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Tuesday, 08/06/2013, 08:13 am

Bisping: Machida needs to change his style

This past weekend at UFC 163 in Brazil, former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida (19-4 MMA, 11-4 UFC) lost a controversial split decision to Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis (12-1 MMA, 8-1 UFC) in the evenings co-main event.

Many people have blamed bad judging for the fights decision, but UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping (24-5 MMA, 14-5 UFC) believes it may have been Machida’s style that lost him the fight.

Here is what “The Count” had to say on FUEL TV’s UFC 163 post-fight show:

“Lyoto didn’t do enough in this fight. He was hanging around and letting Davis do his work. Davis impressed me with his striking. Machida wasn’t overly active. Maybe he needs to change his style. I didn’t see the killer instinct. He needs to be more aggressive. He’s too reserved and too hesitant.”

Machida has often been criticized for his elusiveness and preference to counter strike as opposed to pressing the action. However, it was that same¬†elusive counter striking that led “The Dragon” to the UFC light heavyweight championship back in 2009.

Do you agree with Bisping that a change in style may benefit Machida? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


70 Responses to “Bisping: Machida needs to change his style”

  1. Derpedy Derp says:

    Crock of shit. This was Machida’s most aggressive fight, period. Yet the narrative is he sat back, was elusive, and waited too much. What fucking fight were these idiots watching. The majority of the fight, Machida was the aggressor. He was the one stalking. Rewatch the 1st and 3rd, Phil is the one being hesitant and elusive in the first round. The third round was a scrap, damn near non stop action, and for LHW, it was a very good pace. If you want to talk about being hesitant, watch the Aldo TKZ fight. It was like the Gerald Harris vs Falcao fight, or Rashad Evans vs Lil Nog fight. Just standing in front of each other, barely doing anything.

  2. Q-Bones says:

    A friend on facebook was trying to defend Davis winning the fight, this is the argument I gave him and days later, he has yet to respond to it: “Everyone at the house here gave Machida all 3 rounds but I won’t argue Davis getting the first but as far as I’m concerned, Davis’ effort was too little too late. Machida spent roughly 14 full minutes controlling the standup/grappling. The striking wasn’t even close in any round, and Machida stuffed 8 of Davis’ 10 takedowns and even on the two he did get, he really didn’t do much of anything outside of a couple of shots to the solar plexus. And to add insult to injury, Machida actually pushed the action for once.” I found out later that one judge even gave Machida round 1, and Davis rounds 2 and 3, what the hell are they watching?

  3. KIDD433 says:

    I wouldn’t take advice from a man that used to play for the London Silly Nannies

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Bullshit Bisping! Machida was the one moving forward and backing up Davis in the first two rounds, Davis only has the takedown at the end of first and second, that’s literally all he did. The third Davis tried takedown after takedown and they all were stuffed while getting lit up on the feet by Machida.
    These judges were probably wrestling orientated and got off on the two useless takedowns.

  5. jdog says:

    Watch the fight again guys. Machida might not have been as hesitant as people say but his counter striking has limits. Look at the Rampage fight same thing happened. Rampage JUST like Davis did most of the stalking and kept pressing forward. This is the second time he has lost a fight because he was mainly focusing on counter striking. You all know I am speaking the truth. I am not saying that Davis should have won, but when it is not very dominant a late take down can definitely steal a round and Davis did that both in the first and second rounds. Maybe you can say Davis was point fighting if you want but the fact is Machida has lost twice recently that means the judges are seeing counter striking as NOT controlling the octagon. Think about it if you counter strike then you are WAITING NOT PUSHING FORWARD thus NO OCTAGON CONTROL. It was a close fight and I think that the two take downs is how Davis got the wins. Agree or disagree but you know it is the truth, Jackson pushed forward the entire fight and he won a decision many thought he lost, same thing happened again with Davis

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