITE AND THE UFC JUST WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER BIG MONEY FIGHT BEFORE SILVA…. THEY ALWAYS SAY WE GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT WELL LISTEN FATTY WE WANT BISPING VS SILVA MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jake says:

    Give Bisping the shot, then Weidman. I’m a huge fan of Bisping but it’s obvious his chances are slim against Anderson and i think even Bisping knows that but all he wants is a shot. Bisping has jumped through enough hoops and the loss against Chael wasn’t exactly a clear decision. Weidman needs the same treatment as Bisping, he needs to face somebody like Stann/ Chael before he earns his shot just like Bisping.

  22. julian671 says:

    I’m not much of a Bisping fan. But, I seriously want to see him become a champ

  23. Daniel Hunt says:

    I think chris weidman is a hell of a fighter but i think he needs 1-2 more fights till hes ready for anderson silva, bisping has been in the game for so long i believe he has done more then enough to warrent a shot before chris weidman, BUT :p bisping weidman would be quite a tastey fight i have got to say!!!

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