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Monday, 09/10/2012, 02:33 pm

Bisping Isn't Disgraced By Henderson KO, But Stann Got Stopped By Steve Cantwell | UFC NEWS

“Stann has said he ‘wants to test my chin.’ A nice line from Captain Cliché there but, you know what, of course he does. He’s a big puncher and his only chance of winning this is landing some bombs and knocking me out. Hey, it could happen. We can all get beat and with four ounce gloves, one punch on the chin is sometimes the difference between an after-party and a visit to the hospital. But I’ve fought some very hard strikers and only one of them has ever chinned me. But I’m going to test his chin, too, and I’m a lot faster and more accurate than he is. To be honest, I have a boatload more strikes available to me and I think Stann’s chin is a lot more suspect than mine. Getting beat by Dan Henderson, who’s knocked out some of the best fighters in the world from welterweight to heavyweight, isn’t that disgraceful – especially when you consider Stann was stopped by Steve Cantwell.”

UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping tells YahooSports! that while he may have been stopped by Dan Henderson, his upcoming UFC 152 opponent suffered the same fate against the likes of a lesser known Steve Cantwell.



25 Responses to “Bisping Isn't Disgraced By Henderson KO, But Stann Got Stopped By Steve Cantwell | UFC NEWS”

  1. You sir,are a moron says:

    Lol..he has a very good point…is that rampage in the bottom left corner of that picture?

  2. pimp stronghand says:

    Gotta agree with Bisping on this one.

    Being a fellow Marine I have much love for Stann but Bisping is definitely gonna be faster than him. But hey, Stann could catch him just right and end it too!

  3. CMUSMC says:

    Stan can knock Bisping out but I don’t think the reverse is true. Bisping is a better fighter though.

  4. Xaninho says:

    He has a point. His face in this pic is priceless by the way hahaha

  5. Mike b says:

    I luv that picture.hendos one of my favorite fighters.i like bisbing to tho.i respect what stann did for our country,hes a good fighter and seems like a good dude but bisbing got this one.i was at buffalo wild wings watching UFC 100.when hendo ko’d mike the fucking place erupted,a fight even broke out OMG!!!it was fucking chaos.Lol

  6. B-rad says:

    Yeah eatin the H-bomb isnt really a test of someones chin, because its just a nuclear fuckin bomb! No one can survive the punch he landed on Bisping, not even Jonny boy

  7. joejitsu says:

    enough of the pissing contest boys. This’ll be a good fight lets just let your knuckles do the talking shall we?

  8. alex says:


  9. SmokesALot says:

    Getting KO’d by Hendo is anything but disgraceful. And on top of it the punch he got hit with would have knocked out a rhinoceros, he circled right in to it man.

  10. ya herd says:

    Ive always said bisping hasnt got a glass jaw, hes been at light heavyweight and middleweight over 14 fights in the ufc and only been kod 1 time and it took a real big bomb to put him out so bispings chin should never had been questioned

  11. Brett says:

    Just letting everyone know! Stann Beat Cantwell

  12. Dick Diaz says:

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnn, that’s a load of truth right there!!!

  13. Strattman says:

    Stann knocked out Lieben who’s got a hell of a lot harder chin/head than Bisbing. Mike’s the shit but he’s underestimating Stann’s power.


  14. BarronVonRasky says:

    Looks like a wants to give Stan the claw.

  15. ya herd says:

    @ strattman! are u a retard bispin never said stanns power was bad he said he has big bombs many of times, personaly i think stann has maybe got mor natural raw power than hendo but hendo puts his punches in the correct spots thats going to be the diffrence in this fight, i think bisping will be to slick and avoid nearly all of his punches, bisping wont ko stann hes not that type of fighter

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